George Carlin “The American Dream” Best 3 Minutes of His Career

THIS IS MY FAVORITE GEORGE CARLIN VIDEO – EVERY SINGLE THING HE SAYS HAS COME TRUE. LOOK HOW THEY’VE STOLEN OUR PENSIONS. LOOK HOW THEY’RE NOW BATTERING THE WELFARE STATE WHILE THE SUPER-WEALTHY ARE LINING THEIR POCKETS LIKE NEVER BEFORE. And you better believe this – the greed alone is a crime against humanity. Almost all billionaires have accumulated their wealth through ill-gotten gains. Yet the richer they get, the more they want!


Great GC!


But it doesn’t stop here. Now they want to make sure no one can ever take the money they’ve stolen away from them. It doesn’t matter how many people die; they are already above the law. However, we remain a risk. This is why scum like Cameron want to take away our fundamental rights. They want to eliminate any possible threat. In 1986 I told mu Uncle in Switzerland these very words –

it seems we’re going back to the days of Julius Caesar.   

Thanks to Ed Woods for reminding me of this great clip –



GC pub!


Incidentally, the video following this is a fantastic tribute to the great George Carlin’s career. If you have the time this is well worth watching. His inimitable style is simply a wow –

“The Best Of George Carlin Exposing The American Government”



The great GC!


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