Has Zionist Deceit Finally Been Recognized by the Public?

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Has Zionist Deceit Finally Been Recognized by the Public?

Whatsupic — Apparently, Jews In Donetsk, Ukraine are being handed pamphlets demanding they ‘register’ & declare their property! It took me about two seconds to realize this was typical Zionist hogwash! For the uninitiated it is merely designed to make out Jews could be under threat. Of course even though Zionists are the ones instrumental in fermenting trouble in Ukraine, they nevertheless want people to feel they, the innocent bystander, could be victims, hence the continual referral in their newspapers to some of those in control in Ukraine as Nazi thugs! This has been a Zionist hallmark – hardly adequate hiding their skulduggery of being the chief source of irritation on the planet – let’s make out we’re the victims too! After evening prayers at this synagogue in Donetsk, Ukraine, earlier this week, a group of masked men in camouflage distributed a stack of leaflets that instructed local Jews to come to occupied buildings to register or face expulsion. (Ari Shapiro/NPR)

Only this time, people are simply not buying it! Not that we should even begin to start patting ourselves on the back! It’s taken 120 years, along with an unimaginable level of pain & suffering to arrive at the situation where folk, en masse, are now only just beginning to see through this facade. The problem is, such is the level of their crimes, they know they can never permit true judgement to ever be passed upon them. They have to therefore carry on through to the bitter end!

An understatement? Hardly! From their part in setting up WWI & their direct involvement in scuppering a German/British initiative to end the war as early as 1916, instead the Zionists promised Britain the Americans would be duped into entering WWI thus ensuring victory. The British in return would promise Palestine to the Jews! Meanwhile the Ashkenazi Jews were responsible for one of the greatest massacres in history – the mutilation of some 65 million Russians in the 1917 Bolshevic Revolution! I say mutilation because some of the methods of murder utilized are simply too shocking to describe – sadistic torture of the very highest order! 

Then came their 50 year campaign of lies where their Zionist controlled media drip-fed the public the figure 6 million, only for lo & behold that figure to be the one used at the end of WWII. The fact is there are between 3-400 examples of newspaper reports specifically stating the figure 6 million Jews BEFORE WWII EVEN STARTED! The myth of the Holocaust was instigated in order for the world to feel the Jews were terrible victims! Only this way could they seize Palestine & commence the systematic annihilation of the hapless Palestinians. The story that they were simply defending themselves would be repeated over & over again!

In 1948 just over half of Palestine was donated to the Jews! Yet far

from thinking what a prize this was, they set about securing even more Palestinian land. The problem was America, the country they pretty much controlled, had elected a President who was not prepared to let the Israelis run roughshod over everyone. Moreover JFK made it abundantly clear – the Israelis were not under any circumstances to acquire nuclear weapons! For the Zionists JFK had become a major obstacle. He was therefore duly assassinated & the media then made sure every crackpot reason as to who was responsible was trumpeted, all except the two most obvious – the issue of Israeli nukes & the disbanding of the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve Board!

No doubt with JFK out the way, 4 years later Israel’s next move was to claim it had been attacked from all sides. The end result of the 6 day war was Israel had seized the Sinai Desert from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria & large regions of Palestine including the West Bank & Jerusalem, leaving what was little was left totally surrounded! Of course it’s laughable to suggest any country that had been attacked from all sides could within 6 days gain so much! However, the Israeli tactic to attach blame to others was to reach chronic proportions when unmarked Israeli jets attacked the US reconnaissance ship USS Liberty. The end result of this unprovoked assault was the death of 34 US sailors & 177 injured. Israel’s attempt to blame the attack on Egypt & thus bring America into the war though backfired. 

What perhaps is so disconcerting is Israel was prepared to risk nuclear annihilation by attacking its greatest ally! How could they do this? But sadly such was their influence in America, the whole sordid event was covered up by the LBJ administration & the media. Worse still, by allowing the perpetrators to escape Scot free, the Israelis must have felt omnipotent – if they could get away with this, then they could get away with just about anything! Most annoying of all was that while US politicians were firmly under the Zionist thumb, the UN & much of Europe remained steadfast, passing resolution after resolution condemning Israel’s diabolical treatment of the Palestinians, only for America to each & every time come to Israel’s rescue by applying its veto! 

Controlling the media naturally was paramount for if the American people were to ever realize what their Jewish ‘friends’ had been doing, it’s nigh on impossible gauging their fury. Unbeknown to most Americans though, this ignorance would result in them paying an even greater price. While billions upon billions of US taxpayer money was being siphoned off to Israel ever year, a Zionist Republican think-tank was busy outlining a plan called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses!” This was the work of the Project for the New American Century, the PNAC group! It stated and I quote “the process for transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” The plan for 9/11 had been hatched!

Now all that was needed was the Republicans & GW Bush to seize power. Even though Al Gore received more votes than Bush, the Zionists conspired to rig the Florida Primary so that GW’s new residence would be the White House. The rest is history. While the Bush administration pleaded ignorance, within a few hours the Zionists made sure their insiders would inform the public that this attack was down to Osama Bin Laden & Muslim terrorists. Even war criminal Ehud Barak was that very day, mysteriously plotted up outside the BBC headquarters to point an accusing finger as was Bush insider, Zionist Jerome Hauer at the ABC headquarters. How very convenient! 

Zionists Greater Israel Map

Even Netanyahu could not contain himself on the fateful day openly admitting “9/11 was good for Israel!” Not forgetting literally the trillions the Zionists have ‘earned’ out of 9/11, each & every one of the countries that voiced concern over Israel’s outrageous high-handedness have been systematically taken out paving the way for their most outlandish goal – the creation of Greater Israel. This would multiply their landmass over 100 fold, annexing Jordan & Lebanon entirely, a vast portion of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia & Egypt including the Nile Delta & Suez Canal, as well as smaller but vital regions of Turkey & Kuwait. God forbid what may transpire if they achieve this goal?

No question Americans have suffered due to Zionist skulduggery. However spare a thought for the Iraqi people, innocent victims whose awful plight is a direct result of Zionist lies. To correctly assess the crimes of dual national Zionists Wolfowitz, Pearl & Feith is almost impossible but it was largely their fabricated evidence which was then highlighted by the media that resulted in the destruction of Iraq. We were led to believe there existed links between Saddam Hussein & Al Qaeda & that Iraq may have played a role in 9/11. Also the lies that Saddam had WMD’s & could attack Western targets within 45 minutes! All were lies, merely designed to get US & UK troops to do Israel’s dirty work for them! As a result 1.5 million innocent Iraqis are dead, millions more rendered homeless! To add insult to injury the US military’s use of Depleted Uranium has resulted in sky-rocketing cancer rates & quite horrific birth defects. Yet to this day these mass-murderers remain free!  

Such is the level of their control over politicians in the US, the UK, France, Canada, Germany & Australia, only Russia has stood in Israel’s way. The price they are now paying for effectively halting the US & UK’s ‘desire’ to fight Israel’s wars by using their money & firepower to oust President Assad, is the trouble we are now seeing in Ukraine. Needless to say this almighty headache for Putin has been manufactured by the Zionists. In typical fashion, even though we are entirely to blame, the media continue to try to make the world believe it’s the fault of the Russians & of course as a result Jews may now be under threat. The only good news is, for the world it seems the Zionists are finally being found out not just as the pathological liars they most definitely are but as the major cause of much of the trouble & strife in the world!

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