FBI investigating California shooting as act of terrorism

Like I’ve been saying – these false flags are not going to stop until either they completely take over or we take our countries back & kick their arses in jail. Last night I also said every sordid event will be labeled a terrorist act. Why?

Because this is the only way they can usher in laws that they’ll contend is for our security but in reality will strip us of our basic judicial rights. What people don’t realise is that this will allow them to eliminate whoever they want!

What we are seeing in Europe is designed to do precisely this. What’s happening in America though has the added ingredient of guns & the fact most Americans own them. Therefore the ongoing Zionist pursuit to incite Islamophobia is working in conjunction with the aim of ratifying legislation specifically for the purpose of confiscating weapons in order to eventually disarm every American citizen. I am convinced – if this happens, mass-murder on a scale scarcely imaginable will follow.

Bear in mind – all this talk of people all over the world joining ISIS is baloney off the Richter scale. These are lies the likes of which we’ve never seen. Small wonder Tony Blair himself today warned us of this very problem. What he didn’t say though was

those joining ISIS would actually be helping Israel achieve it’s goal to create Greater Israel & so become the only power in the Middle East.

So on the one hand, they’re using ISIS to scare the living daylights out of uninitiated folk. They’re having us believe there’s this unshakable commitment to fight ISIS but on the other hand, they’re secretly making sure ISIS remains operational. How do I know this?

Because not only did they refuse to help the Russians; they never stopped criticising them by claiming they were attacking moderate rebels. Then when the Russians provided incontrovertible evidence that both Israel & Turkey were the chief buyers of the oil ISIS was plundering out of Iraq & Syria & therefore responsible for sponsoring these thugs, this was met with stony silence by politicians & media alike.

How many more times do I have to say – we are being lied to big time. How much more obvious does it have to get?




BREAKING: SWAT Team Drill Turns into REAL Mass Shooting Scenario in San Bernardino, CA


Now I want to know one thing – IT’S NOT HER AGAIN IS IT?


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  • jill

    I was watching German television news on DM. The broadcaster was interviewing another man who was a reporter on the San Bernadino event. The tv broadcaster was stating how many journalists were being allowed into the apartment of the couple involved and that huge amounts of paperwork and ammo were laid out all over the floor and everywhere else. They were both astonished that a “crime scene” was supposedly still being investigated and yet journalists from many news media were photographing what was in the apartment.
    So, you know the investigation is now totally corrupted and nothing can now be proven whatsoever due to the lack of control of the area. It is now officially become a lot of b.s. propaganda from here forward.

    • These are all false flags because what you say is correct & therefore should not be happening. The clincher is the fact the media never mention these outrageous anomalies. Since whe were crime scenes corrupted so? Since 9/11.

  • Sam

    Excellent, she does get around! Also noticed the crime scene in the buttock-land theatre had been treated very oddly – someone had dragged all the bodies around and they were all left there posed to be photographed instead of being treated by medics and rushed to hospital to be pronounced dead by doctors or coroners etc… And if they were all pronounced dead at the scene, why weren’t there footprints around them where the paramedics had been working?

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  • Abubakar Dabo

    I totally agree with you Mr. Aydinian, it’s a false flag! The legacy of using terrorism as a weapon decades past will continue to haunt the Muslim community and make coexistence impossible in the West, unless the community faces the past. Western countries, however, are also haunted by the rattle of skeletons in their closets-and the prospect that they may spill out. So they keep raising false alarms on the threats of terror attacks. In all or almost all neighborhoods that I know, Muslims are surrounded by unwelcoming neighbors. If they see Muslims or an incident happen involving them, they start insinuating things. But, this is absurd! Therefore, acceptance won’t come easy, if at all.

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