France’s Former Foreign Minister: UK Government Prepared War in Syria Two Years Before 2011 Protests


Another big lie!


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It didn’t take them long did it? Almost immediately we have have reports coming out of Syria stating Assad’s forces are being singled out by the Coalition. Needless to say this news which in normal circumstances should be headline material – the fact Obama & Cameron said their intention is to fight ISIS but what they’re doing is attacking those who ARE fighting ISIS – was totally ignored by the entire MSM. But this is precisely how the Zionists operate – by telling bare-faced lies almost as if they’re auditioning for Oscar nominations. As soon as it is proven to be a lie the MSM clam up. It goes on & on like this.


Here: Look what this senior politician says in 80 seconds. Now I didn’t know that attacking Syria just because it opposed Israel was in the pipeline in 2009 but what I did say is I was convinced Cameron was a Zionist traitor from day one because of the way David Davis was cheated out of the Tory leadership. Cameron was a nobody. He never held a ministerial position & all he had on his CV was a collection of shady dealings. Inexplicably, the Zionist controlled media threw their weight behind this nobody. Suddenly Cameron was the best thing since sliced bread.


One must remember before all this occurred, Michael Howard announced his goodbye would be a mysteriously long one. The election for his successor would take far longer than all the other leadership contests. The reason given was – in the past the Tories had ‘rushed to judgement’ & as a result appointed the wrong man. They didn’t want to make the same mistake. Aaaaaahhhh – bless them. The truth is – the goalposts were being moved because David Davis was a man of peace & the Zionist lobbies needed more time to bribe & coerce enough Tory MP’s to swing the vote in Cameron’s favor. 


Now I don’t care what anyone says because the proof is in the pudding & it stares you squarely in the face. I know what I’m saying here is 100% correct. How can we have this vote in parliament & this interview with the former French Foreign Minister is not shown by the entire UK media? How many times have I said there’s a limit to how incompetent one can be? We  couldn’t have more damning evidence showing Cameron to be a liar & a traitor. I’ve gone blue in the face telling you who owns & controls what we get to hear. It is obvious Cameron is a Zionist agent working for Israel’s best interests.

And by the way – what precipitated this vote. Aaaahh the Paris attacks. It took me two seconds to realise Mossad once again was up to their dirty tricks – their motto – 

By way of deception, thou shalt do war.

Now look at this report – 
Hungarian Mayor: ISRAEL BEHIND PARIS ATTACKS,7340,L-4733319,00.html


Of course. True to form, he’s had to apologise but that’s laughable. This guy or anyone would never say such a thing for fun. Unless you’re a complete blithering idiot you only say something like this because it’s true. Sure, Zionists are the master assassins. They feel they have a god-given right to commit murder but if they were to assassinate everyone who says a bad word about them, even for the dumbest of dumbest the penny would drop. So, they coerce & pressure the person into making an apology!


So it all fits. How many times have I said – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP? Well we see it again – once they set out on a course of action, however many knock-backs they receive, they continue to push & plot until they have their way. The Paris attack came soon after a Russian plane was sabotaged, once again by Mossad because the Russians were destroying their baby ISIS. The fact 224 people were murdered was lost on the press but a few days later the loss of half the people in Paris for what was incidentally also billed as an ISIS attack, was blown out of all proportions.
Of course Paris was as a staged event. All these eye-witnesses with camcorders yet while the media was relentlessly telling us how people had been indiscriminately gunned down, not one video appeared on u-tube showing people being shot! IMPOSSIBLE! End result – Israel gets what it wants. People out there better wake quick because pretty soon it’s going to be on us!



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