GMMuk episode 1 – the end of democracy

This is the first video clip I’ve ever made on my tod – hardly a professional production I know. I’m still having serious trouble knowing where the camera is but considering I’d struggle to get 2 out of 10 for being computer savvy & since I so much wanted to have another option to writing, I’m absolutely over the moon I’ve finally got over this major hump. I hope I can now make two videos a week between 10 – 12 minutes long.


Initially I intended the pilot episode to be about 9/11. Then just as I sat down to record I heard Lauri Love was to be extradited to America. Our spineless, bought off justice system caved in to the pressure of Zionist war-mongers. This poor boy now faces life imprisonment. This is typical of what occurs when I write – I go off in a tangent & consequently take ages to finish a piece. At least this way I feel there’s far more flexibility.


Here I talk about this ridiculous ruling; how whistle-blowers are treated as if they’re mass-murderers; how we’re systematically being stripped of our basic rights all on the fictitious threat of terrorism that the Zionist controlled West has created; the non-prosecution of 150 cases of Israeli espionage on America; the outrageous US police thuggery & why it’s occurring & how all this skulduggery is largely down to the ungodly influence Zionists possess.



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WRITER BIO: Michael Aydinian is a political analyst, a freelance writer and a severe critic of corporate media. He is currently living in the UK.

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  • Gail Parker

    Hello Michael. I have much empathy for Lauri Love being extradited to America. I agree with you, if the crime was committed in Europe, then he should be tried there. Good first video. I enjoyed it. Gail Parker

  • B

    Normally to I prefer to read my news because the video from the MSM is obvious propaganda.
    In your case however, I think your video is better than reading; why? Because after listening to MSM bullshit for the last 15 years I have learned to discern bullshit & lies from truth, and your 10 minutes of truth is not a waste of my time, as is what we get from the MSM.

    For those who cant quite tell yet, watch any video of any of our current and past 20 years of leaders, and compare it to this video. (I did not have sex with that woman!)
    It is quite obvious you are speaking from the heart, This can be seen in your body language and tone of voice.
    There are no umms, ahhs, and obvious skirting around controversial subjects.
    IMO, your message needs to be spread far and wide, and thank you for being ballsy enough to put it on video, and broadcasting it.

    “Once you know the truth, you begin to see the lies that are everywhere.” – Zeitgeist.

    And thank you for sticking up for us Americans!
    As a whole, 90% of us are damn good people that would help out anyone in need, as I think most people of this earth would. But because of our politicians’ foreign policy we are labeled as the scum of the earth by the rest of the world.
    And this is totally understandable given the wars, destruction, and death that our military is being used for, but this is NOT how the majority of us feel.
    We are exactly as you said, an occupied nation.

    This will all come to a head soon. People are starting to wake up. The status quo is unsustainable, and rebellion is normal, expected, and unfortunately pre-planned.
    I pray for all of us, because it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    Welcome back, and keep up the fight. Our children’s children count on it.

    • “Once you know the truth, you begin to see the lies that are everywhere.” – Zeitgeist. LOVE THAT BRADOVARIOUS! I lived in America for a year so I know how good the people are. Zionists though are akin to a most virulent carcinogenic strain & right now it is rampaging through the West & indeed mankind. I feel over 90% of the people in this world are good people. The problem is obvious; it is a gigantic one but not insurmountable. People are waking up.
      Thank you so much for your excellent comment.

      • B

        Actually, that wasn’t a direct quote, it was paraphrased (my bad), from the movie Zeitgeist, which changed my life, and set me on the path I am on.
        The actual quote however was nearly identical, and came from Jordan Maxwell, who I respect very much. The Zeitgeist movie was based in part around his thoughts and views.
        If your readers haven’t seen it, I very highly recommend it as a starting point to a deeper knowledge of our world, and it can still be seen here;

  • Bryon

    Hi Michael, good to put the face and voice to the words, great first video please keep it up so we can all spread the word and stop these bastards in their tracks.

  • Jeannie Craig

    Well done and a big thank you, Michael. I’m grateful for your integrity and courage.

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