George Bush senior was asked ‘what’s a neocon?’ ‘Do you want names or a description?’ ‘Description.’ ‘Well,’ said the former US president, ‘I’ll give it to you in one word: Israel

The fact I’m at a loss understanding author Jonas E. Alexis choice of title – ‘Did Ron Paul kiss Benjamin Netanyahu’s hind end?’ matters none. What he says in his article in ‘Veterans Today’ does. You can be sure this is why Mark Dankof told me it was taken down when he posted it on FB. I have nothing but respect for Mr. Alexis but the reason I’m somewhat miffed with the title is because I feel this is perhaps yet another example of activists putting their worst foot forward. I can’t help but think, why do we keep doing it? So what if Ron Paul endorsed Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. You see, can there conceivably be any doubt we haven’t much to thank Ron Paul for? 


  • Amidst a plethora of Presidential candidates hell bent on further fear-mongering in the pursuit of endless conflicts in far off lands, did he not stand alone & argue the case for bringing all US servicemen & women home?
  • Moreover, he did so knowing the entire US media would literally gang up on him. This they duly did & never let up.
  • Furthermore, did he not stand on the platform & say the very words every American needed to hear – “WE HAVE TO ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD” again, knowing full well this, in all likelihood, was the very reason JFK was assassinated? 
  • Did he not stand for fiscal responsibility?
  • Did he not stand for the US Constitution? 


Yes he bloody well did! Of course there just had to be several activists whose warped minds believed this was not enough & so duly nit-picked their way into conjuring up a banal reason not to vote for Ron Paul. One thing I’m certain of – I will die never having quite understood why so many humans seemingly remain incapable of applying method & the most appropriate reasoning in order to best further our cause. 


Anyway, as I said the title is not that important, though ironically, the one I chose for this piece is taken from the article, as is this segment….


“No serious candidate for the American Presidency, or the Congress, gets past the clearance of the folks whose control of this seamy process was cemented in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Board, and the imposition of a direct Federal income tax on the Empire’s citizens.

The power to create fiat money and to tax is the power to buy elections, legislatures, Chief Executives, political parties, and media moguls. It is also the power to foment assassinations, revolutions, and to launch wars of imperial conquest. Just ask the Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, David Rockefeller, or Ben Bernanke. These heavyweights have replaced the Old Republic with Empire. The results are self-evident, and clinically Satanic.”


Did Ron Paul kiss Benjamin Netanyahu’s hind end?


  • Aunte Semite

    Who cares what bush sr. says now, while he was president, he twisted the arms of many world leaders to get them to change the UN Resolution that zionism is racism. The only good thing that zionist POS can do for humanity now, is die, and hopefully it’ll come as a Christmas present for all the Christian Palestinians that amerikkka just screwed over for their satanic jew masters. God willing, kissinger and elizabeth of england will make it a hat-trick this month. Their lord, the devil awaits.

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