Get this: Savile Whistleblowers Branded Traitors & ‘Forced Out’ By BBC Bosses

WHY DO YOU THINK I’D RATHER CROAK THAN PAY THE BBC TV LICENCE FEE? Here it is in a nutshell. Meirion Jones, former head of investigations at Newsnight said “Everyone involved on the right side of the Savile argument has been forced out of the BBC”. So I say again, anyone idiot enough to pay it is not just condoning Paedophilia but state terrorism & the fact this institution, which at one time was regarded as a bastion of truth, is now merely a propaganda mouthpiece for Zionists & their hidden agenda to dominate our world.

From top to bottom, THE BBC IS ZIONIST CONTROLLED! This is not anti-Semitic ranting because if my own people, the Armenians had this dubious distinction, I’D BLOODY WELL SAY SO & BE EVERY BIT AS PISSED OFF! If you know anything you’d realise Zionists couldn’t give a damn about Jews. No…… & among other things, what the Rothschild’s realised from the off – the best way to curry favor was through money & sex. In the words of the great MYRON FAGON back in 1967 –

Rule No.1 – was to use monetary & sex bribery to obtain control of men already in high places in the various levels of all governments & other fields of endeavor. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits & temptations of the Illuminati they were to be held in bondage by application of political & other forms of blackmail. Threats of financial ruin, public exposure & physical harm, even death to themselves & loved members of their families. Do you realize how many present top officials in our federal government in Washington are controlled in just that way by the CFR?

Well, along with an ungodly hoard of senior politicians & officials in the UK, the very same people control the BBC. Embed this into your brain. Why else is it the case? Even though it’s common knowledge the BBC proved to be a haven for sexual predators & so served as a launch pad for the creation of a Paedophile ring so vast it’s scarcely imaginable, to this day, not one politician or BBC employee has even been charged. Are you happy about that? Do you ever stop & think how you’d feel if your child was molested? Do you even realise why all this is happening?

Thank God for whistleblowers

Thank God for whistleblowers

Bear in mind, 40 years ago victim after victim came forward & signed affidavits naming Savile as a child molester but each time the Police were all set & ready to pull the plug on the BBC & its Paedophile ring, lo & behold, it all went quiet. At the time, Savile was the BBC’s hottest ticket. Nevertheless, powerful as he was, no way did he have the muscle to get the Police to drop case after case that had him bang to rights! The only people capable were the true power-brokers – those who control our senior politicians. But why would they stick their necks out for such filth? Because this craving for sexual perversion went all the way to the top! Myron Fagan was bang on the mark!     

Here are some of the articles I’ve written regarding this scandal that’s nothing less than a blight on mankind itself –

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Money talking again

The proof is in the pudding – this caption says it all. Shame on you if your mind has been twisted to believe what the Zionist controlled media would have you think – that these good men are traitors. They’re true heroes. You’ve got to be a blithering idiot to even consider such a thing! As for poor Bradley Manning whose crime was to expose the US military’s systematic mass-murder of unarmed civilians who posed no threat & were guilty of no crime – to be jailed for 35 years, a crime befitting a serial killer – maybe it’s not such a cataclysmic disaster if humanity inevitably does wipe itself out!


  • Rudi Vaclav Affolter

    I am very much in spirit with you about the BBC licence fee particularly since there is so much rubbish on the screen these days so I do not have an actual TV. Unfortunately I have an up-market PC which receives terrestial channels so I have no choice but to pay the fee : I cannot afford the fine and/or prison.

    • Rudi you do NOT have to pay the fee. There is NO legal jurisdiction.because the BBC is in breach of their operating requirements in the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British public. This document requires them to show information that is both ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL. On both counts, this most definitely is not the case! I think you should read my article –

    • Rudi Vaclav Affolter, Your ignorance of your own right to say no legally is merely substantiated by your belief they have control over you.
      In my book that is either utter weakness through ignorance or compliance through fear, or both
      You say you cannot afford to go to prison or a fine.

      A) you are already in prison, of your own making and
      B) Your self declared poverty gives you away as spineless in the face of challenge.

      You have two choices.
      Either remain compliant and stop wasting your time reading Michael’s stuff as it seems to make you powerless
      Or get up off your knees and be a man. Become educated and stand up for your right as a human being that no one owns.

      It is way too late to convince your present stand is acceptable

      • Thanks Jonathan – I really like the line ‘you’re already in prison’. As much as I understand why a combination of ignorance, fear & apathy serves to screw us mere mortals, I can’t for the life of me get over why people blindly accept anything the government says. The greatest fraudsters, the biggest liars, the greatest mass-murderers in history are governments! Their track record is as appalling as can be yet the very same people who so readily question me, blindly accept & follow what the government demands of them! And this government, along with our ‘leader’ could not possibly be worse. If a mafia boss was in No. 10 we’d be far better off because the chances are he or she wouldn’t be wasting a king’s ransom utilising our military in foreign conflicts we have no right being in. Yet you spell it out to people, explaining precisely why the BBC & the government are in breach of the law; you even explain why they cannot allow any publicity & why they will not take people like me to court……… & the saps still blindly follow!

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