From Netanyahu’s Palestinian Holocaust to the great Richard Boyd.

When Netanyahu in all likelihood had the election rigged to win his 3rd term it was a bitter/sweet moment. Of course only a complete fool does not believe the security of the globe is in peril with such a madman leading his country. It would have been beautiful seeing the back of him yet the next day on FB I wrote, ‘you know, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that Netanyahu’s still there.’


After all decent Israeli Prime Ministers in the last 30 years went from a seriously endangered species to being rendered extinct! When one nutter left or croaked, he was merely replaced by another. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!


Do I even have to say look at what’s happened? Prophetic words, give me a break! I may have to drop the G & make it PMM – prophet Metal Mickey! In fact, I’ll go as far to say Netanyahu couldn’t have done more. It’s as if he’s gone out of his way to show everyone in the world he’s a complete raving lunatic. First he bites the hand that feeds Israel by making Obama look a fool by getting one of his puppets, John Boehner to invite him to take center stage in Congress. By usurping the US President in such a way how many more Americans awoke to the fact Israel controls America? Not exactly helping the Zionist cause.


And let’s not forget how Netanyahu simply adores making a fool of himself at the UN. When he held that caption of a prehistoric bomb & said “Iran is now at this stage” pointing at a line near the top of bomb. At the time I fell out of my seat laughing. It was hilarious. For this reason alone you’d have thought someone would have had a quiet word in his ear? Evidently not but even I never imagined he’d be daft enough to pull his most recent stunt at the UN when he stopped in the middle of his speech & glared at everyone for 45 seconds. This was eerie – the behavior of an unstable man. It was actually rather scary.


What a wally

Then a few days ago Netanyahu said the Palestinians were responsible for the Holocaust! When I first saw this I thought someone was taking the piss. But then I began to realise he actually said this, I mean come on. Even by his heady standards this is just beyond the boundaries of sanity. Why doesn’t he just say – I’d love to wipe the Palestinians out?’ Simply unbelievable. 


The passed few weeks I tried my level best to point out that the recent troubles in the West Bank & Gaza had been totally engineered by Netanyahu – the IDF storm a mosque; Netanyahu says it’s okay to use live bullets on stone-throwers; Palestinian women, unarmed & surrounded are shot dead; we even get the same old bullshit about these alleged rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel – if ever someone was trying to incite violence – here was it!


So if ever there was a time to ram our advantage home it is now & when I saw this mega performance by Irish politician Richard Boyd Barrett I was just dumbstruck. He tells the Israeli ambassador EXACTLY HOW IT IS! I never heard of this man before but what a stunning performance. I AM NOW A MAJOR FAN. I bow to thee sir. We need more of this……




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