FB & freedom of speech is like comparing King Herod & baby-sitting!

YET ANOTHER 30 FB BAN! What bastards! So I got my good friend Tim Iacono to post this – 



GMMuk has asked me to inform everyone that once again he’s been given a 30 day ban. Of course there’s no justifiable reason. He may call out the Zionists & Israel for the criminals they surely are but when one sees the outrageous lies along with the ungodly level of hatred from pro-Israeli & Zionists websites that goes unpunished, one can clearly see we’re anything but operating on a level playing field. In other words Freedom of Speech is a myth when Zionists have their way. As Michael has always said, there’s an easy solution if the Israelis don’t like being criticised –








As well as not being able to post, he cannot like any comment or send messages. The chances are this ban could turn out to be permanent for Michael told FB ‘they are the scum of the earth.’ We’ve just had a chat & arrived at the conclusion we should fight fire with fire. If FB only wishes to ban those who speak out against the Zionist cancer that’s now embedded in our society, then we should slowly but surely dump FB & all move to a site that truly embraces freedom of speech.

However what’s critical is that we not only move to the same site but do so with a level of flexibility, for it’s a certainty the Zionists will buy up any social media outlet in order to keep the truth suppressed. Our job is to make it as difficult as possible for them by basically playing musical chairs. If they buy the one we move to, then we move again. Let’s face it, the last thing the Zionists want is to shell out lumps on lost causes! Another billion here; another billion there. ‘Oy veh! Ve’re doing our brains!’

So not only must we move together but we must keep doing it, that is, if we have to. The only way to do this efficiently is by having a means of staying in contact with each other where at a flick of a switch, one message can go to 10,000 people. Any suggestions on this will be most welcome. 







  • zakimar

    What can any sane person expect from a corporation owned by a zionist amerikkkan jew? As I have been boycotting amerikkka since 2003 because of their destruction of Iraq, and APARTHEID israel long before that, I refused to support them by patronizing Facebook. There is no reason why people need to waste countless hours on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google and any of the other zionist jew media.

    BOYCOTT these satanic corporations, don’t complain about their censorship, it’s to be expected from the jew owned MSM. #BDS #BDSusa

    • I can give you one good reason Zakimar – do you know how many times people have messaged me or commented on one of my pieces saying words to the effect -‘thank you for opening my eyes!’ Well it’s several 100 times! That’s all from one person trying to spread the word. However, FB now incorporates so much censorship what you say is right. We should dump them.

      • zakimar

        I have been skeptical of all jew media and corporations for many years, and my skepticism appears to be well founded. Since the racist/zionist jew want to censor us humans, we should boycott their corporations and see how long they survive just on each other’s money. #BDS #BDSusa

        And I have been to China many times as I transferred my business dealings there from amerikkka in 2003. There is no Google, Gmail or Facebook there, and people seem to communicate just fine. Plus I started going to Cuba instead of California, Florida etc. for vacations, and the best feature, no amerikkkans.

        • I don’t blame you for being sceptical one bit Zak. However I think you’re making a mistake by utilising the word Jew as opposed to Zionist. The reason I feel this is crucial is because who do you think financed Hitler? It was the Rothschild Zionists! They aren’t real Jews but they wanted Hitler to kill a shitload of them. This is why it’s important to recognise the difference. Zionists have used Jews for their benefit. They don’t give a shit about real Jews.

          • zakimar

            I doubt there are any “real” jew left. Let’s face it, if the jew worshipped God, they would have accepted His messengers Jesus and then Muhammad pbut when they were in this world. Plus the fact that the satanic (fake/khazar) jew in Palestine and amerikkka support the regimes in APARTHEID israel and constantly REelect war criminal scum like sharon (may his wretched soul be tormented in his grave) and net&yahoo (may he join his hero sharon soon), proves that these inhuman jew parasites hate humanity and that all the pogroms were/are justified. Plus God had Jesus tell us humans that the devil is the father of the jew (that was even before there were fake jew) and God had Muhammad pbut tell us that the APARTHEID israel jew will all be slaughtered like pigs and even the trees and rocks will call out to tell us humans when a jew is hiding behind it and state to come and execute them! The few remaining jew that follow the Torah (corrupted as it is) refuse to live in Palestine as God FORBID it until AFTER the Messiah permits it. So by definition, EVERY jew in Palestine is either a satanic/talmudic jew or a satanic atheist jew. Decent people didn’t live in Sodom or Gomorrah, just as decent people don’t live in APARTHEID israel, so God will destroy ALL of them. Good Riddance. #BDS #BDSusa

          • Yes Zak, look I don’t know about religion & I don’t want to know. If God existed there is no way we’d be in such a mess. However the reason why things are as you say is because Jews are among the most brainwashed people in the world. If they knew the truth they would despise Zionism.

          • zakimar

            It only takes a modicum of decency or any humanity to despise Zionism. The fact that APARTHEID israel exists and amerikkka and other regimes support it is proof that the devil exists and the jew are his children. As no humans could behave like those inhuman satanic parasites.

      • andrew g pink

        I have shared your post on blog site WordPress .com/circusbuoy. i am now going to try sharing on Facebook, though it seems to not be processing it, hmm i wonder why, the adage if you don,t succeed try,try again. comes to mind.Keep fighting the good fight, don,t let the bastards get you down.

        • Thanks Andrew. they’re doing everything they can to throw a spanner into my works but these bastards don’t get me down. They merely inspire me to try harder. Thanks for your support

  • Everytime I see those smug Fuckerberg features I feel like throwing up.

  • venner

    I feel for you on this one Michael, freedom of speech is under attack all over the internet.
    They lure everyone into using these corporate social networks so whoever is currently in control of it has a huge amount of leverage over the people and as there are few alternatives they can wave their big sticks like censorship or account suspension to beat everyone into towing the line but that is not where it ends read what happened to kink,

    I don’t know what kind of resources you have, but you might be interested in starting your own social network, sounds daunting I know, but I don’t think it is as difficult as it sounds, check out,
    and their social networking plugin, buddypress that allows you to create your own social network with messaging and other features.

    • You’re a good man Venner. Thanks mate. The problem is I get zero out of 10 when it comes to being computer-savvy. We will be doing something different. I intend to move from FB & get as many people as possible to join me at vk.com. However, I want to do it in a way where I can maintain contact with all my friends & followers. It’s all way too rigid at FB & they control way too much. I will be working on it very shortly.

  • Ted Duggan

    Just shared this post on numerous FARCEBOOK SITES …Lets see if I get banned too …. BASTARDS

  • Michael, what Venner mentioned above, specifically about creating your own social network had bells ringing in my head. I think this sounds like a very possible way forward for us both. I’ll check things out and discuss them with you when you return from Germany on 9-10th of Jan. The key issue will be whether the wordpress or any other potential service that is available will need to have a minimum level of functionality and features, It’s not a good idea trying to attract possible clients/users to an online service that cannot provide what we need it to provide. I’ll keep you posted.

  • venner

    @Tim, I thought Michaels idea to use vk was a good one, it seems the Russians, as of now, are not enforcing the laws they have which I think would not allow open criticism of the Zionists, on their social networks but that could change.
    Having said that, we are always at the whim of those who control the internet services we use but as WordPress are so big, and stand on freedom of speech while hosting I believe, some 30% of the internet, it would take a serious challenger to make them change their policy.
    All of it is probably worth looking into. A dedicated social network would have a lot of possibilities and would probably be a nice project.
    Whatever you all Decide to do, I will make an exception to my rule which is I don’t do social networks and I will join it and hopefully contribute something useful.
    Good luck to both of you and Happy New Year.

    • zakimar

      I was looking at Steemit.com to replace jewTube. They not only allow that pesky thing known as freedom of speech, but pay for uploading content. jewTube only monetizes content that is amenable to APARTHEID israel and the satanic jew and demonetizes, censors, deletes and bans uploaders that post truth. #BDS

      • venner

        Zak, I share your anger at what they have done and what they are doing beleive me I do, but by using the language you do to attack them you are playing into their hands and helping them. They would take posts like yours and your use of terms like satanic jew and use them to justify their use of censorship, they can say “See!! This is what we mean, by hate speech.”
        I hope you don’t take that the wrong way, I am on your side, but we must be careful not to play into their hands and give them the excuses they look for, to justify themselves in the eyes of the dumb masses.

        • Your absolutely right V. You know, I’ve often been criticised for not pulling my punches. Many people tell me exactly what you’re telling Zak – you’re playing into their hands. Now I’m sure this can be the case. However, experience tells me that for every person I annoy 20 tell me they’ve learned from my posts. Time & again I’ve tried explaining this to Zak but sadly it seems to fall on deaf ears.

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