Few of us wanted WW I & II. The ancestors of those responsible hope to fulfill their dream of establishing a one world government. WW III is indeed a necessity. Are we going to sit by & allow them to start another world war?

I’ve always felt Alex Jones is a good guy. Few have done more to alert others to the shenanigans of the power-brokers. What put me off was the ranting & raving & the tendency to sensationalise. Coming from a person who never holds back, many may feel ‘talk about the pot calling the kettle black’. I understand perfectly but let’s not get involved in such trivialities. It’s time to give Alex Jones the stage. This clip may scare many but I feel we’ve long since passed the point where our alarm bells should be ringing. If by now you don’t believe America & Europe is being pushed into an albeit meaningless war against Russia & China, I really think you need to think again.


War - revolution

War – revolution



As Alex Jones rightly says few people ever wanted WW I & II yet they still reared their ugly head. Moreover, those guilty of manufacturing WW I & II remain the string-pullers who all along believe what their ancestors believed – it would require THREE WORLD WARS! Thanks to Stvn for sending me this video link.




Cold war my arse!

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