Has Decapitation Become Unfashionable For ISIS Or Is There More To This Than Meets The Eye?

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Has Decapitation Become Unfashionable For ISIS Or Is There More To This Than Meets The Eye?

Whatsupic — ISIS beheadings were all the rage only to abruptly cease. Why such an alteration in Modus Operandi for the alleged execution of hostages while their appetite to slaughter civilians remains rapacious as ever? After all, murder is murder. The indiscriminate ending of any life should be universally abhorred. However, largely thanks to a Zionist controlled media, this most definitely is not the case. When an Israeli is killed or a soldier on the streets of London dies, a media frenzy ensues, most especially if the blame game can include the word terrorist. On the other hand, if 2000+ defenseless Palestinians are slaughtered, the media doesn’t just play it down; the victims have to suffer the ignominy of being labeled terrorists who only brought it on themselves. 


 Recently a video of captured Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burned to death in a cage made the rounds. My curiosity was aroused. Had decapitation become unfashionable? Yet since I’m in no doubt ISIS is an Israeli terrorist organization, I expected some chopping & changing because distastful as it is, after two or three beheadings the novelty wears off; the public isn’t shocked anymore. As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. 

For two days I pondered & sure enough, I couldn’t help but feel the actions of ISIS were more akin to a soap opera. Nothing remotely suggested natural forces were at work. Then I came across the harrowing tale of Mohamed Abu Khedeir, just 16. He was sitting outside his home in East Jerusalem. A car pulled up. He was taken, beaten, burned alive & his body dumped. This never made the news. Just another Palestinian kid murdered by Israelis for no reason. Yet pretty much an identical slaying of a Jordanian pilot made headline news across the globe. No surprise why but what got me thinking was the caption – this poor boy was in a cage & the fires had been lit! 

This is the beauty of having untold resources. If one so desires, one can control the flow of information. Our mass-media permits only Zionist editors. Small wonder the news is literally made up. If a particular angle to shock & instil fear proves fruitful, they run with it. If it turns out to be a yarn where even dumbos raise an eye-brow, it’s dropped sharpish. What’s significant is no one questions obvious faux pas. Look what happened when Netanyahu made a fool of himself at the UN by holding up a ridiculous drawing of a prehistoric bomb saying, ‘Iran is at this stage!’ It was laughable. Forget about anything bordering such crass stupidity, if Putin slipped up, the media would pounce. Media control allows one to say what suits. This is obvious. I’d like to bet though, nowhere near as many folk are aware of the significance of silence! The ability to say nothing is tantamount to infecting the populace with a serious dose of Amnesia.    

So was there perhaps more to why ISIS changed their M.O? I’m inclined to believe ISIS beheadings inadvertently put the spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s barbaric rulers. They’ve been decapitating even non-violent ‘criminals’ for goodness knows how long. Now it’s not anti-Semetic if you criticize this mob. I’ve got nothing against Saudis but those good-for-nothing Sheiks make me sick! To display such a capacity for greed is bad enough but to be so cruel? No surprise no one cares a jot for them. So, with the media going bananas each time a video of an ISIS beheading was presented, not only did it make the Saudi royallty look bad; it also highlighted the chronic double standards of the media itself – bugger all said about all the beheadings in Saudi Arabia yet when ISIS indulged in decapitation the media ramped up the fear factor to Defcon 1! 

Another reason I feel the ISIS beheadings came to an abrupt end is because video evidence was anything but conclusive. For starters James Foley was not the man in the video but whoever was certainly had a serious problem with low blood pressure. To lose one’s head without losing blood? Impossible. Cutting the Jugular vein alone would see blood literally gush out. Moreover, what earthly reason would ISIS have going to all the trouble making & distributing these videos? What, just to antagonize America? 

I didn’t have to look at the videos – this was Mossad through & through. Their pals who own the media are told what’s going down so the media whores then set the whole thing up, making the public believe these nasty ‘Islamic’ fanatical terrorists are abducting people. The press build it up. ‘They hate our freedom’ ……. & people fall for it. Hollywood indeed. These guys have got storytelling down to a tee. Then all of a sudden, we’re hit with a video of a beheading & bang! Job done. NEXT!……..  Of course, when I say job done don’t for one minute think mission accomplished. In order for the public to be well & truly reeled in, the act of brainwashing has to be an ongoing process, as I said rather like a soap opera.

Again, is it so hard to think this simply doesn’t add up? No one questions why scant effort is made to release hostages. Is not ransom money after all the goal of kidnappers? What makes no sense though is the fact these mercenaries, ISIS, terrorists, call them what you like, have been mercilessly massacring 1000’s upon 1000’s of innocent people. Mass executions that would have decent folk up in arms are commonplace…… but the media never show this or any of the true horrors of war. They don’t want you to see what’s really happening because in no time you’ll realize who the real victims are & who the real terrorists are! Why do you think Bradley Manning was jailed for 35 years? His conscience. All he wanted to do was show you what’s happening. He felt the public had to know just how civilians were being slaughtered! 

I don’t believe in religion. It merely serves to divide the human race. I have no feelings for nationalism either. I don’t care where one is born or what color one’s skin may be. I believe in right & wrong. I don’t hate Jews. I don’t hate, period. In fact I greatly admire many Jews – Einstein, Paul Simon & Phil Silvers are my heroes. Whoever’s good, I like; if you’re bad, get on your bike! It’s as simple as that! That’s why I cannot compromise when it comes to the truth, especially when what we’re being led to believe is so far-removed from reality. 

Those being pigeon-holed as evil terrorists, the Muslims, are in fact the very people being terrorized. All the countries that have incurred the wrath of the US, UK Zionist puppet politicians are Arab/Muslim countries. The vast majority of those killed by ISIS are Arabs & Muslims. The only countries being reduced to rubble are ones that regularly voiced their disapproval at Israel’s disgraceful treatment of the Palestinians & their wanton disregard for international law. The real terrorists behind 9/11 were the dual national Zionists, Mossad & all the puppets in the US administration who sold their own people down the river. Why did the Zionists plan & execute 9/11? Because….. this was the only way all that’s happened since 9/11, could have happened. 


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