Free Palestine: British musicians expose Israel’s crime with their song

Great to see these guys doing such a fantastic job. Some young British musicians created a song that’s called: “Free Palestine” to support Palestinians & call the world to stand up with Palestine against the Israeli occupation force. It really is great to see everyone chipping in. I read this song reached number 79 in the British Pop charts, without any media coverage. It featured the South African Durban Choir. It was Supported by Desmond Tutu. “Freedom for Palestine” by One world is available on iTunes, HMV Digital & Amazon. Profits raised go directly to the charity ‘War on Want’ who fund projects in Palestine, in particular, communities affected by the Wall in the West Bank. Thanks for that info Peter Alan Foley



Hello Palestine


Thanks to Martin Cowan for this caption –


Boycott Zionism


Don’t say or think you can’t have an impact. Just boycott one Israeli product or shop Aldi’s instead of Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Morrison & M & S. You’ll help the cause while saving yourself a small fortune.


Boycott Israel

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