France vows to retaliate for Nice attack, extends state of emergency – RT

Hardly a surprise anymore yet had this shocking event occurred before 9/11 one can be certain the reaction would have been totally different. For sure the question everyone would have been asking is – WHAT MADE THIS MAN DO SUCH A TERRIBLE THING? For now I believe this awful incident is similar to what occurred when Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed Germanwings flight 9525 into the Alps killing 149 people. Both men allegedly were depressed. In the kind of world we live in today, small wonder these type of events are occurring with ever-increasing frequency.


Yet the reaction to these two incidents couldn’t be more contrasting. In short, the man who killed 149 innocent people wasn’t a terrorist whereas the man who killed 84 innocent folk was. This one, we are unreliably informed by the Zionist controlled media, was a terror attack. I ask, what is the difference? Simple. Lubitz was Jewish whereas Lahouaiej Bouhlel was a French resident of Tunisian origin. Once again we see the reaction that we’ve come to expect from Zionist puppet Hollande – France vows to retaliate. Mysterious to say the least, Tunisia wasn’t mentioned but then Bouhlel was a French citizen. Worse still – who is in the firing line? Iraq & Syria…… again!


France vows to retaliate for Nice attack, extends state of emergency – RT


Left-hand drive - bullet holes on the right!


Now there may be a simple reason for this but I thought it was worth noting France being a country where they drive on the left-hand side, you can naturally see the steering wheel on the left. Well…… how come all the bullet holes are on the right?…………..  Just saying…… Craig Considine though took the words out of my mouth. This is what people should be concentrating on…..


Craig Considine


One thing for sure – Israel was responsible for 9/11; the West’s Zionist puppets created this war of terror for the benefit of Israel & the establishment of a New World Order. When you bomb countries to oblivion on a false premise creating pain & suffering on a scale scarcely imaginable there can be but one result – total, utter resentment. This is the climate the Zionists wanted to create – Arabs & Muslims naturally resent us for destroying their countries for no reason. The media know the score. They are entirely complicit in the deaths of these people in Nice. Their job is to make sure ordinary folk never realise who is really responsible for all this carnage & crucially keep attaching the blame to Jihadist extremists that they’re desperate to foster.
People have to start thinking for themselves. Ignore everything the media says; better still, blame the media! The harsh reality is throughout history, madmen all over the world have committed one-off atrocities. Where was the outpouring of grief when Anders Breivik mowed down over 70 people in Norway. Did Norway declare a war on terror? Why wasn’t Andreas Lubitz declared a terrorist? Most significantly, when are we going to conclude that people like Obama, Cameron & Hollande are absolutely useless at fighting terrorism? Are we ever going to utilise plan B? Is there even a plan B? These are genuine questions people should be asking of the media. As I said at the beginning of this piece, what we should be asking is why this man did such a terrible thing? At least RT tries to report news…..


What we know about Nice suspect: Father of 3, solitary & not very religious


  • Cynthia

    I agree totally, no news story ever seems to ask about motivation, or what is being done to incarcerate or catch the perpetrator. They only concentrate on the “poor victims”.
    I think the Germanwings crash was because Merkel was getting too buddy/buddy w/Putin. She was brought back into line..
    & I have property in France, visiting every year for decades…they drive on the right. England & Thailand drive on the left. St. Thomas VI drives on the left w/right hand drive, try that for crazy.

    • Thank you Cynthia. I agree. The very fact Hollande declared the state of emergency had to stay & that Syria & Iraq were targets I thought how can this be possible. No investigation has taken place yet a continuation of the agenda without so much as a by-your-leave. And like you I wonder when they’re finally going to take one of these so-called terrorists as a prisoner that actually goes to court & is punished by the due process of law!

  • Anthony Green

    I cannot agree on you questioning the bullet holes on the l.h.s of the windscreen- I f the police are only positioned on the lhs of that lorry , as you look at it, and very close to it then they have an acute angle to aim accross onto the drivers side.
    As for the immediate assumption by the media that it is a terror attack I completely agree that this continual media pressure to demonise the islamic faith is a disgrace.

    • Yes indeed Anthony. The bullet holes was only a suggestion. However, quite how I missed the fact that there was not a drop of blood on the lorry – now that is impossible!

      • Anthony Green

        I agree, having seen suicide impact on the front of trains . It is impossible unless he was driving very slowly.

        • Yes well in a follow up post, the clip showed the lorry travelling at quite a speed. Also I’ve since learned that that particular route is loaded with CCTV cameras. Well, where’s all the footage & most importantly how did that lorry get into that avenue? We’re talking about France being in a state of emergency yet the police fail to cordon off the area where people may be at risk? I don’t believe it. I’m now thinking this was yet another false flag event.

  • Moon

    I am sorry to tell you, but in France they are driving on the right site, just line in usa

  • steve

    You can clearly see the steering wheel on the right hand side as you look at the truck. Maybe the perp tied the steering wheel straight to get his hands free to use a weapon and or was leaning over the other side.

    • It’s possible Steve. There’s an easy way of finding out for sure. Why doesn’t the Nice authorities release the CCTV footage which would have shown the whole thing. Then there would be no doubt. ………… BUT WAIT. The word has come down. ALL THE RELEVANT EVIDENCE ie the CCTV footage, MUST BE DESTROYED! Now that’s the Zionist way to conduct an investigation!

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