He shouldn’t just resign, he shouldn’t just be sent to prison. Cameron is guilty of Treason!‏

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as pleased as punch pressure is finally being heaped on our Prime Minister David Cameron. However, I feel somewhat miffed it’s taken this long. Isn’t this the man responsible for burying the Pedophile & Chilcot inquiries? Isn’t this the man that on the quiet allowed our private emails & phone calls to become the property of the heinous NSA? Isn’t this the man who lied about Libya & Syria? Isn’t this the man who without a shred of evidence accused President Putin of downing Malaysian flight MH17 & thus made an enemy out of a super-power? Isn’t this the man who’s gone out of his way to undermine any legitimate inquiry into the crash? He, after all, was inexplicably sent the Black Boxes of flight MH17 over 18 months ago. Why has he refused to release the data & most significantly, why hasn’t the media ever grilled him over this? So much for the truth!


But to think that money stashed away in offshore havens or the fact Cameron did not initially come clean over this issue could prove to be his downfall, frankly astonishes me no end. I could go on & on listing all the treasonous crimes Cameron has committed. His tenure as Prime Minister has been nothing but a catalogue of criminality. Former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone rightly said – the only thing Cameron has done is pander to the whims of the super wealthy at the expense of everyone else. “He shouldn’t just resign, he should be sent to prison.” It’s fair to say too, Cameron has taken lying into a new phase. Not only has he broken promises but, time & again, he’s compounded the issue by instigating policies that were the exact opposite of what he promised. I for one believe Ken Livingstone should have gone the whole hog & said Cameron is a traitor who cares more about the interests of Israel than the people he’s supposed to represent. Need I remind folk Treason is an offense punishable by death?


Of course no surprise articles like this appeared all over the Internet. Thanks to Ted Duggan for this one –
Hey, #BBC! Did you know thousands of people are demonstrating against tax dodger Cameron RIGHT NOW

Hey, #BBC! Did you know thousands of people are demonstrating against tax dodger Cameron RIGHT NOW #ResignDavidCameron

However, when it comes to money & finance, what more evidence does one need than what occurred in full public gaze with the Royal Mail sell-off? In fact this was hardly a sell-off; more like the great Royal Mail rip-off courtesy of Cameron & Osborne! A host of experts had valued the company between £4.5 – 4.6 billion. So what do the Tories do? They price the Royal Mail shares in line with the company’s net worth being a mere £3.2 billion! In other words the share price was a good 25% lower than it should have been. Of course most of us don’t have spare money stashed away but before you even think about those that do, forget it! If you were to pull up 10 large, you’d be lucky to be allocated but a grand’s worth of shares. For the public, trying to buy what we effectively owned in the first place, was, for some unbeknown reason, beset with surreptitious hurdles.


You see, first & foremost, the city big-wigs had to fill their boots. Or if you happened to be George Osborne’s best man, you could buy £50 million’s worth, no questions asked! End result, within a few hours of the Royal Mail shares being tendered, the whole caboodle was gobbled up. Furthermore, do not for one minute think these fat-cats got a wonderful surprise when their newly-acquired shares rose over 25% that very same day….. THEY KNEW THEY WERE IN ON A COUP! In other words, all along, the company’s net worth was between £4.5 – 4.6 billion…… just as all the experts had said. At the time I raised a big stink about this in a previous Whatsupic article –


‘How a Prime Minister Who’s Committed War Crimes, Treason, Fraud & Worked Against the Best Interests of His Country & Its People, Can Be Re-Elected!’ – 05 May 2014


– bemoaning how such ‘in your face’ skulduggery could occur when austerity was being forced upon the people of the UK? Moreover, how could such blatant acts of gargantuan fraud be carried out in front of our very eyes only for the entire mainstream media to completely ignore it?



Here was a case of the public being robbed blind to the tune of £1.3 – 1.4 billion & literally all the money went to the super-wealthy. Osborne’s best man made a cool £13 million overnight! This was our money, yet for the life of me, it seemed very few people gave a damn. Now we have revelations about off-shore money laundering in Panama of all places – remember. Noriega ironically was arrested & incarcerated for this very crime. However, seeing everyone suddenly making a big deal out of the Panama Papers when Cameron already has a plethora of treasonable offenses under his belt – to say I’m somewhat confused is a chronic understatement.


I’ve often stated – the media are the ones who decide when & whether the public should be up in arms. I stand by this for when the original story broke, the duplicitous corporate media unashamedly tried to pin the whole thing on Putin. Not that for one minute I believe Putin hasn’t stashed goodness knows how many million Rubles away in clandestine bank accounts but these Panama Papers had no mention of Putin, while Cameron’s name was mentioned no less than 18 times! This is typical of mainstream media. The good news is this time it’s back-fired big time. I certainly do not believe there has been any modification to the media’s policy of protecting Cameron at all costs. He along with Hollande & Hilary, after all, remain the perfect Zionist puppets. Therefore, one can only conclude that finally, alternative media is packing a punch. Long may this continue.


Cameron faces questions over £200,000 gift from mother


Get the knives out!


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