GMM needs some chill time!

I’m sorry folks but I’ve had a hard time lately, so I’m going to take a day or two off. Some drastic winding down is seriously needed. I’m pissed off because I know they’re going to rig the EU referendum tomorrow but much of it is my own fault for not blocking a few people when I should have. I now realise they conned me but the nastiness they showed when I did finally block them was something to behold. Moral of the story – always trust your instincts.

Chill time!

Add all the grief I had with some people in the group ‘Britain is the People’ & dearie me – what a week it’s been! What’s so frustrating is I encountered bundles of support there. The bad news – it was all but drowned out by negativity that was positively seething. This wasn’t criticism – as I stated in my last post, it got me thinking – how could these groups be so popular yet I was the one being censored?

FB phobia


Conspiracy theorist!

Answer – I smell trouble-makers & the moment they step out of line I block them. Zionists Trolls have no chance with me. All they can do is spit blood. That’s not to say I block them straight away. Often I show them up for what they are & in the end many of them just give up. So the only way they can slow me up is through censorship & this is why both FB & those bastards Go Daddy are making life difficult for me.

Paid trolls

FB shutdown!

However, certain groups like Britain is the people totally ignore vetting new-comers. As a result, though the group has fantastic traffic, because Trolls have been allowed to run riot, this group isn’t having anything like the positive impact it should. Small wonder FB feel no need to censor this group. There are so many trouble-makers there, people who aren’t so clued up are never the wiser. Anyway I tried to help; they didn’t want to know. So while I recharge my batteries, to all those who gave me a hard time as well as…….

Monitor this!

FB accounts


  • Kathy Howarth

    I hope you get so well deserved rest and are able to recharge your batteries, so that you can continue to fight the good fight! Thank you for all you do!!

  • Eva Nielsen

    I hope you are well and take some time to rest. I (danish) read your blog with interest – I think you a very clever man. .
    Regarding the Brexit voting to-day – i think it will be very close, and in the end rigged- so 52% to stay-and 48 % o

    leave EU. Zionist Wall Street don´t tolerate .UK to leave EU. Britain is the USA TROJAN HORSE in the EU.

    • Thank you Eva. I know a bit but I see so do you. I feel you’re prediction is spot on 52% – 48% to stay in the EU. If only the public knew the truth – half of the 52% that allegedly voted to stay in the EU, ACTUALLY VOTED TO LEAVE THE EU! This is the measure of skulduggery that is occurring in front of our eyes. We are being undermined by the very people who are supposed to be our elected representatives. What sickens me no end is most people are too blind to even see what’s obvious. As you so rightly say – the EU IS A TROJAN HORSE!

  • abbas ali

    Sorry to disturb you, but I think this post will make you think again about the people you feel are the right guys.

    • Sorry Abbas but this content is unavailable!

      • abbas ali

        Hell seems the fb has taken it down. ok I will see if I can do something about it

        • abbas ali

          I have tagged you Jo Ann Wescott’s post on your facebook GMMuk identity. Hope you receive it, It is regarding the O’Keefe character. If you had an email id, it would have been easier copy and post same.
          Thanks and Kindest Regards,

          Abbas Ali

          • Abbas – do you know how many times I’m tagged every day? Do you know how many messages I get; how many comments I have to read & how many I answer every day on this website. Then I spend at least 8 hours a day writing pieces. I hope you understand I simply do not have the time to follow every tag. I’m lucky if I can follow 1 out of 10! Sorry but the best way to get me to see a piece is by messaging it to me on FB.

          • I would certainly like to see that Abbas. Why don’t you send me a link?

        • Between FB & Go Daddy – I say thank you because now I know 100% everything I write is true. These bastards wouldn’t be censoring me like they are if my judgement wasn’t on the money. What can I do Abbas? We must soldier on.

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