From the UN to the United State of Israel

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From the UN to the United State of Israel

Whatsupic — The United Nations was founded on the 24th October 1945. The previous 31 years had seen two devastating world wars. When one carefully examines the lead up to WW I, one could be excused for thinking, was all this carnage so necessary? Without going into great detail, several factors led the main European powers to become inextricably entwined through a set of alliances. The more immediate cause for war though were tensions over territory in the Balkans. Still, quite how most of Europe, Russia & Turkey found themselves in this ridiculous situation where finally all that was needed was a spark to ignite WW I, truly beggars belief. One can only surmise as to whether history would have been so very different had the UN been founded some 40 years earlier.

On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was officially created

Small wonder few lessons had been learned when hostilities finally ceased in November 1918. Politicians, bankers & industrialists never have to fight for their country. Of course the history books never mention how the Rothschild banking dynasty scuppered a British and German initiative to end the fighting over two years earlier. Instead the Rothschilds convinced the British they would bring America into the war and with their help the outcome would be far more favorable! In return the British would have to promise Palestine to the Jews. Quite what gave Britain the right to do this is a moot point. Cut a long story short, even though Germany had not conceded one inch of territory, the ‘peace’ deal carved out at Versailles crucified them. Germany was forced to pay a reparations bill which literally left it destitute. Such was the incompetence of those who brokered the peace deal, it was never a question of whether WW II would break out but when! Many Germans felt giving way in such a manner was a disaster. One such man would would harbor this resentment – his name was Adolf Hitler. The rest, as they say, is history!

Therefore when hostilities ceased in 1945, this time there existed a genuine will to forge a lasting peace & so safeguard Europe from further devastation. 51 countries initially were committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights. Ultimately the United Nations chief goal was to prevent another world war. Still, all the goodwill in the world wasn’t going to alter the fact that it would be nigh on impossible that the world’s foremost powers would not seek to exert their influence. To ensure this, permanent members of the UN Security Council were granted the “right to veto.” This meant if any one of the five permanent members – USA, UK, Russia, China & France cast a negative vote in the 15-member Security Council, the resolution or decision would not be approved, even if the other 14 members were in agreement. For many therefore, it seemed the UN was destined to fail. Today it may have expanded to 193 member states. Some contend the UN has ultimately succeeded – almost 70 years on – no WW III. However, let’s not kid ourselves. The integral reason why this is so is because of the awesome power of nuclear weapons. WW III cannot be won! 

Almost from the outset, one region would become a major source of irritation for the UN – the Middle East. Not that it had been before but the British had promised Palestine to the Jews & so in 1948, Israel was created just like that! Initially over half of Palestine was given to the Jews. However, even though an entire nation was so rudely displaced, the Israelis felt the Palestinians should simply be brushed aside as if they had no rights whatsoever! Over the years ever greater tracts of Palestinian land would simply be stolen by Israel & used to build illegal settlements. While all this skulduggery was occurring, the Zionist controlled media had the audacity to portray the Palestinians as terrorists while the Israelis continued to assume the role of the victim. Needless to say the UN tabled countless resolutions, condemning the actions of Israel only for America to apply it’s veto each and every time. 66 UN resolutions in all! For the world it seemed Israel & America were sticking two fingers up to the international community by saying ‘to hell with the UN!’ 

Frankly the UN should have died a death long ago. Instead it continued to masquerade as a worthwhile organisation when it effectively had no teeth. The Zionists had already proved they controlled the White House and Capitol Hill. Exacerbating the situation further was the fact that the obvious short-comings of the UN were never being highlighted by mainstream media because the chief trouble-makers, the Zionists, effectively had complete control of the media too! However, by the turn of the century, the Israelis knew they were losing the war of propaganda. This meant the Zionist plan for greater Israel, which would extend Israel’s borders into Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Egypt, while completely annexing Jordan & Lebanon, was going to be an extremely hard nut to crack. So a plan was hatched – one that would be a catastrophic, catalyzing event & so make America & the world believe Muslims were terrorists & that terrorism was enemy number one! To add insult to injury, those who’d rendered the UN impotent now sought to use and abuse it for all its worth! 

Netanyahu could not contain himself on the day of 9/11. Almost beaming, this evil specimen said ‘this is good for Israel!’ After pounding ten tons of hell out of Afghanistan, attention was switched to Iraq. The Zionist controlled media began spewing out drivel about Weapons of Mass Destruction & Saddam Hussein’s ability to attack certain countries at will within 45 minutes. Though there was no evidence to back up these claims the media continued to bombard the public. The chief protagonists Bush & Blair then played a pathetic trick. Even so many fell for it hook, line & sinker! They sought to legitimize their war-mongering agenda by taking their case to the UN, (as if it made any difference).The Bush administration cleverly utilized their one respected politician – Colin Powell. Basically he was made to deliver the case with the end result two resolutions were passed against Iraq. The fact Israel had 66 UN resolutions tabled against it meant nothing! Iraq had two, both based on fabricated evidence & the country was pulverized. To date there have been 1.5 million innocent Iraqi deaths, over 5 million rendered homeless. To add insult to injury, all of Iraq’s oil is being stolen by two countries – America & Israel……. and make no mistake – they intend to steal every last drop! To date no one has ever apologized to the Iraqi people, least of all the UN!

General Wesley Clark

But even before 9/11, this was all part of a grand convoluted plan – Israel’s enemies had to be destroyed while it was essential America controlled Middle Eastern oil thus preserving the status of the Petro-dollar. General Wesley Clark openly admitted the plan was to take out another 7 countries. Libya was next on the list to be destroyed by the greatest gangsters on the planet. Whether this acted as a catalyst for turmoil to erupt in neighboring Central African Republic & Mali is unclear. This time though, France would enter the fray. Any rebels who were fed up with their countries precious minerals & resources ending up in the hands of French multi-national companies were simply branded terrorists. After 9/11 this would be a recurring theme – the word terrorist would be used at every opportunity by media & politicians alike when it suited them, yet when the boot was on the other foot the West would be supporting the very same terrorists in order to destabilize countries they didn’t see eye to eye with! 

The fighting now rages into its 4th year in Syria. This wasn’t part of the plan. It was thought Assad would fall like Gadaffi but hard as the media tried to convince the public the West was backing freedom fighters who yearned for greater democracy, for the world it seemed the West was actually the chief sponsor of state terrorism. Any talk of ‘bringing democracy’ had long since worn thin. That was Blair’s excuse for ousting Saddam Hussein. No one though ever mentioned how Saddam got the job in the first place. Iraq’s previous leader Qasim had told the West “Iraqi oil is for the Iraqi people!” Well the US & UK did not like that one bit so the CIA sent in two Iraqi assassins, two brothers in fact. They blew their assignment to murder Qasim so the CIA then sent in the ‘big boys’ to do the job which they duly did! They then installed one of the assassin brothers as leader of Iraq – his name, Saddam Hussein! NO ONE EVER MENTIONS THAT……. oh but let’s bring democracy to Iraq!

Small wonder after seeing Colonel Gadaffi capitulate under the might of Western military firepower, ordinary folk in the US & UK started to wake up from their apathetic slumber! Each time we interfered in the affairs of another country, the people of these countries were always left in an infinitely worse situation. Moreover the advent of the Internet had provided the public with an alternative view, one which more often than not, greatly differed from what mainstream media was saying. It became abundantly clear not only was the media lying through its back teeth but of critical importance was what we weren’t being told! For instance while there existed some rumblings of disapproval at President Assad’s rule in Syria, the demonstrations and marches demanding greater transparency & democracy there, were nothing like as dramatic as the ones going on in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar! For years these regimes had brutally oppressed the populace but the media & the UN neglected to highlight this! Why? Because the despotic rulers of these countries were in bed with the West! However, even though Assad’s rule was nowhere near as autocratic as the Saudi kingdom, the Zionist media went to work on him.

Suddenly Syria erupted into turmoil. It was obvious from the outset the rebel terrorists were receiving massive external assistance. Assad’s army may not be an elite fighting unit but they’re nevertheless a considerable force! Yet hard as they tried the rebels managed to stand pretty much toe-to-toe with them! Of course Assad, unlike Gadaffi, was fortunate in that his country had an ally that knew it was next on the list – Iran! Therefore it was in Iran’s best interests to help Syria. Significantly Iran had huge economic ties with both Russia & China. Assad had many friends in high places & he could count on their help. Therefore in order to break this stalemate the West felt it needed to concoct a plan designed to turn public opinion against Assad & so encourage direct military intervention in Syria in order to topple him. They would give the rebels chemical weapons which would be used against civilians. The entire mainstream media would then pin the blame firmly on Assad.

Before I explain what happened one must consider Cui Bono – who gains? Only one country – Israel! In 1967 the Israelis did what they do best – steal land! The Golan Heights was seized & even though the UN insisted this land must be returned to Syria, Israel flat out refused! So much for the UN! Why is it sanctions were not imposed on them? Yet the moment Netanyahu bleats anything about Iran, sanctions are imposed at the drop of a hat even though it’s against the best interests of the countries who impose the sanctions? Large oil & gas deposits were discovered in the Golan Heights, as well as an enormous gas field off Syria’s coast! This is what it’s all about! Money – lots of it! True to form, Israel recently deemed two families would consolidate the drilling rights in the Golan Heights – ROTHSCHILD & MURDOCH! Of course it goes without saying in order to suck the very lifeblood out of Syria, they need to considerably weaken the country by destroying its infrastructure & installing a puppet ruler who’s subservient to them! This is why there are no constructive discussions in regards to Syria! For Israel, Assad has to go! 

So suddenly we were inundated with news – Rothschild – Reuters; Murdoch – Fox & News International that Assad had attacked his own people with Chemical weapons! In two seconds flat I realized this had to be nonsense! It was obvious the Israeli/US/UK/Saudi alliance was waiting for any excuse to steam into Syria with missiles & air-strikes! The thing is, Assad knew this too. Therefore the very last thing he’d ever do is give the West the very excuse it so badly needed! More importantly, if Assad was going to gas anyone, surely the Rebels would have been the target, not innocent civilians! This is so obvious it’s almost laughable, yet the media & politicians turned a blind eye to these glaring inconsistencies, almost as if assuming we’re all complete imbeciles! Instead they simply continued to crank up the war rhetoric! Most annoyingly, consequent UN & Russian investigations virtually proved this was yet another False Flag operation designed to fool the public & that these heinous attacks were actually carried out by the very rebels we’re supporting. So much for terrorism! The media, however, who were so quick to accuse Assad, suddenly miraculously clammed up!

Many times I’ve said ‘if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop’ & true to form, regardless of their media & their paid off politicians being made to look like cheap liars over the false accusations of chemicals attacks, the decision was made to push for direct military intervention in Syria. Obama sent a Naval force into the region. Now Putin had to make a decision. He knew he could not allow Syria to go the same way as Libya, so he sent his fleet to square up with the might of the US Navy! Judging by the media’s reaction you wouldn’t know the world’s two foremost super-powers were staring down the barrel at each other. WW III was now a frightening reality. All it needed was someone on either side to make a mistake and hey presto! And to think all this unbridled danger & uncertainty had arisen due to the lies of criminals who should be in jail & traitors who should be taken & shot? 

Zionist agent Cameron knew he could rely on an unchallenged media platform to spout his bile of the need to go to war against Syria. There would be no public debate. Fortunately the matter went to a vote in the House of Commons & Cameron’s call for war was given an emphatic thumbs down! Very rarely has a Prime Minister been defeated on an issue of such gravity. Members of parliament were in no doubt – the British public were dead against military involvement. Cameron should have resigned. He’d been humiliated but guess what? IT WAS AS IF NOTHING HAD HAPPENED! Not one reporter took Cameron to task! Not one journalist bothered to ask Cameron a question that journalist had always loved to level at politicians – “er excuse me sir. Has your position now become untenable?” Obama knew he was in a similar boat. An independent poll revealed an astonishing 92% of Americans were against military intervention in Syria. Obama had to jump ship sharpish!

The moment the West were unable to do Israel’s dirty work for them, I was certain the kitchen sink would be thrown at Putin, after all he was the one who stood up to the West & Israel over Syria. Look at what’s happened since? Ukraine’s elected leader said no to joining the EU. Who’d want to join for crying out loud? Recent entrants such as Greece & Cyprus have seen their economies collapse & their country’s assets plundered by the criminal good-for-nothing banksters. Obviously Russia doesn’t want NATO on it’s doorstep but the next thing we saw was Neo-Con lunatic John McCain cavorting with Ukrainian protesters! I wonder what outcry would there have been had a senior Russian politician mingled with Ron Paul at one of his election rallies? All hell would have broke loose! The entire mainstream media then launched a hate campaign – Russia apparently discriminated against gays? As if homosexuals never had problems elsewhere! Then, all of a sudden, bombs start going off in Russia! The media dutifully referred to these as terrorist attacks. Of course what they didn’t say was that in all probability they were Mossad terrorists! What followed though was just incredible. 

Protesters started appearing out of nowhere. Mysteriously they were not only heavily armed; they were organized! Even then it was surprising to see how Ukraine’s Police force could not cope with the onslaught. In no time Ukraine’s elected government was unceremoniously turfed out of office; it’s leader Yanukovitch was forced to flee to Russia. Thugs had taken control! In the meantime areas in the East of Ukraine, particularly Crimea, loudly voiced concerns over what was occurring. The West nevertheless threw their weight behind the thugs who’d seized control. The double standards of Western media & politicians proceeded to levels unforeseen – Russia was warned not to interfere in the affairs of another country! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Russia WASN’T INTERFERING! It was obvious the people of Crimea wanted nothing to do with the hooligans in Kiev. The referendum in Crimea showed an astonishing 95% of it’s people wanted to join Russia. How can the West have the effrontery to say this referendum should not be recognized?

A Crimean man makes the victory sign as he celebrates in Simferopol’s Lenin Square on March 16, 2014 after exit polls showed that about 95 percent of voters in Ukraine’s Crimea region supported union with Russia. Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join former political master Russia as tensions soared in the east of the splintered ex-Soviet nation amid the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War. (Photo: DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Instead the media continue to turn a blind eye over Israel’s gross violations of international law. How many of us are aware Israeli war planes have been pounding targets in Syria. How many people are aware Israel is assassinating Iranian scientists? How many people realize the Palestinians are being wiped out? Can you imagine for instance what would happen if Spain started bombing France? What’s the difference? Yet Israel can bomb who it likes! This in itself is a declaration of war yet the Western governments and the UN say nothing! To say the UN has become a laughing stock is an understatement. Recently they had the gall to lend credence to a report by Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran! What about human rights in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain? It is beyond a joke now! However, I believe there is a silver lining in all this for such outrageous behavior can only serve to alert more folk to what’s really going on. 

Israeli Agents Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist Ahmadi Roshan. (Photo by Atta Kenare / AFP / Getty Images)

I simply cannot believe WW III is on the cards. I feel we are being taken near the edge because the Israelis have been so used to having their way. They simply cannot contemplate the idea that they are in the wrong and heaven forbid they should have to back off. This is why the media and politicians they control have been coerced into at best showing their judgement is appalling & at worst making it clear to those with a modicum of intelligence that they are under the Zionist thumb. This utter desperation for me is actually understandable. The Internet has exposed the level of their skulduggery. They cannot turn back now. If they ever lost control of America & the media especially, it would only be a matter of time for Israel to accused of planning & executing 9/11 through the dual national Zionists who control America. In no time Americans would realize just how much of their taxpayer money has ended up in Tel Aviv due to the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve Board & as a result new light would be thrown on the JFK assassination. Finally, take note on how very few people ever want to point the finger at the Zionists. Herein lies the problem.

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