Gaza Under Fire……… again

For crying out loud, haven’t these people suffered enough? What worries me more than anything is there’s absolutely no media coverage. At least before, the Israelis would show themselves up by saying daft things like they have to defend themselves or Hamas was using tunnels, Hezbollah were using human sheilds & 1000’s of rockets every day were being fired into Israel. ‘They’re killing our vimin & our children’ even though they have the Iron Dome…….. oh I forgot, ‘they vunt to vipe us off the face of the earth too.’


Thanks to James Noble for this link –


Gaza under fire

Gaza under fire


Now they’re trying out a new tactic, no moaning & complaining. Let’s just bomb them & impose a media blackout. Well the past few days all I’ve seen are sketchy reports here & there so if anyone’s got something decent on this please let me know. I managed to get these pics off new friend Grace C. Moore so thanks for that & what can we say? The poor people of Gaza have got bombs raining down on them as if this is normal working practice. Go on America – give Israel more firepower, so that they can complete this Genocide.



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