Has SAUDI ARABIA Created A Rod for Its Own Back?

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Has SAUDI ARABIA Created A Rod for Its Own Back?

Whatsupic — It’s hard to accurately know what the current state of affairs is in Saudi Arabia. This, after all, is a domain where one family controls pretty much everything! Considering this country is the world’s largest oil exporter & maintains a vast portion of the planet’s oil reserves, the fact the Saudi Royal family has so much wealth & possesses such an enormous concentration of power, one has to assume they tend to get what they want & do what the hell they like! With the mainstream media playing their part by never mentioning anything about their evil, autocratic rule, with such unbridled wealth, surely, it was hardly likely anyone within the family would break rank?

However, in July last year the unthinkable occurred. Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud announced his defection from Al Saud royal family. In a statement he said

this regime in Saudi Arabia does not stand by God’s rules or even established rules, and its policies, decisions, and actions are totally based on personal will of its leaders.

He warned that its problems were not “temporary or superficial” & that it was not simply unemployment, low wages & unjustified distribution of common wealth, facilities & services, adding “the problems are deep and real,” & were largely due to political & financial corruption, abuse of power by the regime & fraud in the parliament & judiciary system. 

Serious cracks in the Saudi royal edifice had appeared. As far as I was concerned it was long overdue. How on earth could the Saudis justify sitting idly by for so many years while the Israelis ran roughshod over the hapless Palestinians? For years the Saudis possessed all the influence they needed to apply pressure on America so that they in turn would have a few words with the Israelis. Sure the Saudis were in bed with the US industrial military complex but they owed Israel nothing! With such control over the world’s rapacious appetite for energy, the Saudis could have turned whatever screws they liked. Instead they did nothing! Small wonder Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud bemoaned

All that is said in Saudi Arabia about respecting law and religion rules are fictitious so that they can lie and pretend that the regime obeys Islamic rules.

At this point I’d like to go back to the early 70’s when Saudi Arabia initially became a major power-player. Ultimately, maintaining control was of paramount importance for the family! To realize this they had to rule with an iron rod! Needless to say this led to serious Human rights violations. Therefore to avoid pressure from the outside world, it was essential for Saudi rule to be shrouded in secrecy. None of their shenanigans should be reported in the media. If ever they were, they made it abundantly clear any country whose media wrote derogatory articles would incur their wrath. Untold pressure would then be applied by big business upon politicians & editors. No country could afford to place its business ties with Saudi Arabia in jeopardy. Industry & commerce naturally always has the final say! 

President Nixon shaking hands with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

And with Saudi Arabia business deals were on another scale altogether! The US under Nixon realized Saudi Arabia was of critical importance, most especially due to the fact America’s oil reserves were dwindling fast. Soon they’d have to rely on imports. The only other super-power Russia had ample reserves of energy, so they had little interest. However Nixon was to pull off a master stroke. The early 70’s saw the birth of the Petro-dollar! A deal was carved out where any transaction in oil had to be executed with dollars & dollars only! The Saudis had teamed up with a world super-power that, come what may, would guarantee protection, as well as sell all the high-tech weaponry they needed & significantly, with an assurance US mainstream media would refrain from delivering any adverse publicity regarding them. The Saudis got what they wanted.

For the Americans though, the creation of the Petro-dollar would have enormous ramifications! Such was Saudi Arabia’s power in terms of oil production in the 70’s, all other oil producing countries had little option but to fall into line. The dollar would be the only currency used for trading in petroleum. Oil exporters were obliged to accept dollars but most importantly, every country importing oil had to maintain a healthy supply of the greenback! This gave the US unprecedented power because it effectively allowed them to print money for fun. The very notion paper money had to be tied to Gold or Silver suddenly went out the window. 

Several major European countries expressed grave misgivings, realizing the sheer folly in this for it could not be sustained. However making waves with a super-power can only go so far. The US printing press went into over-drive! This increased purchasing power naturally worked wonders for the American feel-good factor but this also led to an avalanche in US ‘defense’ spending. Military bases began sprouting up all over the world, which further cemented America’s economic stranglehold. The end result – the cold war was dead & buried. The Russians simply could not compete! The US now stood alone.

However, it was only a matter of time for countries to develop concern over their ever-increasing dollar holdings. Russia was the first to declare they never signed into any Petro-dollar deal. They were quite prepared to accept alternative currencies for their energy! Soon China, fast-becoming the world’s largest oil importer, began to seek more favorable deals by offering any currency to purchase oil & gas! Naturally certain oil-producers such as Iraq, Venezuela, Libya & Iran felt aggrieved having to accept a currency that to all intents & purposes was becoming worthless! Moreover with the US media forever sticking the proverbial boot in because these countries dared to speak out against the US & Israel, why in the blazes should they continue to inadvertently prop up the dollar? For the US it went without saying – they could not afford countries to break away from the Petro-dollar! This would result in others following suit which inevitably would trigger a free-fall collapse of their currency! 

Therefore, the plan for 9/11 was hatched! As General Wesley Clark stated – it was decided long before – the US would not stop at Afghanistan! The focus would then be switched to Iraq & then the US would proceed to take out Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon & Iran! This way the dollar could be protected. 

The Arab Spring erupted with swathes of disgruntled citizens taking to the streets. In popular uprisings such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar, the mainstream media turned a blind eye. Naturally! Their despotic rulers played ball with the US. However in countries like Libya & Syria, trouble was quite literally manufactured, largely thanks to CIA operatives & Saudi money. The Zionist controlled media then played its part by lying through its back teeth! To a great extent America had no option but to protect the dollar. However, this was all playing into the hands of another country – Israel! They were the true beneficiaries! All their supposed enemies were being systematically destroyed, US soldiers were doing all the fighting & the US taxpayer was unwittingly footing the bill! 

The Saudis though, by siding with Israel had created a rod for their own back. I find it hard understanding why instead of seriously rethinking their strategy, they chose to dig themselves into an even greater hole! I simply cannot believe the Saudis were powerless & so had to go along with all this. Were they so paranoid that by adopting an alternative policy they may have seen the erosion of their power-base? Again I think not! They had options but for whatever reason I believe they chose a course of action that inevitably could only turn everyone against them. Most mystifying is the fact that how could they be oblivious of the fact that the plans for ‘Greater Israel’ incorporated the annexation of no less than one third of their great kingdom?

By the time Libya was reduced to rubble, world opinion was dead against this fabricated war on terrorism. The excuse of bringing democracy to these countries had long since worn thin. Nevertheless, the media refused to let up. Syria was next on the list & since this was to be a major prize for Israel, what with all the oil & gas deposits discovered in the occupied Golan Heights, the Zionist controlled media had nowhere to go! UK Prime Minister Cameron was forced to forge ahead with the same regurgitated drivel – Assad was bad news & had to be replaced. I’m certain most MP’s, as well as feeling the full depth of public anguish, also in all likelihood felt, enough was enough! Cameron was humiliated! His call for military intervention in Syria was thrown out! Obama no doubt knew the US public too were fed up with war, some polls showing as much as 92% were opposed to direct US military intervention, & so he & Congress was forced to back down. Needless to say the Zionist lobbies were furious. Netanyahu did his absolute nut!

In the meantime the Russians had emerged as the good guys by brokering a deal for Syria to remove all its Chemical weapons. The US administration then sunk to new lows by claiming it was only due to their aggressive stance that this breakthrough came about! Suddenly though, the dawning realization for Israel was that they could not rely on the Dual National Zionists to thrust their agenda forward. Yet deluded they most definitely are, for they nevertheless continued to apply untold pressure on US politicians. Their media continued to sing the same tune but each time they tried to make a case for war against Syria & Iran, it was clear the US public weren’t buying it! Coupled with the fact the NSA was largely a Zionist operation, the Israelis were losing a propaganda war where previous they had reigned as undisputed champions.

One only has to follow alternative media to see what an altogether different story was emerging. RT Moscow was now openly saying what the Internet had asserted for years – 9/11 was an inside job & since America is virtually controlled by dual National Zionists, more & more folk began to put two & two together! With mainstream media hemorrhaging viewers, somewhere along the line a decision was made to dump the Saudis. Hints & allegations began surfacing that the Saudis knew about 9/11! This in itself was nothing but an act of desperation. From the outset 9/11 was attributed to 19 Saudi hijackers. But when America proceeded to attack Afghanistan & Iraq, NO ONE SAID ANYTHING! Now, after all this we’re supposed to start blaming the Saudis again?

Prince Bandar Bin Sultan

Of course the greatest feat of the Zionists is while they’re guilty of so much trouble & strife, they forever manage to slip under the radar. Their control over the media allows them to blame whoever they want! Prince Bandar is now the one accused of being behind numerous deadly terrorist acts in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq. No hint of Israeli involvement! The Saudis it seems had now become patsies for the Zionists & as far as I’m concerned, they’ve got what they deserved. They weren’t obliged to become partners with the Israelis! Sure they had a common enemy but for different reasons. The Saudis were the last people wanting democracy to take hold in Arab nations while the Zionists had plans for vastly extending Israel’s borders & a far greater control of energy resources.

Though I’ll state categorically the Saudis had nothing to do with 9/11, their erroneous decisions resulted in whatever popularity they had vanishing with the wind because they are now widely regarded as sponsors of terrorism. What in the blazes are some of the most outrageously wealthy people on the planet getting involved in such nonsense for? Add to this the utter turmoil that’s emerged from behind the scenes, it is difficult predicting any outcome. There is even talk that Prince Bandar & Netanyahu have joined forces in an attempt to remove Saudi King Malek Abdullah’s successor, Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz from power. With so much misinformation flying around it really is a case of watch this space!

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