Former Pink Floyd frontman sparks fury by comparing Israelis to Nazis

What can one say about Roger Waters? Let’s go back 400 years to the days of the great J.S. Bach. If you took each decade with the purpose of naming the one musician who owned that decade, the grand daddy of them all Johann Sebastian would rightfully have a few under his belt. We’re in the realms of all-time greats. Now with music, we’re talking about an art form accessible to everyone, relatively cheap, yet one which I believe gives more pleasure than any other art form. If one considers how so many people gain so much, great musicians are truly worth their weight in gold.

Comparing Israelis to Nazis – Roger Waters knew he’d be stepping into the lion’s den. So I say categorically – it is the duty of every decent man & woman to support him, NO MATTER WHAT!


Of course in the early days Bach & perhaps Mozart didn’t have so much competition. Bizarre to say the least, Mozart was not the most popular musician in his day; neither was Beethoven. However, a team of experts wouldn’t have too many problems agreeing which musician owned each decade up to the 1960’s. To have the Beatles, Elvis, Dylan, Hendrix, not to mention Paul Simon, the Rolling Stones all in the same era? Simon & the Stones don’t get a look-in….. & for me, Simon is one of the greatest song-writers in history. In my opinion, he makes the top 5 of all-time!




So what happened in the 70’s? One guy was largely responsible for ‘Meddle’, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Animals’ & ‘The Wall’. 5 albums, the 2nd & 5th in particular musical masterpieces. In terms of composition, Roger Waters was by far & away the driving force behind Pink Floyd throughout this period. In my opinion he most definitely deserves to be included into the heady group of musicians that own a decade.


But how many giants in the music industry go on to do what Roger Waters has done? Very few & it’s hardly surprising. You’ve made absolute lumps – what better than a life of Riley? Who needs to get involved, let alone mess with the very last people on the planet anyone would want to mess with? The Zionists loath the truth because their whole agenda has to be kept strictly under the radar. That’s why, from the word go, the Rothschild’s sought to seize control of the flow of information. The last thing Zionists want are famous people stepping up to the plate.



The damage I can do couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding. However, I realise it is essential for me to carry on, trying as I do to inform people because there are so many others like me out there doing their bit. Our impact can really only be measured as an accumulative effort. The Steven Hawking’s & Roger Water’s of this world not only have an enormous impact due to their popularity but also their stance sends reverberations throughout their entire fields of expertise. It is inevitable other academics & musicians will join the fray. Guess what happens when this ball starts rolling?


1) Suddenly on the agenda – talk of criminalising criticism of Israel by classifying it Hate Speech! 

2) Outlawing the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement.

3) Ushering in laws that are an affront to freedom of speech! 


Freedom of Speech


The irony of it all – Roger Waters was actually too reasonable! If one looks at the true facts, it seems all but inconceivable not to believe the ISRAELIS ARE FAR WORSE THAN THE NAZIS!


Fact: Nazis fought for much of the time against vastly superior numbers whereas the IDF for the best part slaughter virtually defenseless people. Moreover, few have any idea of the pain & suffering the Rothschild Zionists inflicted upon Germany in WWI & the consequent ‘peace’ treaty of Versailles. If the true history were told, most people would realise why the Germans were so aggrieved. However, when one considers one of the most closely guarded secrets, that before WWI, Jews lived in harmony & indeed prospered in Germany, you’d understand why they had every right to be furious.





It is imperative we do not under any circumstances allow our politicians to ratify laws restricting our fundamental rights. This includes anything that violates our right to express our indignation at any country’s disgraceful behavior as well as any bullshit laws on the premise of fighting a terrorist threat which has been manufactured out of thin air! Bear in mind, today one is more likely to die from being struck by lightening, a Bee sting or Peanut poisoning. In America, believe it or not, right now one is 50 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE AT THE HANDS OF A US POLICE OFFICER THAN A TERRORIST!


Freedom is sacrosanct!



Finally thanks to Joe McPhillips for this link which gives a blow-by-blow account of how the Palestinian people & their country is being systematically wiped off the map! This article by EDDIE ABRAHAMS – ISRAEL: IT’S ROLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST is superb –



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