Getting Sexual Predators Into The Upper Echelons Of Power Proved To Be A Zionist Master-Stroke. They Couldn’t Have Extracted More From UK Politicians

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Getting Sexual Predators Into The Upper Echelons Of Power Proved To Be A Zionist Master-Stroke. They Couldn’t Have Extracted More From UK Politicians

Whatsupic — Is it fair to say the Talmud calls for sex with children? – 

Is it fair to say Netanyahu wants Israel to be placed under Talmud law?

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I believe it’s more or less an open and shut case that in the UK, in the last 40 years the Zionist controlled media have from the get-go covered up a massive paedophile scandal that goes all the way to the upper echelons of power in Westminster and indeed the ‘Royal’ family too. In fact it is widely accepted the very roots of this paedophile ring emanated in the heart of the BBC itself. I cannot begin to emphasise – we are talking about rampant child molestation at the heart of the BBC yet not only has a crime of this enormity been covered up, the BBC itself has never once been made to come clean about who knew what regarding this paedophilia ring. Ask yourself – who has the power to do this?

Cast your mind back almost 14 years. Inexplicably, on the day of 9/11, the BBC reported a 3rd building, WTC 7 Saloman Bros. had collapsed when it hadn’t! In fact as BBC correspondent Jane Standley was giving her live report that this building, which incidentally was also owned by Larry Silverstein, had collapsed, it clearly could be seen over her left shoulder perfectly upright! Then some 23 minutes later, WTC 7 actually did collapse! Therefore there are no ifs and buts about this. It’s unequivocal – the BBC was party to information that would have directly led to the true conspirators behind 9/11. Never once has the BBC been forced to explain this outrageous anomaly. Never once have the media or politicians ever demanded that it do! Since both are under the Zionist thumb, one can only conclude the real terrorists behind 9/11 had to be Zionists.

So is there a link between this ongoing 40 year paedophile scandal and the sudden policy shift of both the Labor and Tory parties to declare wars on countries that just so happened to be Israel’s enemies? We know for a fact grounds for the Iraq war didn’t even possess the flimsiest evidence. We know lies were told. The more initiated among us know three Dual National Zionists Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith were the chief architects behind these lies. We know too the entire corporate media has been at the forefront making the case for war when there’s never been one. What is crucial here is understanding how the media never once presented anything that remotely told the other side of the story. 

So what are we to make of the sudden death of Labor leader John Smith. What the media has never mentioned was Smith & the man who succeeded him Tony Blair, were poles apart. However, when it came to foreign policy this was tantamount to comparing Jesus Christ with the Devil! Smith was a man of the people. He cared little for bankers and big business but the very last thing he’d have been coerced into was the illegal Iraq war. So, there he was, all set to become Prime Minister. One should bear in mind, Smith was squeaky clean. This meant smearing him was out of the question. They wouldn’t have been able to make anything stick. Their only option was to kill him, make out it was a heart attack and the mass-media would do the rest – never suggesting anything untoward could possibly have occurred. Smith’s family was literally gagged. No one in the media made anything out of the fact Smith was full of life & that he was a fit & healthy man. What a convenient death this turned out to be. 

However, Gordon Brown the man earmarked to succeed him was very much a Smith protégé. He would have been almost as vehemently against the Iraq war as Smith would have been. Obviously they couldn’t kill Brown too. However, none of this would have happened if the Zionist conspirators hadn’t already had their man in place, ready & set to take over. But why Tony Blair? Unbeknown to almost everyone except those in the know, in 1983, some 11 years earlier, Blair was caught trying to incur sexual favour from another man in a public toilet. Little did he know the toilets were being watched by police. Blair was arrested, charged and appeared at Bow Street Magistrates Court for ‘importunity in a public toilet’ with another male. Blair was fined £500. However, mysteriously, in court he was allowed to use his middle names, Charles Lynton and as a result he walked away without anyone really knowing who he was. How can this possibly be? 

Incredibly, the same year, Blair became MP for Sedgefield. Certain people must have known Blair was earmarked for a career in politics. Why else would this pervert be afforded such extraordinary favors? Yet, before he even came out the traps, powerful people were making sure he was protected. If it was you or me we’d be on a sexual offender’s list, branded for life! And quite how does anyone get away with giving their middle names in court? Is this not perjury? Moreover, how can such a story be kept out of the news. This was after all the man who would lead our country. Even if this one case was somehow, miraculously an isolated incident, surely the public had a right to know. No surprise there have been several allegations on the Internet of Blair molesting young boys. Obviously, some very powerful people had decided, those with political ambition who also happened to be sexually perverse were ideal. What better way to bribe & coerce politicians, most especially if the public was never to discover the untold filth they had hidden in the closet. 

I believe it went something like this: Quickly they got the word to Brown that he was not under any circumstance to challenge Blair for the leadership of the Labor party. He was to tell the press that he didn’t want to split the party and that he’d been offered No.11 without any strings attached, while Blair would become party leader. As a result we got the Labor government everyone expected, except this one would be void of every policy John Smith would have adopted. It was like chalk and cheese. Incidentally, the man who became UK’s Defense Secretary, George Robertson and later NATO’s Secretary General, stood side by side with Blair on the lies to go to war in Iraq. What’s interesting here is this vermin was at the center of the Dunblane school massacre where Thomas Hamilton massacred 16 children and their teacher. Robertson was instrumental in Hamilton being able to procure a gun licence. All this even though Hamilton was already known by the police to be a paedophile?

Hamilton is said to have enjoyed good relations with both George Robertson and Michael Forsyth, the then Scottish Secretary of State and MP for Stirling. Forsyth indeed congratulated and encouraged Hamilton for running a boy’s scout club. Robertson used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for Hamilton, which previously he’d been denied. Why on earth did he choose to do that? Robertson apparently was also a member of a clandestine paedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton for the British elite. On 13 March 1996 though, Hamilton, armed with four hand-guns, opened fire on a junior school class, before turning the gun on himself, shattering forever the idyllic 13th century Scottish town of Dunblane. Quite why Hamilton committed this heinous act to this day remains unclear. What is certain is a massive media cover up ensued

Pretty much the same occurred in the Tory party. The few decent men that remained as senior members of the party were seemingly surrounded by those who had a penchant for child molestation. This takes nothing away from the Labor party’s sordid role in all this but for some reason, the job of burying one paedophile inquiry after another fell into the hands of the Tories. Interestingly, this honor befell William Hague twice, in 1989 and 1997, the latter offering newly elected Labor leader Tony Blair the opportunity to bury the hapless Tories once and for all. No suprise Blair let the matter die. Politics had changed. Working in his best interests had little to do with kicking the main opposition party while they were down. Hague’s reward for slaughtering whatever credibility he may have had was to be donated the job of Tory leader. So, bury two paedophile inquiries – become Tory leader!

Hague though was anything but a smooth operator so like the slimy rat he is, he was slid aside & given a lucrative position as broker to several dodgy arms deals. It’s said he made upwards of £20 million! While Blair was doing a sterling job for the war-mongers, the Tories stumbled hopelessly through the lame leadership of Ian Duncan Smith. For the world it seemed David Davis would succeed IDS. However, though Davis was no John Smith, he nevertheless was somewhat of a straight-shooter, way too straight for the Zionists who had major plans in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Iran, as well as on the homefront where due to an incredibly well-armed, seemingly indestructible new terrorist outfit called ISIS, civil liberties would come under attack like never before. We had to be protected against this terrible threat of ISIS – these Islamic terrorists who only killed Arabs and Muslims!

The Zionists sure needed a smooth operator for the kind of strokes they had in mind & boy, did they have one. In fact they wanted Cameron so bad, they broke every rule in the book to ensure this nobody became leader of the Tory party instead of David Davis. So no surprise, as well as doing all that Netanyahu could have ever asked, under Cameron, yet another Paedophile inquiry duly bit the dust. However what was astonishing this time around was in the recent UK general election, on no occassion did any opposition leader of any party mention the fact Cameron had not only buried the paedophile inquiry but the Chilcott inquiry on the Iraq war too! No prizes for guessing why the media never mentioned this but what more ammunition was needed for Ed Milliband? To never mention this? Needless to say, their man Cameron got back in! 

Knowing our political process is fundamentally flawed hardly cuts it. It’s no use either merely smelling the stench of skulduggery. Our entire democratic process is rotten to the core. It has been undermined by a handful of incredibly powerful Zionists who have seen to it that child molesters & perverts rise to the very top of the political ladder. Their money is used in conjunction with the media which ensures any opponent is tripped up at every opportunity. No one can stop them because the elections are rigged too. The more they comply; the higher up the ladder they go. So long as these traitors played ball, their despicable crimes would remain hidden from public gaze. Moreover, even when countless victims of child abuse named names on the Internet after having signed sworn affadavits to the Police, those pulling the strings would ensure abusers would always remain above the law.

This explains precisely why we are indulging in the most outrageous war crimes & why nothing is being done. This explains why the paedophiles are being protected come what may. This explains why the media is inexcusably failing to highlight any of these shenanigans. This explains why Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel, which 30 years ago was nothing but a pipe-dream, is now down to simply whether Israel will be allowed to continue to tell lies in order to justify attacking and destroying Iran or getting America to do it’s dirty work for it. All the pieces of the puzzle fit – getting child molesters and perverts into the upper echelons of power and keeping them there, was the only way Zionists could have extracted what they have out of our politicians here in the UK. 


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