George Michael RIP: Now you know why the media told you what they did

This time last year I posted a piece “GEORGE MICHAEL RIP: NOW YOU KNOW WHY THE MEDIA TOLD YOU WHAT THEY DID.” The response was phenomenal. My website was in the process of notching up hits the likes of which I’ve never witnessed. On FB it was much the same. I’ve never seen my post reach erupt as it did & as a result receive so many Likes & Shares. Within an hour the post on my GMMuk page had 1500 Likes & 1000 Shares while on my wall it had over 1000 Likes & 700+ Shares. That day my GMM page received over 300 Likes.
Then the evil Zionists moved in. The George Michael post on my GMM page & Timeline just disappeared, like a rat out of an aqueduct! So I re-posted it only to find the original post reach totally & utterly sabotaged. Then my website went down & when I say went down – I couldn’t even sign in! Two ladies worked tirelessly on the problem. One ran another 140 alternative media websites; the other was an expert trouble-shooter. They knew what was going on but they both said they’d never seen anything like this. My website was down for 36 hours. The lady who ran the servers told me the George Michael post notched up over 2 million hits in the first few hours! She now has been forced to give up all the work she previously did for alternative media. I wonder if the ‘you know whos’ were behind that!
It’s just over 6 years now writing on FB. However, as far back as 2012 I felt dirty tricks a la Abe Foxman’s mafiosi ADL were well & truly underway. I remember complaining about how my figures had effectively hit a brick wall. This naturally did not go down too well with many people who would love to have had over 100 Likes & 100 Shares for every post after a mere 6 months. Some ‘expert’ on algorithms tried to assure me I was wrong. Apparently they wouldn’t be worrying about little ol’ me! Yeah, right!
Well this is not the way Zionists operate. Whenever they see a problem, they react. You see, not only are Truthers sabotaged with their post reach, financially we are strangled merely for trying to reveal the truth about Israel & their mafiosi Zionist scavengers. On the flip side, because these gangsters have defrauded so much money mainly through their rip-off ‘banking industry’, they now possess untold resources to get any goody-goody pencil-pusher to bullshit us with ‘Israel has the right to defend itself!’ It goes without saying they never say ‘EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD HAVE THAT RIGHT TOO! And of course there’s the obligatory ‘you’re anti-Semitic’ for the purpose of stopping the messenger in his tracks so that the wholly justifiable message he or she has is ignored.
Moreover, they do all this with a level of Chutzpah that’s off the Richter scale for when it comes to censoring or even prosecuting deluded Zionists who proudly openly declare they should ‘kill all Arabs. Palestinians are dogs who deserve to die. Death to all Muslims’, NOTHING IS EVER DONE TO STOP THESE ULTIMATE RACISTS & HATEMONGERS. All over FB there are Zionist websites spouting the most vile hatred imaginable yet there is literally zero censorship for these bastards! I thought I’d include this article “Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments” by the brilliant Glenn Greenwald. It really is worth a read for it shows clearly how it’s one-way traffic for the Zionists! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE x
I was not going to post anything today but my friend Jamie Rous sent me a link about George Michael. I was never a fan. Nevertheless I was shocked to hear he’d died at 53. This link, however, focused on what we weren’t told about him & it sure knocked me bandy. I’ve always been a free-thinker. I felt religion was baloney at 10. I risked expulsion from school at 14 when I was the only pupil who refused to go to morning prayer. Around this time I was also convinced what I was hearing about Israel in the media didn’t add up. Yet I’ll admit – I had absolutely no idea about this.
Even though I was mystified as to why in the last 25 years or so George Michael didn’t rake it in when seemingly all he had to do was walk into a recording studio, should I have known better? I merely assumed he’d either made his whack & couldn’t be bothered or he’d lost his touch. Since my foray into social media & the Internet began in 2011, long after the censorship & vilification of the singer/songwriter, how was I supposed to know? So, what this clearly indicates once again is the enormous power of the media. Not only can they suppress the truth but they then character assassinate anyone brave enough to speak out.
It sickens me no end: I realise now all these lewd stories about George Michael may well have been total fabrications by the Zionist media. It really is a case of ‘don’t mess with us. We’re bastards & we will screw you’ & this most definitely applies to stars & celebrities. I mean they deliberately lied about Iraq, Libya & a host of countries. Millions have died as a result. No sorry; no nothing & THEY STILL LIE THEIR ARSES OFF! Therefore, one has no option but to conclude they’ve no scruples whatsoever. Worse still, while they’ve the audacity to brand those who dare to speak out sexual deviants, they pull out all the stops to protect the real pedophiles & perverts! The entire mass-media is placed on clam up alert so the public remains largely unaware our corridors of power are riddled with child molesters, while behind closed doors sufficient pressure is applied on the Police to drop, what are, open & shut cases of child molestation.
Case in point: How many people know about Tony Blair’s prosecution in 1983 in Lewes Crown Court where he was convicted of performing an improper sexual act in a men’s public toilet? He was fined £500 but for some reason allowed to commit perjury by only giving his middle names in court – Charles Lynton. To this very day the media have kept this astonishing piece of news out of the headlines. It goes without saying – had the truth been known, Blair’s political career would have hit a brick wall. Instead he went on to become war-monger extraordinaire & the perfect Zionist puppet by dutifully perpetuating media falsehoods in order to go to war. Now read this piece by Asghar Bukhari & Nina Saddique & tell me you don’t feel somewhat perturbed.


“Not many people know this but, George Michael was Pro-Palestinian & against the Iraq War.
BBC banned the single he sang for Gaza & the powers that be absolutely assassinated his character/reputation & his credibility. When addressing Blair’s decision to go to war he said…. 
One of the central issues is being lessened in the British media and the American media, which is the importance of sorting out the problems in Palestine…..
…..and the worldwide perspective is that America is about to attack Saddam Hussein for oil and (Israeli Premier Ariel) Sharon is left to get on with his own business in Israel and that those two things show an absolute double standard…..”
George Michael RIP – researched and written by Nina Saddique
‘Now you have probably never heard of this, and that is how the pro Israel media works. All they ever told you about George Michael after his comments were designed to destroy his public image. They turned him into an out-of-control freak show. Sex and drugs – that’s all the headlines were about.
Buried was the story they didn’t want people talking about. He was so against the neoconservative Iraq war he dedicated his album to it. As a result SONY refused to publicise it. A clue as to why was found in WikiLeaks when an alleged hack by a North Korean showed that powerful Jewish Zionist executives at the top of Sony Entertainment were fuming that certain artists had shown their support for the Palestinians and were discussing how to stop it.
The split between him and Sony over this ended his career as he promised never to sing for them again. Their refusal to terminate his contract meant he lost hundreds of millions of pounds in lost album sales – which suited them fine. They had destroyed another pro-Palestinian voice.
He continued to speak out after this which was the last straw for the establishment who vilified him. He was blacklisted by the music industry in the USA according to an interview he gave years later and had to flee America due to threats of violence against him due to his opposition to the neocon war and the Media hate campaign. He lapsed into drink and depression and would never be the same again.’


I’d just like to add this cannot be mere coincidence. The list is simply too long. There is a finite number of people in the public eye. Only a small percentage have the balls to speak out against war, yet an inordinate number of these well known figures end up suffering premature deaths. How can it possibly be? The late great George Carlin touched on this…..
There are many, many more – JFK & his brother Robert, John Lennon, Ghandi, Aaron Russo, Martin Luther King, Bill Hicks, Jimi Hendrix, a host of journalists – I could go on forever adding to the list of famous people opposed to war, dying in mysterious circumstances. For now I’ll simply mention John Smith – the Labour Leader who was all set to become Prime Minister & so crucially would never have colluded with GW Bush & the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith in order to attack Iraq. His untimely ‘death’, when he was full of beans, opened the way for Blair to become Labour leader & thus pursue a course of action Smith would never have even contemplated. Add the sudden deaths of Robin Cook, Blair’s Foreign Secretary, who due to his opposition to the Iraq war had resigned & the out-&-out murder of Dr Kelly, UK’s chief weapons inspector to Iraq, who’d flat out stated Blair & the media was lying about Saddam’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, what the hell are we supposed to think?



Now ask yourself – how many war-mongering, mass-murdering vermin die prematurely? I can’t think of one! What I do know is some of the greatest scumbags in history like Dick Cheney & David Rockefeller receive the kind of medical treatment most ordinary folk have little or no idea even exists! I’ll say it one more time – we really do live in a sick world.



RIP George. I’m sorry. At least I realise now you were a man who stood up for what was right.




  • Warren Marris

    Most interesting, and you are right that Main Stream Media tended to avoid Blair’s conviction… And I do stress avoid!

    Not everyone in Main Stream Media was for the war in Iraq… So this did actually come out – but most people would have missed it as it was a mere footnote…

    Frankly, I trust no media – Not even the so called Free Media that is the Internet… As a writer and Activist, I dare to say that you understand my viewpoint.

    You will know the value of research… Sadly, this is lost on most of the populace. – There is a mindset that ‘If it appears on the internet, then it must be true as thats not controlled by the MSM’ – Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Humans have a flaw… If we get our minds to a view, we will seek to support that view. A great example is the Maddie McCann saga – Yes, I know – I am sick of it as well…

    Pro-McCann supporters will constantly share blogs and videos that support their view and denounce anything that says other than what they believe… But Likewise, those Anti-McCann supporters do the very same…

    Neither ever actually does any research into what maybe valid arguments placed by the other… They maintain their point of view regardless of any information that might suggest they are wrong!

    Hence, I trust NOTHING! But your article has gave me enough information to do what should be done… RESEARCH!

    I thank you for a well written article – But let us not be under any illusion… There is no such thing as free media!

    • If there is that mindset regarding the Internet I DON’T SHARE THAT VIEW! I know there are liars everywhere. However, the MSM not only lies but they accuse others of doing precisely what they are doing! I in fact agree with everything you said Warren.

    • Russell

      Your last sentence was key and is always at the forefront of my mind when reading anything news related on the internet…nothing in life is free, everything has a price.

      I try to read as much information as possible, from all sides, trying hard not to get caught up in entrenched confirmation bias. I then use my gut instinct and common sense to decipher the truth.

      I found both the above article on George Michael and your response Warren, to be believed.

      We will never be a truly free society, until we rid ourselves of the vile, murderous and corrupt elite, those at the ‘very’ top.

      The biggest challenge, if ever we achieve that goal, is managing its replacement.

    • pete

      the media DID cover up blairs crimes and it is a fact he used his middle names in said court case to hide his real identity

      • CoS

        It’s shocking, but totally believable. That’s why I am all for putting in place a NEW system of government. I am against both Tory and Labour, as well as LibDems and Greens, SNP etc., because they’re all the same. We need something different! Something honest and straightforward.

        • What we need to do CoS is rid Westminster of outside, notably Zionist influence. We have to have a system where money doesn’t talk. Only then can our politicians be accountable to us. However, unless there’s a revolution the best option we have is voting for Jeremy Corbyn. I’ll say it again – whoever the media criticises WE SHOULD SUPPORT!

        • B F Harris

          This is exactly what we need. We need to avoid what we have been doing for decades, just voting for the party we have always voted for, or our parents voted for, without pausing to think.
          These current members of Parliament are just there to feather their own nests and repeatedly, cases of unlawful claims for expenses seem to go unpunished. There is undoubtedly a ‘cover-up’ policy that automatically comes in to protect members from prosecution.

      • Absolutely Pete – this is 100%.

      • Robbie Dominic

        Can you prove this? If it happened, there will be a record of it . But no doubt you will come back with, ” of course there are no records, the men in the shadows deleted everything, and murdered anyone who knew about it “……absolute garbage pedalled by idiots with no life, but sitting in their parents back bedroom in front of of a filthy PC screen , covered in Doritos crumbs and semen stains…..GET A LIFE, FOR GODS SAKE.

      • Hammy

        Heard a rumour that Cliffie got caught in the same way with a person of influence in a toilet in Clapham, just before HIS career took off,

      • Cazatron

        Do we have any evidence, to prove this, that can be shared,and that is really solid, so that it cannot be argued against?

        • Cazatron

          My question about proof was supposed to be about Blair, but I think it applies to the Cliff comment, too….

          • No I think you’re better off believing everything the Pedophile protecting media says! They lie all the time yet you grill me as if I have to stand to attention to you! How many more sworn affidavits have to be signed by the victims? How many more police investigations have to have the rug pulled from under them? How many more whitewashes do we have to have for a proper inquiry that doesn’t exonerate child molesters? Do your own bloody research arsehole!

    • Ben

      good article but not all Pro-Isreal people are deviants and not all Pro-Palestine people are correct
      thought I agree that those who dare to speak out ARE labeled sexual deviants! It is the silver bullet putting innocent men in prison.
      Then they protect the real pedophiles & perverts! Our corridors of power ARE riddled with child molesters, open & shut cases of child molestation. IT is sick – thanks for article

    • Michael S

      As our emotional beings become more dominated by fear the structure of our thought patterns become based more on belief than on reason or logic. Belief is more definitive and alows us to live in the illusion of surety. Kind of how I imagine religions were invented.

    • Buddy



    • J.Goodie

      There is no such this as an election I believe,, it more a S-election and we aren’t part of it!,

  • Claudia Avila

    Something doesn’t add up for me. George Michael had already split from Sony before the Iraq war in 1995. Shoot the dog was released through Polydore in 2002, a british label. He then re-signed with a UK arm company of Sony and released the album 2004. So Sony did in fact release his album. I do understand however that George had to flee the U.S. due to the repercussions of his video…

  • Kyle brosnick

    What doare a Amy of this have to do with GM? You have presented no evidence regarding him but your other evidence is good so props on that.

  • Who knows what part these people played in his death it seems mysterious that so many anti establishment musicians dying prematurely. Like Prince,Michael Jackson and the list goes on. 🙁

  • Mark O'Connor

    What total shit

    • Obviously you can’t read. What’s shit about it? Hardly anybody knew that Michael was a supporter of the Palestinians & anti-Iraq war. Moreover, he gave fortunes to REAL charities & the Zionist media made out he was some sort of weirdo! This is what they always do – character assassinate whenever anyone goes against Israel, while the media protects the real child molesters. THIS IS FACT!

      • john turnbull

        if its all in caps it must be true ?sad

      • John Christopher

        If you say, “Zionist Media” again, promise the WORLD 1 thing: DO NOT CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN.

        YOU CAN DO ME A SPECIAL FAVOR: Cut your dick off & put it in your propaganda believing ear! “Palestinians” are TERRORISTS ~ they are not being punished for murdering Christian & Jewish children ~ they are REWARDED.

        G-D BLESS DONALD TRUMP & may Kerry, Obama ~ and George Michael ~ sodomize in eternity!

        • jones

          John Christopher and the brainwasher masses will put us all in an early grave

        • How dare you assume I’m a Christian you blithering idiot! I despise religion – every single one, most of all yours! As for you, you wretched little specimen – ZIONIST MEDIA. ZIONIST MEDIA. ZIONIST MEDIA. ZIONIST MEDIA. ZIONIST MEDIA. ZIONIST MEDIA. ZIONIST MEDIA. ZIONIST MEDIA. How do you like that arsehole? Stick that in your pipe!
          And finally anyone who’s daft enough to believe Palestinians are terrorists when their land is occupied by the most evil people on the planet puts you in the group of those who possess the brains of a rocking horse!

        • Cazatron

          Oh dear me! I am a Trump supporter (even though I’m British, so didn’t actually vote for him, but I agree with the majority of what he does – (note the MAJORITY) – early days though!)

          BUT I ALSO agree with the thoughts on here. That there are cover-ups and corruption all round, child molestation, etc. I think that the majority of people commenting on here, particularly the likes of Micheal Aydinian, are commenting calmly, because they are researching their facts dispassionately, not reacting with emotion. There is NO place on this site for emotional screaming of abuse of the commentators. Just state your views, without swearing at people. Just say, I disagree, and this is the reason why, and tell us!

    • David Wallace

      Agreed. What a joke this article is. Bill Hicks died in suspicious circumstances? He had pancreatic cancer! Aaron Russo died in suspicious circumstances? He had bladder cancer! Maybe cancer is part of the conspiracy too?
      John Smith had already suffered one heart attack.
      The quote attributed to Robin Cook was actually said by Pierre Henri Bunel but that wouldn’t suit your narrative would it Michael?
      The stuff about George Michael is laughable. He re-signed with Sony in 2003. They released his greatest hits in 2006. Your source Nina Saddique claims that the BBC banned a single about Palestine. It’s not true – her source is News Biscuit which is a joke website. The single was apparently called Palestine – Look It’s Actually Really Complicated. But News Biscuit made it up for a laugh.
      You talk about the mainstream media lying but all I see in this story is misinformation.

  • Kevin Doughty

    R.I.P George Michael.. Whatever your thoughts are about the guy in my eyes he was a tortured soul but here’s a quick story about him and the kind of man he was:

    When I was on the streets in London one night in the week between Xmas and New Year I was sat on 3 sheets of cardboard in our skipper (street jargon for a specific doorway that you claimed as yours and every other homeless guy in the area knew unofficially not to sleep there..) Ours was the steps of the Alberry Theatre on Charing Cross Road, directly opposite Leicester Square. Off Licence 30m to our left, plenty of foot traffic for begging.. Mark, a Scottish guy I’d palled up with was sat on my left gouching and dribbling as he’d just pinned his heroin down Leicester Square toilets, I noticed a black Range Rover with blacked out windows drive by, nothing unusual in that.. the 4th time it drove by out got a guy who came up to me holding a huge bag of McDonalds, 2 coffee’s in one of those cardboard holders and a £20.00 pound note stuck down the side.. he had a scarf covering his face, but I looked into his eyes, they are the doorway to a persons soul and they seemed familiar.. Mark was still sparko so I thanked the gentleman and looked into his eyes again.. I recognised them and said to him “Are you George Michael.?” He lowered the scarf, gave me a smile, put his hand on my shoulder and said gently “Stay safe”.. it was indeed who I thought it was. He raised his scarf again and got back into the Range Rover..

    Seems weird hearing the news, roles reversed he is now in a mortuary and I’ve been dry over 10 years.. You never know what’s round the corner.. Sleep well my scarfed friend of 10 minutes. 😢😢

    • That’s a terrific story Kevin & I believe every word of it. Since I posted this I received much information & it all goes one way – George Michael had a wonderfully generous soul. The very best of luck to you sir.

    • Damein

      George always

    • What a secret angel.. may he rest in peace knowing that there are those who understand the torment he must have endured.. x
      I never believe what is written in the papers.!! Don’t read … Or even TV .. don’t have TV licence.. all crap.!! Lol..
      I maybe ignorant of all going on around me maybe that is a good thing..
      I have never been one for brain washing my eyes were opened long time ago by the gulf war.!! Having partner serving and being told don’t watch the news or read papers as what is said and written is not what is going on over there.. I have kept that in mind for all that is sadi.. in a past message about the Maddie suituation think we all know in our hearts what happeneded there.. also the same with all the sex reports of things happening in the BBC.. Jill Dando was killed I think because she was going to open up a can of worms.!!! But alas we can’t ask.. think twice before judging there is always another side to the story.!!!

      • Kevin Doughty

        Hi Janet,
        I’m actually Ex-military and served in the Gulf War as a Combat Medic. I had all of the unlicensed and untested vaccines and took the NAPS Tablets (Nerve Agent Pre-Treatment Set) which was actually manufactured by a company that Sir Nicholas Soames (Winston Churchills Grandson) was a Director.. I recently Co-Project Managed the building of a new Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum for the 47 Fallen heroes we lost.. We raised £75k in 4 years, and after I wrote to George Osbourn we were repeatedly refused funding from the MOD, even though they paid for the Iraq & Afghanistan Memorials.. I have since been diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome and Chronic Complex PTSD after also serving in Bosnia and 2 tours of Northern Ireland..

        • TC

          My Husband is in pretty much the same position….Served exactly the same as you (in the same places- Royal Signals)….now has multiple cancers and other issues. One consultant originally diagnosed GWS and took the ‘yellow book’ and then the topic was never mentioned again….
          30 lb ‘unexplainable mass’ growing in his abdomen, testicular cancer (twice; chemo refused), bowel disease and parts of liver, spleen and stomach removed.

          No one believes us that all these health issues are down to the unlicensed and untested vaccines and the NAPS.

          • Oh my word TC. Hearing these stories time & again, how the government & media have covered all this up makes one sad & angry. What makes it worse is when I try to tell this to real-life friends they think I’m mad & that I’m exaggerating. We really do have the most evil people calling the shots. I just don’t know what to say. I really do feel for you & your family.

        • It’s an absolute outrage how those who questioned the Iraq war were branded unpatriotic & unsupportive of our armed forces yet our veterans are treated atrociously. We really do live in a sick world Kevin. You more than most know this only too well.

      • Thank you for your comment Janet & yes. Jill Dando was going to spill the beans about the BBC being a haven for the Pedophiles. Her big mistake was telling Cliff Richard she was going to, as you say, open up a can of worms.

      • Cazatron

        Hi Janet,
        Yes, I certainly believe you’re correct about Jill Dando. There’s a whole other world out there, that a lot of people just don’t know the first thing about, including me, mainly. But I’m sure learning! So, Micheal, she told Cliff Richard she was going to do that? So…..?!
        Janet, it’s awful that your partner is going through so much….. and what you said, as well, TC. I can’t even get my head round that! It’s like these ‘people’ don’t give a damn about fellow human beings… ! Their agenda is more important…!

    • Theresa HK

      What a story, Kevin! Thank you for sharing. I am glad to hear you are doing much better. I hope writing is part of what you do — as you definitely have a gift.

      • Kevin Doughty

        Thank you Theresa,
        I’m actually a High Court Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) but I have been told by numerous people that my story of soldier to homeless alcoholic and turning things round to being sober for 10 years and building the new Gulf War Memorial should be put to paper, but there are too many Andy McNab/Chris Ryan books on the market as it is.. My PTSD is under control at the moment along with my other illnesses that are Gulf War Syndrome apart from spinal surgery that I’m due to have in March.. Do I want to open Pandoras Box and let my demons come back to haunt me again.? I left the Army years ago, but I take its impact to bed with me every night..

        • Micheal

          For Kevin, hey Kevin, there will be a point in the future where I will be setting up a blog for all the stories from Northern Ireland and for everyone involved. I would like to hear from you when I get closer to publishing the site and can you contact me if you are interested in writing about your experiences about N.I.? In the meantime I wish you all the best. x

          • Kevin Doughty

            Yeah no problem Michael.. The MoD have left myself and hundreds of other Veterans to rot once our time is up.. With HIAT and Paras being arrested for incidents 40 years ago I’ve got nothing to lose.. The only reason Sgt Al Blackman RM is in prison is because some tit recorded the incident.. What happens on tour stays on tour.. We seem to be the only country still obeying or recognising the Geneva Convention.?? WTF.?

        • Sharon

          Kevin – well done for turning your life around – just amazing.

          Such a wonderful story and just goes to show that angels don’t only exist in heaven. There are some truly remarkable human beings who help not for publicity but for humanity. May he rest in peace. A true angel that will live on in the hearts of those he touched forever….

          Wishing you a happy new year

    • karen

      some great replys on here, the media, government all the high up officials not one bit of truth in any of them, the papers never print truths they cover all corruption up i dont trust many people i can probably count on 1 hand who i genuinely trust,hate the do gooders who believe all the brain washed crap we hear hopefully are generations to come will all be taught about the corruption and maybe in time these lying vulgar people will all be brought down by the people who in time hopefully make a stand against these corrupt war mongering dirty scumbags, it wont happen in my lifetime but more n more people are wising up to it now its the younger generation who need teaching about these officials eventually people will not be brainwashed and will make a stand why these people want all this hate and badness is beyond me but it shows how many corrupt people there is that walk among us.

    • mary

      loveley story..congratulations with your sobriety.
      rip George 🙁 gone so soon..thanks for your music in our youth and present, your generosity, your kindness!

    • Soula Carmichael

      Thank you, Kevin. That is my favourite of all the George Michael stories I have read. Beautifully described too. I’m glad you’re doing well now x

      • Here here to that Soula – thanks

      • Kevin Doughty

        Thank you Soula,
        I lost a young officer I was treating on New Years Eve in the Gulf so this time of year has plenty of triggers for my PTSD but I met his parents at the unveiling of our recently built Memorial at the Arboretum, apologies were given by myself for not saving their sons life, they were obviously quite emotional but thanked me for comforting Edward in his final moments.. And we wonder why so many ex-military end up on the streets as I did or making the ultimate sacrifice and taking their own lives.. I’ve been close a few times..
        Kevin.. X

        • Kevin – I know in no way can it ease the pain but your experiences, horrific as they are, are shockingly commonplace, most especially among US soldiers. In America the media never says a word that every single day on average 22 veterans commit suicide! 22 EVERY DAY! If only the public was informed but since the entire mainstream media is literally owned by the war-mongers, the truth remains strictly off limits. It’s common knowledge the US lost around 56,000 servicemen in Vietnam. Of course the media never mentions the 4 million Vietnamese that were killed but only recently did I discover that well in excess of 100,000 Vietnam veterans returned home only to take their own lives. Sadly most people have no idea of what life is like in a real war zone & when atrocities are committed on a daily basis it is inevitable those with a conscience consequently suffer terrible mental anguish. Not to mention the horrendous harmful elements soldiers are being exposed to. The stories I’ve read about the illegal use of depleted Uranium is the stuff of nightmares. As well as the fact most people haven’t a clue as to what actually occurs in war, what’s so sickening is anyone who questions our involvement in these far-off conflicts, notably the legality, one rapidly finds oneself accused of not being a patriot & being opposed to our armed forces. The harsh reality is those we fight for don’t give a damn about our soldiers! We are the ones who care most.

          • Kevin Doughty

            Michael the figure of 22 US suicides a day was taken from a 2003 study, the figure is nearer to 35 a day now. Australia has now lost more Veterans to suicide than actual fatalities in their 13 years as our allies, fatalities was 49, suicides of Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans is currently 55. Same with the Falklands, 255 fatalities, 283 suicides.
            We were going into vehicles that had been hit by Depleted Uranium rounds on the Highway of Death (Basra Road) in the Gulf and body parts would snap off like charcoal, we would then breathe that dust in..! Only the dead have really seen the end of the war.. We had British Forces serving in Vietnam too, a friend of mines dad lost his left leg in a snare trap.. Oh to be a keyboard warrior sat behind a desk in High Wycombe..

          • My God. Thanks for the info Kevin but it’s truly unbelievable how all this is being withheld from the public. I will say one thing – I don’t like this saying keyboard warrior. The word I don’t like is warrior. I’ve always deplored violence & I much admired Muhammad Ali’s stance in refusing to fight in Vietnam. The only time I’d fight in a war is if my country was attacked. This should be the ONLY time people fight. The last thing I’d ever do is fight in a war for Zionist bankers & billionaires. One thing I will say is I’m quite successful in raising awareness regarding many injustices. The pen IS mightier than the sword.

        • Cazatron

          HI Kevin,
          I’e been to the National Memorial Arboretum a few times, and it’s a nice place to visit (not QUITE the right phrase, but I’m searching for the right one – apologies). I think it’s high time that I paid another visit, and will look for your memorial. Is it just called the Gulf War Memorial, not anything else? (Just so that I KNOW it’s right one that I’m looking at) ,,,
          cheers ..

          • Kevin Doughty

            Hi Cazatron,
            Yes the Gulf War Memorial is well sign-posted and pretty hard to miss actually.. we’ve only just been able to have the letters (SAS) engraved under the 4 guys from the Regiment that perished after a prolonged argument with DSF’s Office at the MoD and the SAS Association.. they are one of only 2 Units not to make a donation too, although the mother & wife of one of the 4 donated £1,000 out of their own pockets..

    • Caroline messenbird

      Lovely story . So pleased you have turned your life around ! George was a special person the world is a poorer place without him you will always have that special memory of him who showed compassion to his fellow human beings god bless him and you xx

    • raanu

      this tender story brought tears in my eyes. Since his death, I have been feeling unusual. I knew he was kind, benevolent soul. now with his death impecunious demos have become orphan. After reading this heart touching story it feels like this time GOD has made a mistake. This world needs more merciful people like George , will always miss him.

  • Very interesting. Listen to how the most listened to BBC radio station reported on his death. Just listen to the contrast between what the news reader said and what the people who knew him said.

    • EXACTLY! The next morning, after I received the post which informed me there was more to this than met the eye, listening to the BBC’s take where they continued to peddle all the falsehoods about GM while all the people who knew him said he was a wonderful, generous human being, well & truly made the penny drop. The Zionists may not have killed him but they destroyed him! Of course, the BBC & all the other scum MSM never mentioned the Palestinians or the fact he was a very charitable man. They wanted people to remember him as a sexual deviant!

  • Judy Crook

    Please leave him alone. Let him rest in peace.
    He made great music and sold millions . That was his job I saw him so many times in concert too many to mention, loved him – loved his voice . His words reasonated with me
    Everyone is entitled to a private life and their own thoughts.
    My concern is he died alone on Christmas Day . That saddens me so much.
    Please remember he has family and loved ones who have lost a very important part of their life.
    Please be respectful and keep negative thoughts to yourself

    • And don’t you think his family would appreciate people knowing he wasn’t the sexual deviant the media painted him as. The media never mentioned his incredible generosity. And you have the gall to insinuate I’m not being respectful? My word – some people!

      • Cheryl

        He wasn’t painted as a sexual deviant. I’m not sure where this is coming from. One incident was all. Why are you calling him that?

  • Sonia McDonnell

    I don’t do fan-grief, but I’m so sad George has died. He admits he found fame to cope with, which it not uncommon. He touched the lives of so many people with his music. So let’s remember and celebrate a truely talented and gifted artist and philanthropist. I hope he’s found the inner peace in death he badly craved when he was alive. The fact he died on Christmas Day is neither here nor there. It’s a sad loss for those he loved and loved him.

  • Dave

    I’m so glad that there are open minded people and forums for discussion like this. There is a belief that Dianna Spencer was planning to go to Palestine to highlight conditions there – and look what happened. The media and public loved her but it didn’t matter.
    I didn’t know that about Anthony Charles Lynton Blair but it explains his actions in committing us to an immoral and illegal war.

    • Yes indeed Dave – I’m glad you mentioned Diana & her aim to help the Palestinians because in this case , not only are unarmed aid workers murdered in cold blood but even famous people who support the Palestinians are seriously targeted.

      • Kevin Doughty

        I think we will hear a lot about Diana when the Duke of Edinburgh pops off.. He calls a lot of the shots, so to speak, and don’t rule out UKSF involvement too as a recently incarcerated former SAS Sgt who was jailed for having a firearm in his kit as a gift will testify I think you’ll find.. Unless of course he disappears too. I’m surprised Trevor Rees Jones is still with us tbh..

  • Souzanna

    At the end of the day, how he choice to live his life is not anyone’s business. This man had a gift of tuning into the deepest part of himself and he shared his soul with the world through his music. This is why so many fans, myself included have been loyal to him for so long. He wrote words and shared what we all have felt at one point or another in our lives. This is what connected us to him and this is what will stay with so many of us who have been loyal followers of his. He wrote many songs that were so relevant and even now ring true. Listen to the words and feel the essence he leaves behind in his music. All else doesn’t matter. He will be missed….

  • Surely it matters Souzanna for what you say is true. It is the Zionist media that made his life a misery by making out he was a pervert. You should direct any anger at the media, not people like us who want to celebrate all the good things he did.

    • Souzanna

      Please do not mistake my comment above as having any anger as I have none towards anyone in this case. I am sad that his light is gone from the physical world and I just find it sad that people focus on all of the details. I do not listen to the media in general as I stopped believing they were telling the truth sometime ago. Anything I ever read about him I really discarded, because I focused on what I knew his heart was about and that shone through his music. I am grateful for this post x.

  • LJ

    Inaccuracies throughout
    His split from Sony didn’t end his career
    His 3rd solo lp Older released on Vigin/Geffen went platinum

  • Dawn Bailey

    I don’t want to read about George Michaels PRIVATE life !!! All I know is George bought brilliant music and so much enjoyment to millions of People me included !! Thank you for your music George , may you rest in Peace always !! Xx

    • Nor do I want to know about anyone’s private life for that matter Dawn. I was never even a George Michael fan. It was never my aim to write about him. Everyone’s wrath should be firmly directed at the media who I now believe told nothing but lies destroying this great man’s reputation.

  • Ernest

    Where’s a link to that album and that song please?

  • Truthersceptic

    Am reposting this from Yt video comment –
    Some valid points but article’s exaggerations on Zionist media fabricating EVRYTNG is why ppl dismiss truth movement. They use ppl’s weaknesses as ammo to distract. In GM’s case he wasn’t overtly political until AFTER the LAPD thing – that was case of pure public ignorance – tabloids being tabloids & gay male anger about “coming out”. He was baited & he took bait, this he admitted himself. He was not a ‘pervert’ (nor was he portrayed as much in MSM) – he had a sex addiction. His troubles are complicated. The way he handled media & PR after was a mistake.
    He was fairly quiet about his war views & Palestine so there was hardly a thorn to globalist agenda esp in later years (he was ill). IDK if he mentioned anything about Obama admin’s warmongering either,
    Funny the Muslims/Arabs who wrote the piece quoted forgot to mention a Muslim/Arab Fadi Fawaz likely being responsible for his death, instead blaming it on Zionist assassination. Media was crude to GM but to say they fabricated his sex & drugs life is ludicrous & belittling to his tragic life,
    George himself confirmed this & it was well documented via several incidents where George put himself in danger. The man had personal demons & had no one to truly help, love & support him. Past couple of years he’d been trying to get better. I won’t deny he was disliked early on by Sony & the elite. But later he became supporter for MTV pop zombie crowd (Gaga Beyonce etc) so maybe they backed off of him IDK. He was rarely talked about in US MSM except in gay press.
    BTW it’s an insult to anyone’s intelligence to claim the Western & Zionist world invented/created Muslim terrorists. They fund & exploit them, sure. They didn’t create Islamism either – that’s a real thing as seen across the world now. Not just in Europe but in South America & the Caribbean.

    • Thank you for your comment. You too make some valid points. I did say I had no interest in GM before his death so I knew little about him. I however stand by everything I say. The media IS Zionist controlled – those who play ball are treated accordingly; those who speak out for the Palestinians are ostracised.

  • Helpful info. Fortunate me I discovered your web site by chance, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate didn’t took place in advance!

    I bookmarked it.

  • Mads Buhl

    However tragical it is to lose all these good people, who dare to speak up, it nevertheless shows us ONE positive- & important detail:
    The Zionists are vulnerable – otherwise they would never put such efforts into the elimination of the brave people, who dare to stand up against The Zionists…

    • Thanks Mads. I hope you’re right but I can’t help believe we’ve made great progress. It’s an all or nothing situation with these Zionist warmongers & they’re definitely showing their desperation.

  • KDY

    Still miss you GM. And you were right all along…..

  • Sondra Gates

    I FUCKING KNEW IT I knew the Zionist sabotaged him
    And what better approach to angle the disgusting allegations on him using his sexual preferences which,if referenced just right ,can make him off as a pedophile….I’m so disgusted and I’m so angry….they twisted his artistic lyrics of Father Figure as if he was talking about a child LOVE CAN BE MISTAKEN FOR A CRIME uuuh…yeah that’s called he kinda stalked a beautiful woman because he was in love with her….love mistaken for a crime was in translation,he was stalking her and stalking a woman is what folks??? ITS A FUCKING CRIME. oh hooo but your time will come Zionists….and God will show no mercy. Every fiber and breathe in my soul begs for your demise for who all you’ve sabotaged you disgusting vile demons….YOU ARENT EVEN JEW…OR HUMAN… can’t wait til God dissolves you like DUST IN THE WIND. I’m so crushed….🥺 I am so sorry George I love you and miss you🥺😭💔💞

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