Flat Earth Theory is just another example of how the Media is a weapon of mass distraction

Having over 10,000 friends & followers guarantees the odd blithering idiot will get busy trumping some hair-brained ‘theory’ like the Earth being flat. It’s annoying for all of two seconds because at least I can open the way for a new friend. The second thing that crosses my mind is how anyone can send me such crap? Sadly, this affliction, aberration, brain-storm, call it what you like, has affected at least a dozen people I know but what makes it so mind-blowing is a few of them previously never displayed such wanton stupidity! I sensed we’d placed this baloney behind us but then today a friend actually asked me – 


What’s your take on the flat earth theory. I think it’s a ludicrous concept. I assume you believe the same?




So I answered – if you think it’s ludicrous then how do you think I feel about it? Of course – IT’S COMPLETE BOLLOCKS & may I say, anyone daft enough to fall for it should do the right thing & throw themselves off a roof, preferably a high one because there’s no hope for them. To believe such unadulterated tripe requires someone who has the brains of a rocking horse! End of story! But then what have I always said about anything the media champions – BELIEVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!



You may ask, why do they do this? IT’S OBVIOUS! At a time when the media should be talking about continued austerity when there’s always more money for war, the horrific refugee problem we’ve created, the ongoing saga of how known pedophiles in the corridors of power forever evade justice as do the countless billionaire & millionaire tax cheats. At a time when they should be talking about how Theresa May is utterly useless & how she had the temerity to use our money to hang on to power & the fact she’s doing all she can to royally screw us for the sake of appeasing Netanyahu & the Zionist warmongers….. THIS IS WHY THE MEDIA DOES THIS!



It’s as simple as that. How many more times do I have to say the media is a
















  • Linda

    The earths flat, the TVs flat, my prosecco is flat, the moon is made of cheese and has a man living on it, it’s round but flat, I used to have flat mates. Apartments are flats. I have flat- ulence. I’m flatly amazed that people are so stupid. I couldn’t think of anything intelligent to write quite flatly.

  • JennyG

    Bang on……….

  • Thomas

    Saying what everyone is thinking seems to be a true talent of yours. Another great article as always.

  • Fiona A.

    Flat Earther’s..the most mind-numbingly boring collective around. Another example of a bad idea that refuses to die….

    Thank you Michael,I was beginning to think it was just me!

  • venner

    I would assume anyone asking you about flat earth theory is being facetious.

    • I wish you were right mate. Fraid to say, once a belief transcends logic, a human trait is to believe that bullshit even more vociferously. As Mark Twain so rightly said – IT’S A WHOLE LOT EASIER FOOLING SOMEONE THAN TELLING THEM THEY’VE BEEN FOOLED!

  • Pat Mc Ginley

    The BBC – including the BBC World Service formerly named the BBC Empire Service – is the undeclared but de facto state broadcaster i.e. head man must be approved by the monarch and the P.M. Since it’s impossible for any state broadcaster to be impartial and unbiased, the compulsory tv licence fee – which is based on the absurd BBC claim it’s impartial and unbiased – is a criminal scam. The flat earth nonsense is obviously a CIA op to ascertain what percentage of people can be fooled and thoroughly dumbed-down by 2 dimensional drawings which bear no relation to our 3-D world. An extension of the CIA MKultra brainwashing op.

    • Only 100% correct Pat. I’ve gone blue in the face telling people they don’t have to pay the BBC licence fee. If they do, they are merely paying for Zionist propaganda, in other words, they’re wasting their money.

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