Happy New Year Everyone

There’s no question we’ve made some serious headway this year. We’ve still got Jeremy Corbyn; we voted to leave the EU & now the crooks are showing out by dragging their feet; there’s peace in Syria much to the chagrin of the Zionists & Israel. As a result, their goal to establish Greater Israel has been put on hold; the war-mongers in the US have been totally out-maneuvered by Putin & Lavrov. The media has all but lost whatever credibility they had.


Finally & most crucially, even though it was obvious the fix was in for Hillary Clinton to become President, we somehow managed to turn that one around. She could have killed us all. Now I just hope we can kick on in 2017. We got a new President who I feel is not part of the political system. Much as we know who really controls America I’m just hoping Trump tells them to get on their bike – this is America, not Israel! Happy New Year everyone





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