Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds – Albert Einstein

I don’t usually have time to respond to comments in such a manner but this one regarding my last post about the Wimbledon center court crowd booing Cameron which I received on my GMMuk page from was something to savor…….


Squaddie Madross “Just because you have no social graces and boo somebody at the tennis ? That makes you part of the powerful masses? Rubbish. Just shows you have no style. You shout the loudest and go to protest marches. You look for assurance on facebook. You lose referendums. You use mock outrage rather than decent argument. You are small in number and mind.”


Great spirits

Now I can take a bit of stick but this is just beyond the pale. I always say to people if you think I’m wrong, by all means, explain why. A hatchet job merely shows that person has no argument. Now some people say why do I block anyone who gives me grief? The reason I block these people is because I know they’re simply going to cause trouble. I’ve always firmly believed in the saying ‘snip it off at the bud!’ So my response……


This is one of the craziest comments I have ever read in my whole entire life. Hilarious, pathetic, even delusional. Honestly. I’m not joking. You couldn’t have got so many things more wrong if you tried. I was actually lost for words. Now most people know that’s impossible but it certainly stopped me in my tracks. Damn.
1) No social graces? I’m not going to bother naming some of the people I’ve sat with because you’d never believe me anyway but when it comes to knowing how to handle oneself it comes second nature.
2) Booing? I’ve never booed anyone in my life. As much as I love sport, being among sport fans has never been something I’ve cherished. I don’t go to sports events but I wholeheartedly believe in a sense of fair play.
3) Who the hell are you tell me I have no style. If there’s one thing I’ve always had – people may not like what I do or say but whenever I do anything, I do it with a bit of style – that you can be assured of!
4) I’ve never been to a protest march in my life, so, once again, you couldn’t be more wrong.
5) And THIS IS THE ONE THAT DONE MY HEAD – I look for assurance on FB? You’ve got to be kidding! Thanks for making me beam. This actually had me in bits. This guy has got to be a comedian! Assurances? If there’s anyone who calls a spade a spade, it’s me. If only you knew how stupid this statement is. I’ve got 10,000 + people who will tell you I never court popularity.
6) I voted to leave the EU so I don’t know what referendum you’re going on about pal.
7) Decent argument? Small in number & mind? You’re an idiot. I’ve got a following that’s a cow a mile long! Why don’t you look & see for yourself you brainless presumptuous git?


Brains of a rocking horse!


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