Ferguson “Oath Keeper” in Epic Rant. I say drop the phrase Black lives matter because ALL LIVES MATTER!

Yesterday Edward Mauldin tagged me in a post. I watched the video & though the only time I’ve really heard the term oath-keepers ever used was by the great Ken O’Keefe, I can’t say I know anything about oath-keepers ie whether they’re an organised group or not. Still, straight away I liked the sound of this guy. There are a lot of idiots everywhere but there’s some proper men about & it’s great to see them stepping up to the plate.




If I commented on every post I’m tagged in I’d never have time to do anything else but even though I’m a Brit I feel this subject matter is crucial so I thought I’d do my bit for Edward. In fact a year ago to this very day I wrote an article – Excuse Me, But Please Don’t Bring Race Into Michael Brown’s Death; Media Will Do That – 20 August 2014.


Here’s what I wrote –

This is all about the Rothschild Zionist goal to Divide & Conquer. If the Zionists lose control of America, Israel is screwed. They will do anything to stop this happening & guess what? THEY ARE! Nobody in the media has as yet mentioned a single word of how the recent spike in indiscriminate killings of unarmed civilians coincided with the hair-brained decision to send US Police Officers to receive training & significantly seek new guidelines on policing from none other than Israeli thugs in the IDF.


This is an earlier post of mine which featured my good friend John Miranda who spoke about this very subject on Press TV – 



Cop Killers


Make no mistake – US politicians are under Zionist control. The Federal Reserve is under Zionist control. The Supreme Court is under Zionist control. US foreign policy is under Zionist control. The NSA is under Zionist control. The US media is under Zionist control. THIS IS NOT ANTI-SEMITIC! THESE ARE FACTS!……. AND NOW THE US POLICE FORCE IS UNDER ZIONIST CONTROL. They’re the ones who have specifically told US Police to open fire & ask questions later. Just remember who tried to take away your guns. The Zionists were & at the forefront was arch Zionist Diane Feinstein. Then when that failed they tried to get Americans to riot.


Bye-bye freedom!


However, what I feel is the crux of the issue here is the traitors in Congress are sending a message to the US Police – each & every time a Policeman kills an innocent citizen, what occurs is a process that takes a Police force that’s supposed to serve & protect the public, away from their oath & into the open arms of the government & super wealthy. Not one police officer has been charged with murder – THE GOVERNMENT IS MAKING SURE OF THAT! They’ve got their backs & the Police know it. Why do you think they’re employing brainless thugs into the force? Who do you think the Policeman now feels is their friend – YOU or THE BASTARDS THAT HAVE DELIBERATELY CAUSED THIS PROBLEM?


That’s what I think Edward Mauldin. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to unload. The Zionist factor is what matters most as well as one thing I’ve been saying from the get-go – DON’T LET THEM MAKE THIS A RACE ISSUE! DROP THIS PHRASE BLACK LIVES MATTER BECAUSE ALL LIVES MATTER. GET ORGANISED. MAKE SURE YOU’RE ALL PROPERLY TOOLED UP BUT ABOVE ALL ORGANISATION IS THE KEY. I’ve got my selfish interest at hand here in the UK. You see one thing is a cast-iron certainty – if you go, we go. No question – if you guys don’t win, we’ll all end up in the river!



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