French authorities accused of lying about Bastille Day massacre to cover up chronic security failings

I was supposed to write this piece yesterday but I got involved with the Zionist Bullshit Corporation, more commonly known as the BBC. Sure enough it involves the media. At least it’s making news in France but really, whether you believe the Nice attack was a false flag or not, this should be front page news worldwide. I suppose it’s symptomatic of the world we live in – what in normal circumstances would be media scoops, are instead totally ignored.


How many people in the UK are aware of the ground-breaking news the officer in charge of Nice’s CCTV control room, Sandra Bertin, told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper on Sunday that an unnamed interior ministry official contacted her after the attack & pressured her into altering her report for the night of the incident. Bertin claims that she was ‘harassed for an hour’ by the official who wanted her to detail the presence of local & national police at the fireworks event where the carnage took place. In other words make the police look good. She said –

“The national police were perhaps there, but I couldn’t see them on the video,” adding, “He ordered me to put in (the report) the specific positions of the national police which I had not seen on the screen.”

Now what’s going on here? Like I said let’s not assume this was a false flag. I’m sick to the back teeth reading comments from blithering idiots who immediately use the Zionist media’s phrase for stifling discussion, ‘you’re one of ’em conspiracy feorists ain’t ya?’ Let us merely stick with the issue at hand. Why is this lady being unduly pressured? She has nothing to gain & everything to lose. But first, let’s see if the police did their job. These are the facts……

1) The lorry used in the attack was 19 tonnes, over 5 times more than the permitted amount!

2) All lorries over 3.5 tonnes are PERMANENTLY banned from entering the Promenade des Anglais.

3) On Bastille day all lorries over 7.5 tonnes are banned from driving anywhere in France.

4) Police vehicles used to back up flimsy barriers around the pedestrianized zone were removed just before Bouhlel allegedly struck.

5) All this occurred when France was supposed to be in a ‘State of Emergency.’ I ask is it possible to be any more incompetent?

In other words unless you’re certifiably insane, everyone is morally bound to demand WHAT THE HELL THE FRENCH POLICE WERE UP TO? Now before any twat jumps on the ‘I hate police’ bandwagon, the police are more or less obligated to follow orders. They’re not the ones making the decisions. Therefore, all questions pertaining to police actions have to be firmly leveled at those giving the orders. Well it’s not rocket science knowing this goes all the way to the interior ministry, the President & ultimately the Zionist bankers they’ve sold out to.
Of course it doesn’t because the same Zionist bankers own the media, so nothing like the pressure that should be applied is applied. So what does happen after the police have been criminally negligent? France’s Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve announced his intention to sue Bertin for defamation. Already this brave woman is on a hiding to nothing. Small wonder they wanted her to destroy the CCTV footage because it will obviously prove she was telling the truth. I only hope copies make their way onto social media. Get this in your head – only criminals destroy evidence & only ignorant morons concur with such treachery. Cazeneuve like Hollande, is a traitor. Sandra Bertin is a heroine!



Sandra Bertin CCTV officer


So I asked my buddy in France Machouche Benmrad what’s occurring. Surely some people are kicking up a stink about this? He said….
“Yes it is getting a lot of attention from the media. The order to destroy all tapes concerning the attack came from a judge but the city authorities refused to execute the order. Why should a judge in Paris go out of his way & make such an order? Who the hell asked him to deal with the case & issue this order? The PM had to come out early this morning & defend his Home secretary & Justice secretary. They said it is out of respect for the victims & the images going around the world of dismembered bodies & so on & so forth. It’s all bullshit. This so called attack took place on Bastille day & under a state of emergency! How can this be possible?”


Anyway, here’s a link first from MAIL ONLINE. It’s something to behold. I think they’re actually trying to drive us all round the bend. It asks all the questions that need to be asked. Then it neglects to follow up one of them, only to end up giving credence to an official account that is simply ludicrous. It also shows the best photo yet of the lorry that was supposed to have run over 300 people – how can there not be a drop of blood anywhere on this vehicle? Once again this is impossible. How the Mail Online does not even bother to mention this – they’re supposed to be journalists for Christ sake. How can you have reporters that are blind as a bat?


French authorities accused of lying about Bastille Day massacre to cover up chronic security failings that led to 84 deaths


Not a drop of blood



Now why is this good? Think back to what used to be the norm whenever a national tragedy occurred. Even that buffoon GW Bush saw his popularity increase in the direct aftermath of 9/11. THE PEOPLE AREN’T BUYING IT ANY MORE. Onto the bad news –


2) The destruction of evidence which can only be construed as a criminal act. Anyone who believes this is to protect the feelings of those who lost family members, is a complete moron.
3) And finally the media turning a blind eye to eye-witness accounts. Here we have the 3 major facets of 9/11 or for that matter every false flag event.


Finally I just got this from Machouche Benmrad – apparently the film BASTILLE DAY has been pulled in France. This was only a story about the French Ministry of Home Affairs organising a terrorist attack on Bastille Day. Wonders never cease. Here’s the trailer…..



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