Having a yearning for truth is one thing; being an activist is another. Convincing others on a regular basis requires sound tactics

A few days ago I was tagged by good friend Simon King. When I saw the post I thought oh dear. Not another one of these. It was regarding Adolf Hitler. Simon wanted to know where I stood on this. First though, I’d like to briefly outline what I feel is a far more accurate version of history –

A prerequisite to being a true authority for this period is understanding Rothschild’s role in manufacturing WWI. Their consequent meddling & influence both during the war & the peace treaty of Versailles in 1919 resulted in Germany being well & truly shafted. Initially a barrage of propaganda in the form of media lies in 1916/17 singled out Germany as the bad guy for the purpose of conning America into the war. This scuppered a peace deal England & Germany had all but signed in 1916. Few people realise WWI should have ended then!

The Rothschilds offered the Allies certain victory by getting America into the war & the added bonus they’d see to it that Germany would foot the bill for England & France’s war effort. In return the Rothschilds were promised Palestine. This would later be confirmed in the Balfour Declaration of 1919, as was the whopping reparations bill that was slapped upon Germany, effectively rendering the possibility of another World War inevitable.

What we’re taught in history lessons in school avoids any mention of how the Zionist Rothschilds were directly responsible for untold millions of deaths & the fact Germans in particular suffered terribly. Not only is this issue conveniently side-stepped but in typical Zionist fashion, the media has conducted a non-stop campaign to make us all believe the German people always had it in for the Jews, when in fact the reverse is true.

Before WWI Jews lived happily & prospered in Germany. So-called anti-Semitism was non-existent. Benjamin Freedman, a Jew who participated in the Peace Treaty of Versailles, pointed out this crucial detail out in his superb speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC in 1961. He also revealed the sinister truth regarding the underhand shenanigans of the all-powerful Rothschild banking dynasty. As well as being a shrewd businessman, Freedman devoted the millions he’d made into exposing the Zionist Rothschild role in both WWI & II. He was brave & generous too.

Another incredible detail is indeed a moot point – when Hitler seized power in 1933, Germany had little or no military firepower. There was a good reason – they weren’t allowed to. Well? We all know what happened 6 years later! The trouble is few people ever bother to ask patently obvious questions –



This for me is the big giveaway. England & France especially were caught off guard. For the world it seemed they only realised Germany was tooled up & ready to go when it was way too late. How could this possibly be? Remember in the previous 30 years the entire media apparatus which ultimately was under the control of the Rothschilds, burst blood vessels declaring – ‘Germany’s doing this; Germany’s doing that’, forever ramping up the fear factor, warning the world of the terrifying Hun & yet….. the one time Germany was REALLY up to something to have everyone’s alarm bells ringing, the media suddenly clams up! If you don’t think something seriously stinks here…….

This is where controlling the flow of information is absolutely critical. All this was possible not just because the public was being told blatant lies but because the real agenda remained hidden from public gaze. So, now onto my exchange with Simon King who tagged me for my opinion of Adolf Hitler. I’ve just explained how history is a version that suits those calling the shots but even though I know countless lies have been told about Germany & indeed Hitler, do I feel an urge to try & make people think again about him? NO WAY DO I! So I said to Simon –

My take on this is all to do with getting priorities right. Our job is to raise awareness. Therefore utilising the correct tactics is of paramount importance. If I choose to talk about WW II, I have certain options –

1) Do I focus on how so many lies were told about Hitler? Bear in mind, his refusal to surrender 6 months earlier when all was lost resulted in his own people suffering horrendously. Indeed, soldiers who’d served him admirably, when finally surrounded by the Russians, were told that had to fight to the death, even though their situation was hopeless. Far as I’m concerned Hitler’s actions here were unforgivable!

2) Do I focus on the Zionist Rothschild role where their skulduggery in WW I was directly responsible for making WWII inevitable?

3) Do I focus on the fact they financed Hitler?

4) Do I focus on the outrageous war crimes committed by the Allied bombing of German civilians?

It’s a no-brainer. I have a devil’s own job trying to fulfill all my commitments. The last thing I want to do is utilise a route which will surely encounter much flak & result in my efforts seeing scant few opening their eyes. Do you honestly believe a route that involves praising Hitler is the best way to get people to open up their minds? Come on now. Even if Hitler was a saint he’s dead and gone. My job is to make people understand who the real enemy is. Like I said – it’s all about utilising the most appropriate tactics. Understanding exactly what they are is my forte & the proof is in the pudding. I get results because I realise what’s required is a package that incorporates knowledge, common sense & a touch of entertainment.”

The moral of the story here is never piss against the wind. The mere mention of Adolf Hitler tends to incur an immediate negative reaction. Why put yourself on the backfoot when you can get the job done without mentioning him?


War is a Racket!

War is a Racket!

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