GMMuk – episode 2 – 9/11 pt 1 – What we should concentrate on

It’s incredible. Whenever I say or assume ‘this is going to be a piece of cake’, it’s as if there’s an unwritten law in the Universe that states ‘don’t do that because it’s sure to bite your arse!’ More commonly known as tempting fate & though, deep down, I don’t believe this is the case, it all but appears I eat my words with unerring regularity. This time around my transgression was to believe Windows Movie-Maker worked like a dream. My first short video was a case of record, clip & post. Then the Bengal got in on the act when I was putting together my 2nd clip regarding 9/11. No worries I thought. Re-record the whole thing the next day & Bob’s your Uncle.
But hard as I tried, with this subject matter it was nigh on impossible keeping the video length under 15 minutes. Somewhat ironic considering I’m always going on about how we should ignore the detail. I maintain this is the biggest mistake we make when it comes to 9/11 but I press record; off I go, & it’s like Ariston & on & on! So I thought the best way out of this is splitting it up into 3 sections. Part 1 would be specifically about what we should concentrate on regarding 9/11. Yesterday I finished editing part 1; I uploaded it & began writing my introduction. The link emerged; I clicked ‘publish’. I muttered to myself…… ‘FINALLY!’
Then I thought why not watch the clip one more time. To my absolute horror, sections of the video were missing. Frantically I re-opened Windows Movie-Maker only to find red X’s on several of the segments that I had pieced together to make the video. I could not rectify the situation. Feeling I had exhausted all possibilities, I deleted the video having learned one has to tread with utmost caution when it comes to keeping all the files in the ‘right’ place. In other words using Windows Movie-Maker is one very serious pain in the arse. Today I’ve re-recorded what I originally posted.
This clip deals with how we should view anything the mainstream media says regarding 9/11, significantly programs that try to create the impression the media is impartial & that it’s trying to get to the truth. This ordinarily may not seem so significant. I however believe this is crucial. It’s not just the fact the media is complicit in 9/11; I’ll say it again – without the full cooperation of the media, 9/11 could not have occurred. Also, much as I detest Saudi rulers, they had nothing to do with 9/11. The 28 redacted pages were simply conjured out of thin air by the chief protagonists. This sort of nonsense typifies the Zionist controlled media & the extraordinary power they have.




1) We saw controlled demolitions period. 
2) Owner of the Twin Towers Larry Silverstein gained billions through highly dubious insurance policies & the media never mentioned this.
3) The other building that collapsed that day, WTC7, was also owned by him. He even said ‘WE MADE THE DECISION TO PULL’ & the media never said a word. This building, a 47 storey sky-scraper, was not hit by a plane but it collapsed at free-fall speed (7 seconds) into its own footprint. 
4) The BBC reported WTC7 had collapsed 23 MINUTES BEFORE IT DID COLLAPSE! 
5) US Civil Air Defense went to sleep. It’s head, General Richard Myers, was never grilled. The media never once questioned this outrageous anomaly.
We need to know little more. 




  • This suits you! Keep it up.

  • Bryon

    Hi Michael, thanks for the video. When the twin towers incident occurred, I was working on Canary Wharf in London. The question was raised immediately “could the same thing happen in London” especially as the buildings in London are the same construction design as the Twin Towers were.

    As a specialist Health & safety Consultant I had access to a file which stated that this would be improbable in London because the fire protection system for the steel structure of the building was far superior to that of the Twin Towers, AND that for several months prior to 9/11 Contractors had been working on the Twin Towers “replacing/upgrading the fire protection” The report was quite detailed and basically said the Twin Towers incident could not be repeated in London due to the superior fire rating system.

    It held that the Twin Towers were designed to withstand the impact of a plane hitting it and that the MAIN reason for the collapse was the inferior fire protection to the steel frame. (Notwithstanding the issue of the temperature required to melt the steel)

    I have tried to find this report several times since reading it and I can find NO reference to the fact that there were “Contractors” working in the Twin Towers buildings for several months prior to the incident, in fact I cant find the report on the net.

    I have worked in Construction all my life and I firmly believe the Twin Towers were brought down internally i.e by explosives

  • kinky

    I like your style of writing – Objectivity through bullet points.

    I wish to add to point 3 above. There is a video on youtube, of a speech that Larry Silverstein delivered probably to shareholders of his company, sometime after the 9/11 dust had thoroughly settled.
    In that speech, Larry talks in great detailed about the floor areas in million squarefeet that he hoped to avail from the new buildings. While profiting from disaster could be considered a matter of opportunity, what startled me was the dates he mentioned for the milestones.
    He said that “the first design meeting for Building 7 was called in the April of 2000. And thereafter, construction was started in May 2002”.
    I wish you included a clip of that speech here in your website. Larry’s confessions are in my view, another smoking gun that needs to be sniffed thoroughly.

    Warm regards
    Kinky as always

    • Thank you Kinky. I did make a point in saying at the very beginning of the video that there are several aspects of 9/11 that are major ‘smoking guns’. One can go on writing about that evil weasel Silverstein forever & a day. I concentrated his role in part 1 though.

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