For Net Neutrality to even be an issue is dubious to say the very least. But to be happening when mainstream media is no longer regarded as a reputable source for news?

I’m sorry but once again I find myself stuck in ‘struggling to post syndrome’. For now, simply keeping up with messages & comments on FB & my website is pretty much all I’m good for. However, today I saw this comment by a chap named Venner. It pleases me no end hearing how people work out the truth, especially when it involves the Zionists & their ongoing quest to stifle freedom of speech so that they control the flow of information.
Michael, I apologise for using your comments section as a means to contact you about something unrelated to the piece you posted but as I don’t do social networks I didn’t know how else to write you.
The vote on net neutrality scheduled for Dec 14th. I must have been blind not to have realised what they are up to. They presented the debate as if it was about whether search providers like Google could prioritise search results of paying customers and whether Internet Service Providers could prioritise website bandwidth to their higher paying business customers. What I missed is, the Kill Net Neutrality Bill is about deregulating ISP’s entirely!
Of course! This is the internet version of the 1996 Telecomunications act. We all know how that allowed the Zionists to use their wealth to buy up thousands of independent mainstream media outlets and therefore have total control of the information presented by them.
Deregulating ISP’s will give the ISP’s carte blanche to block any websites they don’t like. Literally. This gives whoever has control of the ISP’s, the control of internet censorship, the last piece of the censorship puzzle after the publishing houses and the mainstream media.
No problem at all Venner. Anytime. As you know I never stop going on about Zionist media control. For me, it’s the single major reason these pedophile-protecting, warmongers have managed to do so much damage. From the start the Rothschilds realised total control of the media was a prerequisite if their goal for world domination was to be realised. This is why I say 9/11 wasn’t the turning point. It was the advent of the Internet. Suddenly their control over the flow of information was breached. As a result more people than ever became cognisant of the hidden tier of power which transcends politics.
You’re absolutely right. They want to destroy net neutrality. It’s a plain & simple fact, the one thing Zionists cannot tolerate is anything resembling the truth. Therefore, it goes without saying – the truth can never come out! This is why we continue to hear the same bullshit about 9/11, even though the official account isn’t just riddled with glaring discrepancies but openly defies the laws of physics. This is why we have the bizarre situation where freedom of speech itself is under attack & yet the media, instead of raising absolute hell, is not just taking all this in its stride but secretly championing this vile assault on our fundamental rights.
The bad news is Zionist control over the Internet is already massive. As well as buying up Google, YouTube & anything else which matters, they’ve literally 1000’s, if not 10’s of 1000’s of people on the payroll specifically to keep a beady eye over anything on the Internet daring to counter the bile mainstream media spews out. A simple formula is then applied – the level of censorship depends on how near one is to the truth & how far one is prepared to go naming Zionists as the chief protagonists. Nothing is said or done about this outrageous violation.
Just to give you some idea – I started my website in May 2015. By the end of 2015 I had amassed over 1.2 million hits. If you take away the first two months, in the period from July to December I averaged a staggering 8000 hits a day! I also had 700 subscribers.
Suddenly the dirty tricks started. My website wasn’t just being targeted; It was assaulted! The lady who ran it said she’d never seen anything like it & she was overseeing well over 100 sites. Apparently, real pros were wreaking havoc. My website would suddenly become inaccessible. All my subscribers disappeared. Soon I was inundated with messages saying it was impossible to resubscribe. We tried everything but all to know avail.
As a result in the last two years, even though I have 10,000’s of FB followers, many more than I had in 2015, I’ve averaged less than 400 hits a day! That’s a massive 95% drop! If they can do this now, it’s pretty much obvious with or without the law, Zionists only intend to play by the rules they write!


  • Lynne

    I totally understand what is going on !~ What is popping up is lone people are putting up their own podcasts of how things are and this is just amazing to me. I got so fobbed of one day when I had seen so many ways my little posts were (iiiiiii) with that I took a on-stream snapshot in real time . EFN

    • It is unbelievable seeing the level of censorship already being applied. Paradoxically, the fact our actions have forced them to do this is great for they are now showing out like never before.

  • These bastards have a simple formula – either they silence you or they kill you..

  • venner

    Thank you for writing this piece Michael, it is so important that people understand what repealing net neutrality is really all about.
    The mainstream media and a lot of the large internet sites have been deliberately distracting from the real issues by focusing on the business aspects of net neutrality while knowing full well, no one really cares whether AT&T can prioritize their own content over their competitors or not and as long as the average internet user thinks that is all it is about, most will dismiss repealing net neutrality as no big deal.

    Well it IS a big deal. For all of us, because repealing net neutrality is about introducing censorship to the internet.
    It is about allowing whoever has control of the ISP’s to censor the internet by blocking access to sites that provide information they would rather the masses did not get to see or learn about.
    It will allow them to block political sites that hold opposing or alternative viewpoints, or restrict bandwidth to them so they become slow, bogged down and unusable.
    It will allow them to block or restrict bandwidth to alternative news sites that refuse to tow the line.
    It will allow them to block access to VPN providers and TOR and other services that help to provide privacy for the internet user.

    Those are just some of the reasons why on Dec 4th, Net Neutrality Action Day, everyone must make themselves heard and make sure everyone we know understands, Supporting Net Neutrality is about fighting for what is left of democracy and freedom of information and opposing censorship and totalitarianism.

    • You’re most welcome Venner. First & foremost, I concur with everything you say. You’re spot on. Of course it is all extremely crucial & while I perfectly understand the significance, what we’re really dealing with here is what is nothing less than THE ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD MODUS OPERANDI – THEY’VE BEEN DOING PRECISELY THIS FOR WELL OVER 100 YEARS! My job is not best served explaining the detail but rather highlighting what these bastards are up to, specifically who they are & why they’re doing this. I actually don’t even know what an ISP is or what a VPN provider does! What I do know is the best way to draw people’s attention is to keep it simple & merely try to plant seeds. Once you start showing you’re way too smart it’s a cast-iron guarantee you will turn people off. I see far smarter people than I struggling to acquire anything like the traction I receive. The proof is in the pudding – I’m the one being censored to fuck!

      • venner

        ISP means your Internet Service Provider, like BT if your are in England, or AT&T, Verizon etc if you are in the US.
        Up to now they have been bound by the net neutrality rules that ensure they can provide internet access but cannot prioritise bandwidth to some internet services or sites over others or block access to some sites while allowing access to others, they have to remain neutral.
        This will all change if they get their way and repeal the net neutrality laws.

  • venner

    The power this will give them is massive. My prediction is, if they repeal net neutrality, the Zionists will use their wealth to take control of the internet service providers (if they haven’t already) They will then claim to be taking action to block internet access to “hate groups” which of course will include any websites they decide to brand “anti semetic” which will include those that criticise the Zionists and their new world order or their involvement in false flag terrorism and 9/11 and Isis etc etc and that will pretty much wrap up any publically accessable opposition to their control and subjugation of the masses and prevent people like you from using the internet to keep the people informed about their despicable inhuman behaviour and agenda.

    • Sadly like I said in that last post, they already have so much power. I hate to think what will happen if they’re allowed to keep having their way. I’m virtually unknown yet these bastards have literally made it pointless for me to carry on. They control who sees my site. It’s already ridiculous. These people epitomise evil! Somehow they have to be stopped.

  • venner

    Well, we lost the vote today. The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality but this is not over. We can lobby congress to have them overturn the FCC decision.
    Go to
    To find out more and to participate.

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