Follow up to 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations

I’ve been sent a ton of stuff. Thanks for all your input. It’s good to see so many people on the ball. I’ve spent most of the night & this morning getting through it. It seems the vast majority of us have good reason to believe the true power-brokers are up to no good. I’ve certainly learned a lot more & I’m beginning to think this looks like a serious move by the NWO merchants. The feeling I get however is much of the general public seem to have no idea of what’s really going on & that’s a worry.

There’s been some controversy too over who actually invented 5G. I’d like to point out I did not use the word invent. I said develop. There’s a difference. The Israelis tend to steal whatever they want. They know the media will always ride shotgun for them so effectively they have a licence to commit any crime, however heinous. What is abundantly clear, when it comes to Chutzpah, the Israelis feel they’ve every right to do whatever the hell they like & of course we know Israel wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Rothschilds.

Some people have expressed it’s alarmist to suggest that 5G is a weapon. Look, everyone’s entitled to their opinion but having had chronic Asthma all my life, there’s not much I don’t know about lungs. One of the symptoms of this so-called Corona virus is coughing & difficulty in breathing, yet all the indications suggest the lungs of victims have been void of phlegm. Now this simply does not make sense because a prerequisite for coughing & breathlessness is a build up of phlegm. Therefore the explanation that 5G compromises Oxygen itself more than holds water.


Of all the stuff I was sent I felt this video cut to the chase. Thanks to Shelley Wilson for posting it. I found the fact Wuhan was China’s pilot city for 5G & its 60 GHz waves particularly thought provoking. This specific frequency is absorbed by Oxygen. 60 GHz causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly uptake these oxygen molecules. This would explain why people are collapsing. Corona may be a drink to some folk. For me, it’s no virus & therefore anyone suggesting vaccination is the solution is a liar & probably a whole lot worse. It all but seems giving 5G a wide berth is the best advice. The video is 57 minutes long but this lady Dana Ashlie, does a terrific job. Listen to all of it….


One thing for sure – the power-brokers aren’t that gung-ho to put out something they can’t control. We know they’ve an agenda & we most certainly know they’re the last people we can trust. Therefore we’ve got to ask what are they looking to do? Better still, did they not built almost 1000 FEMA camps across America so that in the event of a crisis, that in all likelihood they engineered, everyone could receive vaccinations? The answer is an emphatic YES!

Co author of the most criminal piece of US legislation, the diabolically named Patriot Act was arch Zionist Michael Chertoff. This vermin also ensured the ‘dancing Israelis’ did not face the music when it was obvious they had to have had advanced knowledge of 9/11. Inexplicably this man was leader of US Homeland Securities from 2005-2009 & in his tenure he helped oversee the building of these state-of-the-art camps. It doesn’t require too much cynicism to assume these camps may well be mass-execution centers.

When you put it all together with this article about FEMA coffins & how “Obama Quietly Orders Millions of Disposable Coffins,” at the very least, we need to be on our guard though there’s a certain irony as to how those most at risk are those who’ve so readily accepted what they hear. They may be coming for all of us but the sheep will be the first to pay for their ignorance & apathy! And please, pay zero attention to this bullshit Snopes….


Finally I was sent a piece from a well-informed friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I agree with most of what he says. Sadly I really don’t have the time to set it all out in more reader-friendly lay out –

Coronavirus Man-made “Pandemic” Means to Establish World Wide Police State.

This Wuhan “Coronavirus” appears to be nothing more than a Chinese Communist psychological warfare plan to cloak mass arrests of dissidents behind a fake 5G induced “Coronavirus Pandemic” which allows them to simply change the Peoples Liberation Army goons uniforms from olive drab to white and have them arrest, intern and eliminate dissidents in China and then worldwide based on their online emails, web browsing and posting content.
This appears to me to be a Communist attack on the world.
A Trojan Horse to bring about Worldwide Communism.
This fake Coronavirus Pandemic could easily allow massive selective euthanasia and depopulation worldwide and the introduction of a cashless, totally state controlled economic system, rationing of food where dissidents or low “social credit” scores (disobedience) will result in starvation as was done to captured German soldiers after WWII by same gang of psychopaths who could be planning to implement this worldwide false flag coup against every government and every person on planet Earth.
Wake up folks, the human race is being had – taken for a ride: TO THE MORGUE 
And the killer is not the fake “Coronavirus” – it is the International Communist Satanic Rothschild Murder Machine (90 Million Russians, 30 Million Ukranians, Millions of Palestinians, Anatolians, Canadians-Americans-British and Germans in two contrived, pre-planned and controlled “World Wars” and millions of others in wars, assassinations and previous electronically induced attacks against humanity (Arthur Firstenberg, “The Invisible Rainbow”).
This could well be another pre-planned full spectrum attack against mankind.
If so, you can be assured that its being run by the same gang who carried out all the other attacks against humanity throughout history.
Is this the Samson Option” being carried out against the people of the world now?
Wake up People, don’t let this happen again. 
Never Again! 
The so called Coronavirus is easily cured with Intravenous Vitamin C. (Mercola attached). Is it noting more than a fake Trojan Horse, that is only meant to bring in martial law, disguised as a “Pandemic” in order to implement worldwide Communism by force and a colossal fraud.
Finding, arresting and putting on trial the perpetrators behind the scene who funded and carried out the 911 style “Exercise” about a Coronavirus Pandemic in New York in November 2019  would be a good start.
Could they be the tip of the iceberg and work for the psychopaths in the shadows who designed and are implementing this worldwide attack?
Folks, this worldwide controlled fake false flag attack is coming from Communist China!
Figure it out!
The Communist Chinese people are the victims here.
Their brutal dictatorship, Military Police State Communist Government are the aggressors!
Is the plan to use the fake “China Epidemic” to spread this fake Government Military Police State attack and Communist Coup worldwide? 
Is the “Pandemic” in China simply the start of an asymmetrical warfare Communist attack on the entire world: World War III?
Is there any Coronavirus in Russia???
Is this attack have being planned and carried out by none other than the same Rothschild Dynasty that carried out the coup against the Czar of Russia, the murder of his Family and the Communist take over, enslavement and murder of the Russian people which had been planned by the Rothschilds for centuries?
Now are we witnessing the same gang carrying out the same Coup against the entire World and we are all, everywhere, the targets of the very same murder and enslavement plan using modern electronic methods?
If so, the end result will be the same for us as is was for Russia and China.
Only the means are different: 
5G, A fake Pandemic, An Economic Collapse, Mass media induced hysteria and panic.Military in White Uniforms (like the fake White Helmets)arresting everyone and eliminating the dissidents underthe cover and deception of “State of Emergency”.
Is the “Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic” simply the biggest false flag fraud in the history of mankind?
“By way of deception we wage war!”
Not too difficult to figure it out is it?
This gang is like a broken record.They just keep playing the same tuneand acting out the same script.
The M.O. is always the same!
They just keep using the same script.
And the rubes, the sheeple, are hypnotized
and blindly, unknowing, panic and run where they are directed.and the herd pushes inevitably, over the cliff to their doom.And the conductors of the Red Communist Symphony just laugh at the foolish sheep who will fall for the scam.
Folks, its time to say NO to the false fear.NO to the pandemic scare.
All hospitals and medical offices in the free world should stock upon intravenous ascorbate to cure the 5G electronically induced sickness.
We, the people of the free world must not fall for or participate in their 5G mass suicide device.
This could be our last chance to stop it everywhere.
The human race is waking up to these lies, fraud and evil.That’s why they are trying this last desperate attempt to wipe us out.
Do not fall for the psychopath billionaire’s latest high tech electronic attack.


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