Hindsight: I feel I’ve got more than my fair share yet I’m forever cursing myself for not having enough. And so it was this morning as I frantically searched for a video I knew I had. Trouble was it was jumbled up with over 200 other videos. Had I had more hindsight, I’d have eliminated a problem that regularly does my canister in – I waste hours, often with no success, trying to locate videos & links I know I have. This one, by STORM CLOUDS GATHERING, had a happy ending – I found it!


Elite Underground Tunnels and City Completely Stocked March 2013



As I sift through the archives what kills me though is the dawning realisation that much of the material I’ve saved has completely slipped my memory. Thus if I had the perfect post for a particular video or link, I wouldn’t know it was there for the taking. Hindsight is a wonderful thing because not only can it eliminate untold grief but it can save the most important thing we have – TIME! It’s easy to say I had no idea I’d be doing this full time 4 years later. What I should have thought is – I MIGHT BE!




The very fact after a few months I saw fit to save items which I felt would be useful, only increased the possibility. Bear in mind, I don’t just save links. I download videos in case a Zionist disappearing act happens to befall them! Therefore, itemising & cataloguing every item I saved from the get-go would have proved to be a master-stroke. The time taken to set up a decent filing system would have been negligible compared to the time I’ve wasted, not to mention the fact I’m forever muttering how I must find time to get my files organised so that they’re fully operational.



For a while now I wanted to alert folk to the fact that pretty much all those actively participating in the quest to create a New World Order are safe in the knowledge they & their families will be not be casualties if WW III was to break out. Mystifying, frustrating, galling how humans could have ever allowed a scenario where those directly responsible for fermenting the conditions to initiate a conflict which could well see the annihilation of life on earth, could sidestep the consequences of their actions……. Incredibly, it gets even worse…..








These despicable specimens have made sure their lives, underground, will be as luxurious as can possibly be. This is a nailed on certainty. It stands to reason every consideration has been given to ensure there’s always clean air, food & water. Moreover, it seems no expense has been spared creating a massive rail system which links these town/havens deep beneath the earth’s surface. Who knows what they’ve thought of! The bad news – THE MONEY TO DO ALL THIS WAS TAKEN OUT OF OUR BIN!


On the rails

Going underground

Jesse Ventura Ozark illuminati Underground – 







  • This was another excellent episode of Conspiracy Theory from Jesse Ventura. He let the world know about their ‘holiday homes’ for WW3. I think I’d prefer too die than spend 10 years underground with satanic worshipping scum, pedophiiles, sociopaths and murderers, Shame it wasn’t possible for him to follow up on his intention to run for president this year. However, I can understand him not wanting to empty his pension savings in a self funded campaign destined for a dismal defeat way before he got anywhere near a nomination, It’s a shame because I think he’s a real class act. His heart is in the right place and I feel what you see is what you get with him. Well presented article Michael.

  • So they built themselves Fancy Tombs… LOL
    The Sooner they get in there, the Better! We’ll just seal them in and flood them… with Lava…
    There is No place they’ll be able to Hide from What’s Coming!
    They’re so Dumb… ROTFL

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