French Journalist Arrested After Exposing Israeli Link To Paris Attacks

I’ve had this rather disturbing story for a few days of how investigative journalist Hicham Hamza was detained by French police last month after exposing Israel’s role in orchestrating the Paris Attacks. Police charged Hamza with ‘violating judicial secrecy’. Have you ever heard such tripe? Violating judicial secrecy? Hamza has even been threatened with imprisonment. Here is just another example of how Zionists will do whatever it takes to stop the truth getting out.
Two of the most obvious false flag events occurred last year in Paris. I still can’t decide which one was more embarrassing. First we had the Charlie Hebdo attack where those responsible for the publication did everything they could to incite hatred. Had the boot been on the other foot where those singled out for ridicule were Zionists, you can bet your bottom dollar the magazine would be accused of anti-Semitism & the proprietors would have been in hot water.
Of course this Rothschild owned magazine’s actions were deliberate because the intention all along was to stage an attack & blame it on Muslims. This is the Zionist hallmark. Sure enough, at a time when every phone call & email was being monitored by security services, so-called ‘terrorists’ appear out of nowhere, tooled up to the eye-balls, operating as if they literally have the freedom of the city. Mysteriously, there are no Policemen around; they easily make their getaway only to leave their ID behind in the car! You cannot make this up!



Then we’re told a Policeman is shot & killed when the bullet clearly missed him yet on the same day mainstream media neglected to report the apparent suicide of police deputy director Helric Fredou, 45. Since when do high ranking police officers top themselves? It was obvious Fredou was told to lie. He refused to go along with this act of Treason & was murdered. True to form, the terrorists are all killed so that there’s never any trial or any chance of asking them how they could have achieved all this under the noses of the French Gendarme when there’s a state of heightened alert. You simply cannot make this up.


Here’s Dr Kevin Barrett’s take on this – French journalist arrested for exposing Israeli connection to 11/13/15 false flag


French journalist arrested for exposing Israeli connection to 11/13/15 false flag


But wait. With the Israeli terrorist organisation ISIS suddenly being picked off unceremoniously by the Red army, something rapidly had to be conjured up in order to stop ISIS from being annihilated. How can they bring in new laws to take away our fundamental rights if ISIS is completely routed? The only way was to get directly involved in Syria so that Cameron & Hollande could give these terrorist mass-murderers some cover. But how could they do that? Cameron had already been humiliated when his call for direct military intervention in Syria was defeated in Parliament? TIME FOR YET ANOTHER FALSE FLAG!


Yet another Zio FF!


This time the terrorists were oh so conveniently from Syria. No mention was made how these ‘terrorists’ managed to bring all this weaponry across countless borders, find safe-houses in a country they’d never been to & then once again execute with military precision synchronised attacks all over Paris. The media, needless to say, never once mentioned the only reason these alleged Syrian terrorists could have been in Paris in the first place is because of Western foreign policy!


Of course there were no Syrian terrorists! This was yet another Mossad operation. You see if these were genuine terrorist attacks, the first thing the media would do is ask serious questions as to how these attacks could have occurred, in other words raise the very points that I just have. If these attacks can occur almost at will when we’re in the midst of fighting this so-called war on terror, then someone, somewhere is either totally incompetent or grossly negligent.


Israeli false flags


  • brad kahn

    Absolutely brilliant.
    I loved the style…!

    the author shares his ( or her )

    of how lame
    How absolutely ridiculous the lies are

    And wait…there’s more…:

    All the eye witnesses
    describe the shooters as
    white muscular military types !

    • Thank you Brad. One thing for sure – contrary to any kind of crime fighting, eye-witnesses are absolutely of no use to the police, courts or anyone. This is the hallmark of a false flag.

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