Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It by GLENN GREENWALD

You can scream & shout all you like. I don’t care if you blow a gasket! With this one I’m standing firm, prepared to say – not one word in this thread is open to debate. How could I ever be so presumptuous & arrogant? Easy. The media’s actions’s prove what I’m saying is correct. By defying parliament, Cameron’s position isn’t just untenable; HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED FOR TREASON – IT’S AN OPEN & SHUT CASE! WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, CAMERON IS A TRAITOR!


However, instead of the media piling pressure on this putrid infestation for what’s nothing less than a war crime, they not only ignore this violation as if it never happened but once again, the obligatory unchallenged platform is donated, to a traitor to boot! Sure enough, Cameron’s demeanor oozes statesman-like qualities, the air of a man who’s done nothing wrong. Why do you think years ago I said ‘they’ll do whatever it takes to get Cameron back. Why? Because unlike Blair & Obama, this specimen has the ability to lie with conviction.


The proof is in the pudding. Did Cameron look under any kind of pressure today when he announced that his goal in the next 5 years was to introduce laws that effectively were an affront to freedom of speech? It was business as usual. This is all part of the agenda. Nothing. Not one little thing is ever going to get them to alter their strategy, which ultimately is to usher in a form of slavery which will allow them to do whatever they want!


And so it is. Instead of Cameron having to stave off a barrage of criticism for lying to parliament on what couldn’t be a more serious issue of war, our treacherous PM isn’t even pressured into explaining how or why the Royal Air Force was conducting bombing raids in Syria when Parliament specifically forbade it! Why is Cameron not being to the cleaners? Easy. NO ONE’S PUTTING HIM ON THE SPOT! if indeed ethereal universal bystanders were watching over us, they’d have every right to think “boy. Has this mob seriously gone off the rails!”  


Tinker, tailor, traitor!

Tinker, tailor, traitor!


YOU BETTER BELIEVE THIS. It’s not my fault Cameron is a traitor & anything but the man you may think he is. I’m just saying how it is. He talks of democracy & freedom of speech as if he’s the standard bearer. Maybe you don’t realise – the very act of any PM boasting about democracy & freedom of speech should have your alarm bells ringing! You don’t hear the Swiss or the Dutch boasting about their freedom. THESE ARE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS EVERY HUMAN SHOULD HAVE! It’s time you asked – why’s this piece of shit Cameron trying to make us feel this is anything but a right?


Here are two links. The first features one of the finest journalists of all time – the great JOHN PILGER. I share his trepidation. Even though I abhor violence, thanks to Cameron, in the near future I could well be considered a terrorist for daring to speak out. Let me tell you now – remaining silent is an infinitely worse crime than declaring Cameron is a traitor.

John Pilger: Fascism and a new holocaust beckon if we remain silent


John Pilger - Stop the War


This link echoes what I’ve been saying for a very long time – the so-called threat of terror is 100% manufactured. In fact the very people who are at the forefront, propagandising this fabrication, ARE THE WORLD’S WORST TERRORISTS – THE ISRAELIS, ALONG WITH THOSE THEY’VE WELL & TRULY BOUGHT ON CAPITOL HILL & THOSE WHO DISGRACE THE UPPER ECHELONS OF POWER IN WESTMINSTER, WHO’VE ALSO FALLEN FOUL TO ZIONIST BRIBERY & COERCION!

1) A ban on broadcasting and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print.

2) Banning orders for extremist organisations.

3) Powers to close premises including mosques where extremists seek to influence others.


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