Gary Lineker hounded after retweeting video of Israeli soldiers locking Palestinian children in cage

Well done Gary Lineker for having the balls to say, seeing the IDF cage young Palestinian boys was ‘sickening’. If you read his response to the obligatory hounding any time anyone criticises Israel, well done again Mr. Lineker. Sure. Palestinian kids throw stones. The Israelis & their deluded supporters have an unhealthy knack of justifying their barbaric acts by singling out & moaning about the one thing these young Palestinian boys do, while conveniently suffering Amnesia when it comes to the wholly justifiable reasons behind their actions. 


Let’s get one thing straight – anyone who says this thinking they’re putting forward an adequate argument is a complete & utter blithering idiot. Sure, throwing stones is at the very least an anti-social, criminal act. However, in this case how can one not take into consideration the fact the Israeli ‘Defence’ Force is a foreign army that’s invaded & is occupying Palestinian land? This changes the whole equation! Don’t we all think the same way – all bets are off when someone invades your country?


For instance, let’s now revert back to 1940 when the Nazis invaded & occupied France. Imagine if they were able to impose a total blockade around France so that they could somehow ensure the French resistance had scant few weapons to fight back with. This is precisely the situation the Palestinians find themselves in. Now ask –



Of course we know why the media does all it can to present this ludicrous lop-sided view of this dilemma. Here are a couple of links regarding this story. For years Gary Lineker has presented the BBC’s prestigious MATCH OF THE DAY. Hard as I tried, I was unable to locate anything on the BBC news feed. However, I’d like to bet the Zionists in charge of the BBC will slowly but surely find a way not to renew Gary Lineker’s contract. This is precisely how these bastards operate! Therefore we should do all we can & throw our support behind him.



  • Ron Wright

    I totally agree with you. This policy of genocide has been going on continuously since 1948 while the world stands by thus allowing the zionist monster to maim and kill at will.

  • Neil Unwin

    ILLEGAL Military Occupation, House Demolitions, Settlements, Apartheid, etc. etc, by the Israeli Regime for 50 years.. But children are arrested, detained, & imprisoned for throwing stones at them.. What an evil terrorist entity Israel is.

  • venner

    Well done Gary Lineker !! He should be an example for all the other spineless celebrities and politicians who know damn well what these psychopathic neocon Zionists are doing but are too cowardly to use the position they have in society to say or do anything.
    We all need to give him our support.

  • Franco Abichou

    Gary L is a hero in my opinion unlike many other celebs who all they care is themselves & fame and fortune. Sex drugs & leisure. Respect to Gary and anyone who dares to speak truth to powers. The defenseless Palestinians have suffered longer than any group of people in recent history. We need to stand by the them & Gary liniker

  • The comment by Lineker and more so his subsequent resolute stance when the zionists came after him took me by surprise. He always seemed so middle of the road and I always felt he lived his life as he played soccer…. successfully but never taking undue risks or upsetting the applecart. He’s a smart guy though and I’m pretty sure he knew what he was getting himself in to when he posted that tweet. I hope he stands strong and continues to defend his opinion about the IDF’s caging of children in Palestine. I accept that there isn’t a national military in the world who would do nothing whatsoever when they are being placed in danger of injury by an angry crowd. But in the bigger picture, these are mostly young children who do not carry any weapons capable of taking the life of the defending soldiers. Furthermore, they must totally understand why there is such anger being expressed against them and a heavy handed response culminating with the youngsters being locked into cages is wrong on every level. … Ultimately Michael we both know that the zionists have developed a significant influence over the political process in the UK (and many more Western nations). Thus it seems highly likely that Gary Linekers commendable objection, publicised via his twitter account will impact negatively upon his future relationship with the BBC. Whether his stand on the recent flaring up of emotions on the Gaza Strip was undertaken in full knowledge of the likely backlash he was going to receive, or it was just an impulsive momentary lapse of self control, the zionists backlash will be predictably harsh. He will be subjected to an over the top dressing down from many dissenting voices. He will be accused of anti semitism or at least of empowering anti semites generally… and he will be made an example of in full view of the watching world, in order to demonstrate what happens to those who dare even whisper a critisism of zionism.

    • Thanks for that Tim. What you say is very interesting because almost everyone is of the opinion Gary Lineker is simply a goody-goody team player, rather like Phillip Schofield. I’ll explain why I mentioned the ITV presenter in a minute but though this is perfectly understandable & justified, I’ve never been in any doubt there exists an inner steel. In a tough, physical sport Lineker made it to the top yet not only was he never booked but he was happy to make his feelings known about soccer players always gobbing on the pitch. Now this was the done thing because no one ever complains about it. Just about every player gobs on the pitch so I felt it took balls to say such a thing. The fact too once his mind is made up he doesn’t waver. When the Zionists came out with their usual crap, Lineker merely said ‘look. I’m merely saying it’s not right to cage kids like this. It’s indefensible’ & in doing so, resolutely stuck to his guns, which is precisely what Zionists don’t want. They try like hell to force people to back off. Schofield is of the same ilk. Right out of the blue, on live TV, he took on Prime Minister Cameron, lambasting him for not doing anything about the child molesters in his party. The good thing about this is it’s a no-win situation for the Zionists. If they sack Lineker, it will be obvious why.

  • Neil Unwin

    You`re correct in everything you say Tim.. How the terrorist racist apartheid Israeli regime accuse anyone criticising them of anti semitism, is absolutely pathetic. It continually proves their total lack of any genuine argument to justify their ongoing ILLEGAL CRIMINAL actions- for nearly 70 years so far..

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