Free Palestinian student Mays Abu Ghosh. Why? 1) She’s committed no crime 2) Soon this form of Israeli injustice will be the norm in the US & UK

I receive regular e-mails from the Jewish Voice for Peace. I tend not to highlight their work though, not so much because I’m always going on about the plight of the Palestinians; more because I know I’d merely be preaching to the converted. 99.9% of my friends know how brutal the Israelis are. Moreover, we all know their power & influence is so vast it’s difficult to see how the Palestinian’s lot can ever improve. Things were bleak even before the plan for the creation of Greater Israel, which effectively eliminated any country in the region supporting the Palestinians. A slow genocide of the Palestinians is occurring & Iran is just about the only nation left standing up to the Israelis.

Dear Michael,

21-year-old Palestinian student Mays Abu Ghosh is in an Israeli jail cell and is a victim of torture at the hands of her jailers. Mays, who was arrested for her activism, has been interrogated so violently that her parents could barely recognize her – yet this horrific story is being met with no huge outcry and very little media attention. On August 29, Mays was arrested in her home during a sweep of Palestinian student activists and detained under ludicrous trumped-up charges. 

As a student journalist, Mays has been a vocal advocate of Palestinian rights. Now she’s being tortured for her lifelong resistance to displacement, and being labeled a “major terrorist” for her work organizing with fellow students against Israeli oppression of Palestinians. Her “crimes” include participating in a conference about the Palestinian right of return in Lebanon, and speaking about her late brother on a radio program. Make no mistakeMays was jailed for her commitment to justice.

Israel has a long, shameful history of torturing prisoners. Torture is NEVER acceptable. and the public outcry hasn’t been loud enough. Join us in calling for an END to Israeli torture and for the release of Mays Abu Ghosh and the many others wrongly jailed. When her parents were finally allowed to visit, Mays was so bruised and visibly wounded she was almost unrecognizable. Her mother couldn’t hug her because her body was in too much pain. It’s heartbreaking to think about and makes my blood boil.

We can’t allow this vile, authoritarian spin on “justice” to continue. Help us ensure Mays’ story is not ignoredSign our petition to demand freedom for Mays and her fellow detainees, and an end to Israeli torture of Palestinians.

Thanks for all you do – Granate Kim

I posted this because I’m in no doubt sometime in the near future the people of the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada & Australia are going to realise what it’s like being a Palestinian, in other words living under barbaric Zionist rule. These countries are no longer democracies. THEY’RE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES! I’ve been saying this for ages & I’m going to keep saying this another 1000 times because it just doesn’t seem to sink in. So few people, activists included, have any idea this is 100% correct.

Of course we’re never going to be told Americans wanted Ron Paul & Bernie Sanders as their President; the French wanted Marine Le Pen; we wanted Jeremy Corbyn. We may have known this as individuals. The key here is knowing it collectively but the media ensures we’re never cognisant of this or the fact our elections are rigged from top to bottom. Furthermore people like me who feel compelled to put pen to paper are vigorously censored. Like I said, the best I can hope for is preaching to the converted.

The harsh reality is public support, especially in the case of Ron Paul, was overwhelming. Instead we were fed polls which belied the truth. This is the beauty of media control – if it doesn’t make the news, then it’s not news & it’s this critical absence of the truth, coupled with a Zionist controlled media quite simply concocting lie after lie, which allows them to get away with rigging elections. If genuine polls were published every week before elections the Zionists would never be able to pervert democracy. Control of the media is the key that opens Pandora’s box. Lamentably, Stalin was so right when he said –


As a result & as per usual, Zionists get what they want – leaders who have no option but to place Israel’s interests first. What’s crucial here is another thing I’ve been saying for God knows how long – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! So, bad enough we’re being treated as if we’re worthless. However, the real bad news is what could be in store. As I said, we’re yet to discover what it’s like being a Palestinian. Now, is there any evidence to suggest a nightmare may well be awaiting us….

  1. Using Palestinian kids as target practice is all but legal for Israeli soldiers & civilians alike.
  2. In Israel you can even utilise illegal weapons like White Phosphorous on unarmed civilians & get away with cold-blooded mass murder.
  3. Kidnapping Palestinian kids as young as 7, throwing them in jail without charge, without trial, void of any due process is actually legal in Israel.
  4. As is the fact Israelis can go to a Palestinian’s property & say ‘get out all of you. This is my home now!’
  5. Is it not the case as long as you serve the Zionist cause, even if there exists mountains of evidence you’re a war criminal or a child molester, you’re immune from prosecution?
  6. Or what about being a rapist? Thanks to Ted Duggan for this link – It all but seems being Israeli or a Zionist on the payroll means you’re above the law.
  7. Did the ‘Dancing Israelis’ ever face the music? No. They were treated as celebrities in Israel even after they implicated themselves regarding 9/11 by openly stating, ‘we were there to document the event!’
  8. Now, think of what’s happening to those who’ve exposed war crimes such as Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning. If you can’t distinguish how it’s open season on those who dare tell the truth while there’s a different ‘law’ altogether for Zionists, then you’re as blind as a bat!
  9. While Israelis & Zionists squeal like stuffed pigs demanding the international community impose sanctions on totally trumped up charges on nations they don’t like, look how laws are being passed outlawing the BDS movement. Quite how they can enforce them is neither here nor there. The fact they forever badger us to impose sanctions on others while they’ve the effrontery to say you can’t & will not impose sanctions on us….
  10. Look how Zionist puppet politicians in the Western world are ushering in laws which effectively outlaws criticism of Israel. This is an affront to our fundamental human right of freedom of speech.
  11. Last but not least, the worst possible news. Israel’s ancestors ie the Ashkenazi fake-Jews were responsible for the mutilation, torture & massacre of 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution. They made the Nazis look like pussycats yet from where I’m sitting it all but appears we’re oblivious of the very real danger. These sadistic bastards are chomping at the bit to inflict a similar fate on us. I believe the moment they’re able to they’ll annihilate anyone who so much as looks boss-eyed at them. I may be wrong but what earthly reason do we have to give any benefit of any doubt when all the evidence suggests we’re already in deep shit?


  • William Nolan

    Every word you said is true, Michael. And it makes my blood boil.
    Keep up the good work, sir. The only weapon we have is truth.

  • CB

    Many of the things that you [CB] say are true but perhaps
    people might listen to your logic more if your rhetoric
    doesn’t sound so hateful against Jews.
    Zionists? Absolutely. They are the worst of the worst.

    Yes, of course, you are quite right – where you are.
    And even among the Jews themselves, there are many
    who would also call themselves ‘anti-Zionists’ – while
    ably assisting with the monstrous Zio lie of ‘democratic
    I$rael’ – and absolving the Jew apartheid of all its sins.

    The Khazar Jews’ tribal loyalty – or criminal commitment,
    to be precise – is never superseded by the left-wing
    politics, but only ever so cleverly camouflaged.

    The Jews and their liberal slaves are simply beyond hope.
    The only hope is in waking up regular Americans, whether
    Trumpers or never-Trumpers.

    After all, about every second American tax dollar
    is expended or embezzled by the Pentagon and its
    countless accomplices. And this is always rubber-
    stamped by the Jew-Ess Congress – on behalf of
    I$raHell, who, of course, needs grossly oversized
    Pentagon, who, in its turn, doesn’t mind fighting
    the Jews’ wars – and perpetrating Jews’ war crimes –
    however contrary to the American interests.

    By contrast, the Russian military, while maintaining
    the nuclear parity and very well managing to protect
    its clients in the Middle East, consumes barely one
    tenth of the U.S. military budget (in view of which
    one could begin to appreciate the real utility of 9/11,
    replete as it is with countless Talmudic fingerprints).

    Should the Jew parasites be removed from the Hill,
    the Pentagon ought to be able to do the same job
    as the Russian military – at the same price.

    In addition to this, the rip-off kosher ‘health
    insurance’ and the Big Jew Pharma cost you
    nearly 20% of your national income, which
    at least twice exceeds the actual worth
    of the goods and services actually provided.

    And, of course, many experts of highest repute
    could advise you on the astronomical cost of
    the Jew Wall Street – both social and financial.

    So you might as well go back to picking cotton,
    however pale of skin. Don’t you want to be free?…
    MLK had a dream. Where is yours?…

  • CB

    The term Zionist, however justified is
    the implied deprecation, is hopelessly
    stained with the colour of the Third
    World and moribund Soviet Marxism.

    It must be used very sparingly, as,
    having absorbed too many aspects of
    its excremental object, it’s potentially
    more injurious to the unsuspecting
    user than to the bloodsucking agents
    of the kosher apartheid.

    In fact, when in their liberal guise,
    the Jews themselves routinely resort
    to using the term Zionist as a regular
    prop in their perpetual Houdini act.

    “No, it’s not the Jews – it’s the Zionists!”
    “No, it’s not the Jews – it’s the Israelis!”
    “No, it’s by no means all Israelis – it’s
    only Netanyahu!”

    BTW, when Netanyahu is finally
    kicked out and locked up, you’ll be
    missing the scumbag since that
    very day, as he will be replaced
    by a smarter war criminal – with
    much less obvious cannibal traits.

    • I agree with much of what you say here CB & Jews certainly do have a lot to answer for. However since I believe Rothschild Zionists are not Jewish as is the case with 80-90% of Israelis, I simply have to make the distinction. One thing I do believe wholeheartedly is that most Jews have been horribly brainwashed.

  • Debbie Lawrence

    Revelation 2:9
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the $ynagogue of $atan. = Zionists & wrathschild.

    It’s about time the world got wise to the I$raeli gaslighting, leeching and murdering..

    Spot on Michael, keep waking people up to the true terrorists.

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