Has Palestinian Authority Sold out Palestine?

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Has Palestinian Authority Sold out Palestine?

Whatsupic — If the Zionist Rothschilds have taken over most central banks in the world, are virtually in complete control of the entire Corporate media and Wall street. They also pretty much have the US Judiciary and Police in their pockets too, not to mention both Senate and the House of Representatives and as a result, Zionists decide US foreign policy. When one considers it is relatively similar sad state of affairs in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and a host of other countries, do you not think it more than a possibility the Zionists could have got to Abbas? …… I DO! 

This is what always happens – you get a guy with good intentions – take Obama for instance. His inaugural speech smacked of promise. Then, all of a sudden, it was like a nightmarish version of GW Bush and Dick Cheney over again, the very thing Obama campaigned against. The greatest mafiosi in history is hardly of Italian ilk. Of course Hollywood does its level best to make you believe this, yet nothing could be further from the truth for the greatest Mafiosi murderers in history are Zionists. Slipping under the radar wasn’t so much as a goal for them; more like one of their disciples! 

Crossing Meyer Lansky’s Murder Incorporated meant certain death. Small wonder US politicians, one by one, succumbed to Zionists. Money did the rest. The ones that refused to come under their thumb suddenly found opponents flush with campaign funds and along with a media inexplicably throwing their full weight behind a new nobody! Politicians who they could not bribe or coerce rarely made it to the upper echelons of US power. Every so often one would slip throught the net though but we all saw what happened to JFK and his even more capable brother. It’s certain death if you cross the Zionists.

RON PAUL was the last thing the Zionists wanted even though he never ‘crossed’ them. Many felt he would be assassinated too. Such an act though may have tipped Americans over the edge because two things were obvious – RP was the people’s champ and the Zionist controlled media was doing all it could to undermine him. It would have looked way too dodgy. However, such is their power both US presidential elections involving RP were rigged from top to bottom to stop him. He should be President now but the Zionists cheated him. There are no ifs and buts about any of this! Therefore, in answer to your question whether Abbas is actually trying to help Netanyahu I can safely say. 

Like Obama, Abbas seemed a perfectly logical step forward for conciliation, a more moderate approach. Of course this is the last thing the Israelis want. They don’t want peace; THEY WANT LAND! They always have! One only has to look at history. Reaching any other conclusion is beyond the boundaries of sanity. Therefore, they had to get to Abbas in oder to neutralize his effectiveness. Since this to all intents and purposes has occurred and since throughout this time Netanyahu has been at the helm, should one even be asking the question whether Abbas has sold out? I would like to bet a king’s ransom that Abbas has been told in no uncertains not to rock Netanyahu’s boat!

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