Freedom of speech is a fundamental right. Any attack upon it is tantamount to a declaration of war

My problems pale into insignificance when I think of the mental turmoil Julian Assange must be going through. I wanted to write about the apparent mystery of his ‘disappearance’ but what do I know? Very little except for the fact Assange’s lawyer, QC John Jones was thrown under a train in London & Gavin Macfadyen, the founder of Wikileaks recently died. Now there’s intense speculation Assange himself has been abducted. As much as I need to be sure I know what I’m talking about, I can’t help but feel there’s a touch of Mordechai Vanunu & Mossad about this. I so hope I’m wrong. No man did more to scupper the Hillary fix. For now, I’m just hoping he shows his face soon. We owe him big time.


So yesterday upon my return from a 30 day FB ban, I felt it necessary to state – TRUTH IS UNDER ATTACK LIKE NEVER BEFORE! I’ve good reason to say this. Speculation aside regarding Assange, not only has FB upped the censorship ante, recently 600 subscribers on You-Tube & almost the same number of subscribers on my website mysteriously went on the missing list! This wasn’t merely a case of viral infection or being hacked. This was deliberately engineered in order to gag me.
While it confirms what I’ve always believed – possessing analytical prowess comes at a price, it so pisses me off how these lying, warmongering crooks can pull the rug from under you just like that. It’s almost like being physically violated! It’s scandalous how they can do this at will & the fact legally it’s virtually impossible to sue the bastards who, if the the truth be said, have absolutely no right to do what they’re doing.
We have but one option – TO KEEP FIGHTING UNTIL WE DROP! NEVER GIVE UP! sure enough, today we finally discovered how my website subscribers were erased & we, or should I say the lady who set up my website, has been working frantically to rectify this outrageous bout of Zionist sabotage. Soon, hopefully, all those who previously subscribed to my website will receive this email below


Due to my website being targeted by the ‘authorities’, it’s been an uphill struggle getting the truth out. This whole year’s been a constant battle against various attacks which effectively are forms of censorship. Freedom of speech is under threat like never before. Not only has my website been targeted but so have my FB page & my You-Tube account. For many subscribers & followers, it was as if I had given up. This most definitely is not the case.


Somehow, my website was sabotaged so that very few subscribers received the customary email notification each time I posted. It was blatant sabotage! We had a devil’s own job merely trying to locate all those who had subscribed. Having done so, the people who run my website feel the best way to counteract such shenanigans in the future is to get everyone to re-subscribe & also confirm their subscription.  This is why you are receiving this email. Thank you for all your support.

2) THEN, CHECK YOUR EMAIL TO CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION (Check your junk mail folder if you do not see the confirmation email after you re-subscribe).
It goes without saying I’d love more of my FB followers to subscribe to my website. If you do, please, please let me know if what we’ve put into place has worked out alright.






  • Lynne

    Thanks for your post and all that you do for Humanity. May you, Julian Assange and all Truth seekers/ tellers be protected during these turbulent times. May I mention Max Spiers who was ‘taken out’ and died of ‘natural causes’, no post mortem. He was investigating satanic ritual and sexual abuse and the disappearance of huge numbers of children. This is prevalent among the elites in government, royalty and military industrial complex and requires a huge level of secrecy which is now being exposed.

  • p

    Micheal, am so very glad you reached out. Been busy on the farm and had realized hadn’t gotten any blog emails lately. Was very happy when getting your email today. Resubscribed. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

    Thank you also for speaking out about Julian Assange. Without him and WikiLeaks we here in the US and the rest of the civilized world would be in a real world of hurt. Will be very glad when he, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, yourself and the many others we may have never heard about are recognized for their courage and strength in doing what was the right thing for their fellow human beings highest and best good.

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