Follow on from the Iran False Flag Attack

Just a quick one regarding yesterdays post of the Ionisers attack on Iran, many people seem to think Iran is capable of inflicting some serious payback. One such question – ‘Are they prepared for the inevitable backlash?’

I said, I don’t think people realise the kind of weapons the Israelis & the Americans have at their disposal. Perhaps people have been fooled by the West’s inability to destroy ISIS & have overlooked the undeniable fact the reason this was so is because ISIS was created by the CIA & Mossad. The last thing they wanted was to destroy ISIS. The Russians did that! Also the incessant cry-baby bleatings of Netanyahu as if Israel is the one under threat lulls people into thinking Iran possesses weapons that can destroy Israel when the exact reverse is true! You can be sure, the Ionisers would not be considering this outrageous act of aggression & violation of international law if they thought they would suffer as much as the Iranian people.

Just to give you some idea of how computer illiterate I am, the other day someone told me I should secure my site. Well I thought I always was. They explained why, something to do with people thinking it’s an ‘unsecure’ site. I was told it has to be http…. whatever that is! Anyway it’s done now. Thanks Eman.

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