Former CIA agent Robert Steele message to all Americans – YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE! 

I’ve just learned FB have banned me from sharing into groups till December 15. No reason whatsoever given. Of course you’d have to be gormless not to know why this affront to freedom of speech occurs on a regular basis. The fact such mafiosi thuggery is commonplace on a site specifically designed for the purpose of encouraging social interaction makes it all the more absurd. Moreover, I’m in no doubt the only people suffering FB censorship are those who know the truth & are brave enough to run the gauntlet. This stands to reason for truth is the bane of Zionists! 


Sadly, what at the very least should be a major embarrassment to this multi-billion dollar corporation is miraculously averted & the reason is even more obvious – FB & the entire mainstream media are owned & controlled by the same people. As a result, Mr & Mrs Joe Average remain clueless to the fact such skulduggery goes on. And don’t ever try to enlighten them because it’s odds-on all you’ll hear is something like – ‘ERE! WHAS ‘E TALKIN’ ABOUT? ‘E MUST BE ONE OF ‘EM CONSPIRACY FEORISTS!’ Not that I give a shit any more because each time FB do this I know I’m not only hitting a raw nerve but I really do believe it’s another little nail in the their coffin.



The timing too is significant. On a number of occasions FB has slaughtered my post reach. Then, after some 6-9 months, a post would suddenly go awol, as if all sorts of barriers are breached. My post reach in turn, along with shares, likes & comments, would go through the roof. That’s when these bastards make themselves busy. Along with FB bans, I’ve had my website seriously nobbled on a number of occasions; my subscribers have gone on the missing list – you name it, they do it! So, no surprise FB once again have tightened the screws because two days ago my post – The truth about Israel, Zionists & the Khazarian Rothschild banking dynasty’ – performed almost 20 times better than any of my previous posts in the past 6 months. Yeah. Bloody good job too.


Anyway, since I can’t share into groups till mid December, for the time being it’s going to be more of a short, sharp, shock routine. I see little point in writing long pieces. Today, Darryl l. Jones sent me this clip (8.28) & it’s really worth listening to. Only yesterday I featured a video from the same man, former C.I.A. agent Robert David Steele. Here’s another powerful message from him to all Americans – YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE! 



  • Ted Duggan

    Going to put this on my Facebook page

  • Ah FACEBOOK – or should that be FAKEBOOK ?!
    They don’t allow anyone with an opinion contrary to theirs to voice their views !
    Look at who owns it !

  • Judith Murphy

    Didn’t hold back did he? Wow!

    • Yes Judith & what’s significant is the fact no one can realistically put this down as the rantings of a weirdo, as the Zionist media normally does. Since this man was a squeaky clean, high-ranking government official they have no option but to ignore him & censor him as much as possible. What is obvious is this man not only knows what he’s talking about but is a true American patriot.

  • TE Ahrens

    I’m currently in a FB cell next to you, next pod over for the next week. IMO, if a person has never been hit with a ban from Facebook, they need to rethink at least some the information they share with people or are not sharing but should.

    • Yes indeed Thane. I’ve always been of the opinion – working for alternative media & not being censored means one thing – you neglect to mention the role of Zionist Rothschilds & Israel.

  • Every time I see that overgrown college student Mark Fuckerberg’s face I feel quite ill.

  • venner

    This kind of bullshit is happening all over the internet, some do it blatently like FB, others are sneaky like reddit and craigslist forums with their upvote/downvote system that allows brigades of paid operators to bury posts by downvoting them en mass, and having the poster “ghosted”.
    Ghosted means your posts will appear to go up and you can view them yourself, on your own computer while not realizing, no one else can see them.
    I have had this happen when I made a post describing the despicable corporate treatment of America’s waitresses. It was down voted and removed from craigslist forums within an hour and my account, ghosted.

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