Hellstorm: The Biggest Cover-Up in History by Thomas Goodrich

This documentary tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know.

There’s an easy answer to the question why are we never told the whole truth? If we were, those pulling the strings would never get away with the heinous acts they choose to commit. Churchill & his head of bomber command Arthur Harris decided they should carpet bomb German cities of no military significance for days on end, knowing this would slaughter 100,000’s of women, children & refugees. This goes some way into explaining why for every UK citizen killed in WWII, 100 Germans died. Often the immediate reaction is to ignore this mind-boggling statistic, merely brushing it off by saying well they shouldn’t have started the war.


Sometimes I wonder if there’s any point in even saying, if only you knew the truth. Once written it all but seems history books aren’t of paper but indestructible concrete. Politicians & media know their lines only too well. Those that aren’t so well versed are told what to say. Then there’s Hollywood, forever placing the icing on the cake, always portraying the enemy in the worst possible light while claiming our side represents the knight in shining armour. Decade after decade, this cycle of brainwashing continues so that anyone who even attempts to move just slightly away from the official narrative finds themselves ambushed, hounded & ridiculed.

Even if you’re aware of the truth, merely saying a million innocent folk died here, another two million there & so on, is totally inadequate. Words cannot begin to describe the utter hell German civilians & soldiers had to endure toward the end of WWII & indeed long after. We have to see it with our own eyes or at best be informed but for this we need reporters & journalists to do their job. The problem is if I had to pick an industry where the job performed is the antithesis of the job description, the media wins hands down. As a result, genuine news is regularly withheld while what we’re fed, more often than not, is pure unadulterated tripe.

So I’m now in no doubt – if everyone saw this film, apart from the mass re-cycling of WWII history books, a total overhaul of the media, statues of certain leaders being torn down, maybe even the Rothschild banking dynasty for once feeling the heat – apart from all this, what I’m certain would happen, is it would be a damn sight harder for any country to ever declare war again. This is the difference with having a media that tells the truth as opposed to one that lies all the time.

I thought I’d include this brilliant article by my good friend Jonathan L. Trapman. We were just talking & I said it’s amazing how it’s more or less the same subject matter, we agree on every last detail, yet the articles are so different. As far as I’m concerned JLT writes the socks off me. See what you think…..

The problem is an obvious one – a handful of billionaires control all the major media outlets. Worse still, media barons are not just in cahoots with weapon manufacturers; they’re inextricably linked! Whatever happened to politicians watching our backs over glaring conflicts of interests? For instance, MSNBC is owned by General Electric, one of the biggest armaments companies in the world. So what chance is there for one of their reporters to ever say, ‘let’s give peace a chance.’ A fat one because the word diplomacy isn’t even in their dictionary. This is all down to the fact these people are beholding to a group of banksters whose ultimate goal is world domination.

I’ll say it again: If the media was able to report the truth, none of these atrocities could ever occur. The power-brokers know they will always ride shotgun. This allows them to make decisions that can kill millions, often in the most horrific circumstances. War is bad enough but there’s a certain ghastliness when the media then portrays the victims who’ve been mutilated, raped & tortured en mass as monsters who got what they deserved. It’s all too much to take. This is the media’s MO. Malcolm x brilliant quote always rings true – ‘the media will have you believing the victim is the aggressor & vice-versa.’ We see this with the Palestinians & as much as they’re going through hell on earth, what you’re about to see in this film is even worse.

WATCH ALL OF IT! I don’t often say that & it will be difficult, not just for obvious reasons but because it could, god forbid, be a pointer to what may be in store for us. I don’t often watch 90 minute videos. 20-30 is usually it. I found myself clicking pause not because I’d had enough. I just couldn’t take it. I needed a break to settle my nerves. When you watch actual pictures it really does hurt. The anger comes when you realise you’ve been taken for an almighty ride. We were all told a pack of lies & don’t think I’m so clever. I had no idea Eisenhower was such a wicked man or the fact several million Germans died after the war, the vast majority in dreadful circumstances. Each time I reverted back to the film I kept shaking my head wondering how humans could be so cruel. You’ve got to watch this & then share it hopefully with my write up.


And to think most folk in the UK still regard Churchill as the greatest of all Brits. He’s one who should have been top of the list for execution at Nuremberg. Here is another quote from this evil monster who was directly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians.


Archives prove these were indeed his words so from where I’m sitting it looks like Churchill was the one gagging for war. In fact, one of the few things I learned in school was Hitler did not want to fight England. He simply yearned to make Germany great again, especially after they were well & truly shafted by the Treaty of Versailles. Previous to that, German manufacturing, their organisation & efficiency propelled the nation into challenging the economic hegemony of the US & UK which incidentally was the main reason for WWI. After that war Germany endured 15 years of utter misery. Hitler then picked his country up off the floor so that in 1938 he was voted Time Magazine’s MAN OF THE YEAR! If he was so bad why give him such an accolade?

Thanks Ruba for sending this : Britain Started WWI And WWII And Both Times Blamed Germany

The truth’s there if you want it. Understanding what occurred in WWI & the aftermath is crucial. For this, Benjamin Freedman’s historic speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC in 1961 is perfect. You can’t get anything better. This brilliant Jewish entrepreneur who spent much of his life trying to expose the scourge of Zionism, was actually at Versailles when the Treaty was being thrashed out in 1919. He could see Germany was being sold down the river. The outrageous reparations was anything but a peace offering. All it did was nurture a climate that rendered WWII inevitable. All the Rothschilds had to do was wait for the right person to come along. Adolf Hitler.

And look who first declared war on Germany

It goes without saying Jews were pushed into boycotting German goods by Rothschild Zionists who controlled so much. Moreover, any country that expressed concern were told in no uncertain terms THEY HAD TO COMPLY! This boycott was as good as a declaration of war. Benjamin Freedman said in his speech words to the effect – such provocation was tantamount to lunacy. Jews were not only treated well in Germany but few countries, if any, treated Jews better! One thing is certain: The Rothschilds had an agenda to pursue. The fact they controlled the media meant they could literally conjure up ‘news’ out of thin air. To make sense out of all this I believe three questions need to be asked




I’ll give you a clue for the first question – the banking industry serves no purpose whatsoever to the human race! The rest is self-explanatory. They print money; they lend it out on the premise your collateral becomes theirs if you don’t pay the money back. If you do, you’re charged interest! In other words this is a licence to create real wealth out of sweet bugger all! What more can one say except if this isn’t the height of madness then what can be? No surprise the Rothschilds now own half of the world’s wealth, some $500 Trillion! No surprise we’re in this mess.

Benjamin Freedman answers the 2nd question. The 3rd is a simple process of elimination, after all, who possessed the kind of financial muscle required to resurrect a nation that in 1933 was utterly destitute & then not only rebuild the country’s infrastructure but to also create an Army, a Navy & an Air-Force that within seven years would take over most of Europe? There’s only one name that can be in the frame – the Rothschilds. They’re the money printers!

So what we have here is on the one hand the newspapers creating a false impression that Jews all over the world had no option but to declare war on Germany, while on the other hand, those who owned the newspapers WERE SECRETLY FINANCING HITLER! All this begins to make sense once you listen to Benjamin Freedman’s speech. Jews were being set up by the Rothschilds. So much for anti-Semitism! And this caption says it all…..

The Balfour Declaration may have been in the bag but the Rothschilds knew they couldn’t just traipse into a country & displace the indigenous population like marauding Vikings. Don’t get me wrong, they’d have thought nothing of it but the Rothschilds felt to pull this off they required worldwide sympathy in order to quell any outcry. They’d worked out how to overcome this hurdle years earlier. In fact the media set about cornering the ‘worldwide sympathy’ market as early as 1896. The Ionisers plucked a figure out of thin air 6 millionwith the idea of repeating it over & over again, each time making out this many Jews were under threat.

All of the above are bare-faced lies, as are the 300 or so examples similar to these, each & every one reporting the suffering of 6 million Jews. It was always this number. Quite how this didn’t raise more eyebrows I’ll never know, yet for over 40 years the world’s media kept itself busy subliminally brainwashing the 6 million figure into people’s minds & the most unbelievable thing of all…..


So, just think about that. The 6 million figure that’s been rammed down our throats for over 70 years since the end of WWII was a complete fabrication. Please. If you want to bleat anti-Semitism be my guest because all you’re doing is showing how evil or how ignorant you are. This is as good as proof. If you don’t see something is seriously amiss here then you’re simply not interested in the truth. We were lied to about the Holocaust. Our entire history is riddled with lies!

Perhaps the greatest problem is most people cannot comprehend the sheer scale of the ramifications of these lies. How many people are under the mistaken belief Germany started WWII? I reckon at least 95%. If only they knew how there is so much more to this than meets the eye. This shows the true power of the media. Amazing as it may seem, WWII was in the pipeline long before the outbreak of WWI. It’s all been engineered by the Rothschild banking dynasty. One of their top-ranking Illuminati Masons was Albert Pike (1809 – 1891). I’m no fan but whichever way you look at it, he must have had some sort of crazy crystal ball –

I think he said this in 1871 –

The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.”

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

A quick note about WWI. Imagine: for centuries Britain’s greatest enemies were France & Russia. Lo & behold, by the time WWI breaks out, THEY’RE OUR ALLIES! I mean what in the blazes is going on here? And look what started this daft war. One soppy assassination & all hell breaks loose? Come on. Throughout Europe, politicians were goaded, bribed & coerced into signing a series of pacts so that all it took was one event which anyone could have arranged & suddenly the whole of Europe was embroiled in a conflict of catastrophic proportions. The Rothschilds must have been rubbing their hands with glee.


Another point worth mentioning & it goes a long way to show how complicit the media is. Russia fought with us in WWI losing untold millions. They fought with us again in WWII. Estimated losses between 20 – 26 million! We lost around 250,000. So if any country won WWII it was Russia. Without their ungodly sacrifice, Hitler would surely have taken over Europe & as a result we’d most definitely would have suffered far greater casualties. Since the end of WWII Russia has not committed a single act of aggression against us yet we’re constantly told – THEY’RE OUR ENEMY…… & people believe it! The mind truly boggles!


What irony. Between 80-90% of Israelis originally hail from Khazaria, a region now known as Georgia. Since this is Eastern Europe, the vast majority of Israelis are NOT Semitic! However, since Palestinians, Iraqis & Syrians are of Middle Eastern origin, this makes them true Semites. So we have the nonsensical situation where the very people who moan incessantly about anti-Semitism, not only aren’t Semitic but ARE THE MOST ANTI-SEMITIC PEOPLE ON THE PLANET BY A MILE! Just another crucial fact that’s been kept a closely guarded secret.

And what of the Rothschilds. What irony again that the creators of the state of Israel were the exact same people who financed Hitler. Worth noting too, when Hitler signed the Havaara Agreement in 1933 which gave Jews safe access to Palestine, he’s inadvertently thrown a wrench into the Rothschilds plan to establish worldwide sympathy. The shocking truth is the Rothschilds wanted Hitler to kill Jews so that at the end of the war the Zionist media could say, ‘look what they’ve done to us. Can we have Palestine now?’

We were led to believe the Nazis had exterminated 6 million Jews even though there was zero evidence. No gas chambers. No massive burial grounds. In fact the very notion was confounded when the camps were liberated by what WE ALL SAW! Video evidence does not lie. Bodies were piled up, lying unburied, while survivors were emaciated, down to the bone, malnourished & dehydrated. As a result in no time disease set in & quickly spread. This was how the vast majority of those in the Concentration Camps died.

Obviously with the camps slap-bang in the middle of a war zone, with the Russians advancing & taking zero prisoners, German guards & camp personnel had no option but to retreat. Soon supply lines would be cut – thus no food, water or medicine could reach the camps. Of course those in the camps could now leave but where would they go? Already weak from malnutrition at least they had shelter. Moreover, they had good reason to believe soon help would be on the way. Surely the end of the war was days, maybe weeks away.

Little did they know the Allies had long since decided they would not accept surrender from Germany or Japan. The goal was to pulverise both nations. This meant the war would drag on & it spelled disaster for those in the camps. Weeks turned to months. Soon bodies were being piled on top of each other. With dehydration & malnutrition seriously taking its toll on survivors, no one had strength enough to bury the dead. This exacerbated an already dire situation. Disease would speed up the death rate exponentially.

What we all saw again confirms the truth. The gas chambers & the 6 million figure were merely Zionist concoctions. If you’re open minded surely you now realise you were lied to because the story you’ve been told doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. This is why the media never permits any meaningful debate on the Holocaust. It’s ‘believe what we say or else!’ Well, like it or not, such belligerence counters the very essence of democracy. Since when was questioning or presenting an alternative view a crime? What I do know is whenever anyone adopts such a stance it inevitably means they’re at best hiding something or at worst, lying through their back teeth! Always remember – ONLY THE TRUTH STANDS UP TO SCRUTINY!

Holocaust survivors and their descendants accuse Israel of ‘genocide’



  • Oh, come on, please! No gas chambers? That’s a bridge too far. There is evidence from contemporary film archives as well as first-hand accounts that they existed. Your article no doubt contains some salient truths, so why weaken it by distorting fact?

    • The chambers you saw were used to de-lice inmates. This was merely another trick by the liars. Moreover. If so many people were gassed – WHERE ARE THE BURIAL GROUNDS? 6 million? Even if 100,000 people were gassed there would be evidence in burial grounds. so Global Fightback – come on. PLEASE!

    • John pike

      Yes my friend the whole horrible truth,and it’s as easy to keep pushing by that six million figure as it is to keep showing fake pictures.the truth seeker published an article showing gas chambers(same ones) in Australia!so either the brits were gassing convicts or the Germans were telling the truth, for delousing clothing. Try and get the interview with Alexander McClellan, he was in 7 or 8 camps and never saw one German even abuse a prisoner.i think this has been buried now.prof nick killers trim covers it brilliantly in his book breaking the spell, and what did he have to gain,he’s been oustracised by his former uni.

      • Absolutely John. For every inmate who said they were mistreated, there are inmates who say the official narrative is a total concoction. In mates were by & large treated well. And when it came to abiding by the Geneva Convention, the Germans, by & large, did whereas the Allies tore the rule book up!

  • Enrique Veogente

    The gas chambers were real ..playing the devils advocate will not change the facts …you may think you are not doing anything other than distorting the truth to suit your narrative but you are undermining the efforts of the people who lost their lives to bolster your ego ..there are still some survivors of the holocaust…I doubt anyone but the Zionists themselves would deny their involvement in most wars ..but diluting the truth only serves the Zionist.

    • So explain to me how the papers kept writing the figure ‘6 million Jews’ 300 times before WW II started. You can’t can you? You know why? The great Mark Twain once said IT’S A WHOLE LOT EASIER FOOLING SOMEONE THAN TELLING THEM THEY’VE BEEN FOOLED!’ Do you know the OFFICIAL Holocaust figures have been revised down to under 2 million? We were lied to whether you like it or not!
      Moreover, if there’s any undermining I’m guilty of it’s only aimed at fools & I do not try to tell the truth to bolster my ego, I can assure you.

    • If the gas chambers did exist,how do you account for the fact that so many survivors caimed that there were never any gas chambers present & if there were,why were so many present in those camps without having been gassed at some stage ?!
      Further to that,how would so many millions of corpses been disposed of ?!
      There is no trace of them !
      Take a look at the size of the crematoriums – they are not much bigger than pizza ovens – so,how could millions of corpses been cremated in them & also where would the fuel for cremational purposes have come from ?!
      Germany was fighting on 2 fronts & every commodity was precious – no timber/coal/gas/petroleum products were available in large enough quantities to have made it possible to cremate so many corpses – the logistics involved alone simply do not add up !

      • Thank you Terence. Sadly people don’t realise how right Mark Twain was. It certainly helps having others fighting mu corner. Cheers mate & as per usual, you made some excellent points.

  • CB_

    This one is the best of your newsletters.
    Great articles — and great pictures, too.

    However, the Albert Pike stuff is dubious
    in the extreme. Look up his dates, and ask
    yourself, just how does he get to pontificate…

    And also:
    “… Khazaria, a region now known as Georgia.” ?…
    The Khazars were never that close to Armenia.
    They were well north of the Caucasus ridge.

    • Thanks CB I did put a lot into this one. Thanks for your constructive criticism too. I hope people realise when you write it can often be a balancing act with what one includes & what one chooses to leave out. As you probably know this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned Albert Pike even though I’ve known about him for many years. To be honest, I share your concerns. How on earth could this guy have got it so right? Against this is the fact WWI & II were so pre-arranged by the very people Pike worked for, as was every one of their moves since the Napoleonic Wars. So it’s safe to assume they had very smart advisers.
      The one I don’t believe is his call on WWIII. I feel there is no way he could have predicted that. Against this though is the fact what would the Zionists have to gain from spilling the beans? So I thought to hell with it. Many people including General Wesley Clark referred to Albert Pike. Taking it down now would be too problematic. Let people make up their own minds on this one. i don’t think it can do much damage either way. I may try damn hard but I never said I was perfect.
      I’ve put up several maps of Khazaria & I know it was at one time one of the biggest nations in Europe. I’m pretty sure it bordered Russia & Iran because they always complained about all the Khazarian thuggery. I’m actually not sure why I even use the Georgian analogy. I will cease to do so as of now. I’ll simply have to find a more appropriate alternative.

    • Like I said to take it out altogether is not possible but what I will do on my website is mention how I’ve always felt about Pike’s predictions & that people should take them at face value. I did say at the end he must have had a crazy crystal ball.

  • CB_

    I now looked closer the Albert Pike stuff —
    and its totally fake credentials are so terribly
    obvious. You must get rid of it — it’s nothing
    but a source of extreme embarrassment.

  • CB_

    “… the Rothschilds now own… some $500 Trillion!”
    They fully deserve to hang even if it’s only $5 trillion.
    “$500 trillion” is about as credible as “Six Million”.

    This “$500 trillion”,, as well as “Albert Pike” is typical
    Jew garbage propounded by the Jews themselves.
    Simply ask yourself, to what end?…

    • On their wealth – now here I beg to disagree. Most of the info I’ve got from the Rothschilds – Anthony J Hilder, Benjamin Freedman, Myron Fagan – well you can’t get better than that. This one family after all can print all the money they need, lend it out & charge interest. There’s no limit to what they can amass. How else could one family control so much? The world’s wealth is approximately $1000 Trillion & nearly all the estimates I’ve read (& I can assure you I don’t read rubbish) places their wealth between $3-500 Trillion. I’m quite surprised we’re so far apart on this one CB. Then again it is impossible for any two people to agree on everything.

  • brian.mitchell

    Fabulous this is one of your best
    gas cahmbers ? the Red cross MI 6 the NKVD polish intell the RAMC BCA Churcill memoirs De gaule diaries
    i could go on , none mention gas chambers because there were none. Biship Wiliamson went through the huge vatican library, which has extensive coverage of the camp system, he realised there were no gas chambers and said so. The worlds top historians David Irving Ernst zundel Robert Faurison Sr David Cohen and Moshe Solomons all top experts all say THERE WERE NO GAS CHAMBERS
    Sure the jewbankers did fund hitler up until he stopped the jewish strangehold on finance, Hitler gave the money to the people making them prosperous, this is why the jews bought the bastard churchill and others to war with them, Churchill on rothschilds orders used the cowardly RAF to strafe refugee columns of women and children, and were bombing already ruined cities as churchill said he did not want to feed and house refugees. Moshe Solomons said on recoird it was the master stroke of the jews to bring the 2 anglo saxon brothers to war with each other twice in one century
    it is our duty to make sure it does not happen again

    • Thanks Brian. Much appreciate it. You obviously know far more about the Holohoax than I do. In fact I have to be perfectly honest – on this subject I have conducted zero research. I didn’t have to. It was obvious something was up by the way people weren’t being allowed to question what is a historical event. I mean that’s ridiculous. From here one can only conclude they have to be hiding something because as I said in the last sentence – only the truth stands up to scrutiny. Whenever someone says – ‘you can’t question what I’m saying’ then it’s a cast-iron certainty they’re lying.
      And I mean no research because all I had to do is use my eyes! What we all saw should have told everyone everything. My scenario connects all the dots. The official version makes Swiss cheese look solid!

  • brian mitchell

    this vid above must be seen its about high level hollywood jews having sex slaves

    • I’m sure. One of Adam Weishaupt main stipulations was they use SEX to entrap people. This is why 99% of those involved in Hollywood are garbage people. They can turn a blind eye to anything for a bit of green.

  • Danielle

    Michael, you really outdid yourself with this incredibly all-encompassing article as to the untold and mostly unknown TRUE EVILS of WW2 Germany & Europe, as a whole.
    I watched Hellstorm perhaps 2 years ago & it served as a huge red pill for me as to what I did NOT learn in my high school international and American history classes.
    This is a perfect article for us to share with our “less enlightened and aware” friends, family & fellow-online-plat-formers who, for lack of a better term, shoot the s*** with on what we continue to discover as we learn this world is not at all anything we used to think it was. You have packed an unbelievable amount of critical WW2 knowledge into this article & it it very “share-able” – I say this because I am always disappointed when I read great articles on the Occidental Observer but often decline sharing them because they are just so darned SCHOLARLY that they are not a smooth, flowing read. I sometimes wonder if these PhD types are trying to awaken others or are merely trying to impress their colleagues, ugh!
    I love reading Andrew Joyce but have no problem in admitting I wish he would put things in laymans terms, aka dumb it down, for the likes of some of us. Don’t even get me started on Kevin MacDonald, lol! He has wonderful knowledge but can you say DRY?
    Thanks for making this such an excellent share that explains so very much by way of providing neglected information, as well as giving true accounts of our highly inverted versions of what transpired during and after WW2.

    • Thank you so much Danielle. I must admit, I did give this one everything, for obvious reasons. Like you say, I had to cram a lot in.
      You’re so right about great writers who try to impress their peers & so often they forget their audience. I feel writing is all about getting the right balance between entertaining the reader, laying out the facts & showing why you reach certain conclusions. Of course to do this one requires sound judgement to go with having courage of your convictions & a talent to write with a bit of style.
      Anyone can have knowledge. It’s just a question of soaking it up. Intelligence is something different. Knowledge is knowing the right answer. Intelligence is knowing the right question.

    • brian mitchell

      DID YOU KNOW ?
      The British Resistance has a long history, When King Harold was in the North of England fighting his half brother, The Jews financed William the conquerors army to cross the channel and make a base
      which they successfully used to take Britain.
      Hereward the Wake had a guerilla army in the Fenlands who fought the Normans, but they were betrayed by the Bishop of Ely and slaughtered.
      The jews erected harsh terms for financial payments and when their wealth rivalled the kings, the King expelled them all in 1290, they were not readmitted until Oliver Cromwell needed to modernise his army in 1656.
      The jews had a long standing curse to kill the king, Cromwell it is said a secret jew, made sure in 1649 the king was killed to appease the jews.
      The crusades were fermented encouraged and intrigued and financed by the same jews who lent money at vast interest rates to fight these wars, at one time there were so many waifs and orphans on the streets that the jews orchestrated a ” childrens crusade” to go to the Holy Land in the year 1212. Obviously they were all slaughtered, but the jews got their money
      The farmlands of the Fenlands has always been a hotbed of resistance to the NWO agenda, and there was resentment in Britain when the lowest paid workers saw how much Adolf Hitler had raised the wages of these same farm workers in Germany, and there was much envy, so much so that a local landowner Sir Andrew Fountaine promised economic parity with German workers just after the war and in a local election, it was said by vote counters Sir Andrew won the election but he was seen by government as being on a neo nazi ticket so they squeezed in the labour candidate by a small margin, Churchill was so outraged by the success of the German bombing in the area that he claimed these men were signalling to German planes by leaving tractor tyre marks and burning brushwood to point the way, Churchill was stopped from bombing these men and the workers on the Queens Sandringham estate, by the intervention of Lord Lindeman, the cut out man between Churchill and his handler Lord Rothschild, who blamed Churchill’s alcoholism.
      The 2 centres for stopping the war on Germany were the Fenlands of East Anglia and Shropshire where many folk did not want to fight a war on Germany for the jews.
      It has been airbrushed from history just how many men were arrested in dawn raids and never seen again, Beafeaters at the Tower of London say a lot of graves suddenly appeared in W W 2.
      The Ely Cathedral is in the heart of the Fenland’s and it is this area where resistance was greatest, and i read that renovation work undertaken just 6 years ago in Cathedral buildings which were used as an RAF hospital in W W 2 for both injured airmen and VD sufferers revealed a mass of anti-Churchill graffiti.
      An incident which again has been airbrushed out was the blowing up of an ammunition train on 2nd of June 1944 in Soham where 400 tons of bombs destined for D day exploded in cargo wagons being taken by rail.
      The train crew tipped off by the resistance and led by Benjamin Gimbert the train driver detached the wagon containing the bomb but it exploded killing 2 rail workers.
      Gimbert who survived the blast was awarded the George Cross, the popular TV series ” lovejoy” contains a character called Gimbert who is based on the rail man.
      It was said that the blast which left a crater 25 feet deep and 66 feet in diameter and blew in the windows of 700 local houses.
      The Royal Engineers and the US Engineers Corps had trains running next day, and a memorial stone was unveiled about the ” accident” on June 2 2007.
      The English resistance as typified by William Joyce Oswald Mosely Jez Turnert and others is still active 1000 years later and wants no more wars for the jews.

  • Debbie Lawrence

    Outstanding work Michael, if only truth were taught in schools and shown in documentaries. Maybe then people might shake off their comatose state of being.

  • Jews control what the public believe, read, think, hear and do. Jews have their own food which is safe to eat. They have comp lete control over where and when we go to war which is always in their interest and generates wealth for them.In the 1960’s they created the swinging sixties cultural revolution where teenagers were set against moral, correct thinking. This started the trend of having children outside marriage. Jews who are in charge of the fashion and retail trade promoted mini skirts and introduced the contraceptive pill. Football up until this period was enjoyed by many Europeans. If your team lost the supporters would say “it was a good enjoyable game and hopefully we will win next time.”
    The Jews put most of the swastikas up themselves to gain public sympathy. Also money, as the government will pay for security guards that are completely unnecessary. Poor Jews they say. They own most of the large corporations, large department stores and have the lions share of the property market. I could write a book on how Jews determine who will be in Western governments to carry out their programme of “world domination.” Get yourselves a copy of the Jewish Talmud. You will find that they regard themselves as the only humans and regard everyone else as Goyim (cattle) and how their aim is global domination. They are already talking about world government. Everyone needs to get back into their own country and retake control.

    • BERNARD – I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Relatively intelligent people will try & punch holes in what you say & of course claim this is anti-Semitism but the truth is, you’re right on every single point. I don’t know if you know Gilad Atzmon. He’s an extremely smart Jewish guy who said something very profound – JEWISH POWER IS THE ABILITY TO SILENCE DISCUSSION ABOUT JEWISH POWER! The one thing you’ve omitted is Zionists lack any conscience & therefore possess a capacity for evil that’s off the Richter scale.

  • John pike

    Albert pike stuff is not new ,it was as far as I know in a book called morals and dogma.if you want more on Khazaria , book thirteenth tribe by aurthur koestler and as for the rothschilds how can you doubt their extreme wealth, they own control all the central banks, in other words they own the money, great work it good to see people waking up

    • Thanks very much John for that..I don’t get time to read these days because I’m always writing but yes i couldn’t agree more about the money printers!

      • brian mitchell

        Sure Hitler was funded by the jews right up until he took the economy away from them and gave it to the people
        see this.
        WAR BONDS
        At the outbreak of W W 1 the government said that the people of the UK responded with fervour and monetary war targets were met of raising £350 million ( about £37 billion in todays money) and from the public donations for its war loans scheme a further £250 million.
        However research from secret ledgers held in the Bank of England showed that this was a huge lie and that not only was the scheme to raise money from the public a total failure but the government colluded with the banks on faking up documents and signing what they knew to be false.
        John Gordon Nairne who was head of the Bank of England from 1902 to 1918 swore on oath under the “Statutory Declarations Act” that the money had been raised from the peoples donations.
        The government in order to wring the money out of the people embarked on a vicious trail of lies about Germany and its intentions, with Winston Churchill at its head, and even with this less than a third of public money targets were met, as the public just did not see the need for them to be involved in a war, an excuse had to be found and the government settled on the murder of the Archduke of Sarajevo by a jewish fanatic, but the people had never even heard of Sarajevo and were not interested in going to war for some one and a place they had never heard of, hence all the newspaper propaganda, the Winston Churchill government were complicit in hiding all the peace offers from the Kaiser.
        Nairne and Ernest Harvey purchased the remaining war bonds in their own names with the Banks own money, under the orders of lord Rothschild, this was all hidden up under the title of “other securities.”
        Allan Harris and Norma Cohen researchers and whistleblowers at Queen Mary college Uni in London, said this is the first time government dishonesty about the war had been divulged, had this come out at the time it would have meant a propaganda victory for Germany and a collapse at home of public moral.
        Mark Stephens of Howard and kennedy solicitors has said had the banking fraud come to light both Nairne and Harvey would have gone to prison, and such a lack of response was seen by the public that the interest had to be raised from 3.5 % to 5.4% on the war bonds.
        Benjamin Disraeli the first Jewish Prime minister of the UK was finessed into office by Rothschild to ferment the basis of the war, and blackmail to get the 1917 Balfour declaration through was used extensively.
        Further documents in the vault show that we fought the war primarily for Rothschild, and he loaned us the money at huge interest to pay for for his war.
        Peter wright who wrote the masterpiece Spycatcher, had to take out the first chapter which dealt with jewish connivance in 2 world wars, through threat of legal action, but inferred what the First World war was really about.
        The pressure to involve America in the coming war started in 1909, long before the actual assassination of the Archduke.
        Norman Dodd, former director of the Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations of the U.S. House of Representatives, testified that the Committee was invited to study the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as part of the Committee’s investigation. The Committee stated: ” There are no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people. That leads them to a question: How do we involve the United States in a war.
        So the decision was made to involve the United States in a war so that the “life of the entire people could be altered to suit jewish NWO purposes.”
        This was the conclusion of a foundation supposedly committed to “peace.”
        M I 5 archive section has few documents left as much has been purged, but Rothschild agent JP Morgan sold heavy weapons and ammunition including 6 million bullets which were on the Lusitania when it was sunk, this was Churchill’s ploy to bring the USA into the war.
        The true story of the sinking of the Lusitania is on the net by ex intel whistleblower T Stokes now long dead
        W W 2 has long been called by experts “Rothschilds war ” these documents proved beyond any doubt that W W 1 was also Rothschilds war.

        • Thanks Brian – like I said, you’re the historian & it’s impressive as well as very interesting. I wholeheartedly believe every word you say not so much because I know it’s true but because it all fits into the bigger picture which I feel I do know about. I’ve never been one for detail. The problem with it, especially if you’re a social media writer like me, is it turns most people off. Only the connoisseur appreciates the finer points. I’m sure you know the best way to plant seeds into people’s minds is by keeping it simple. You know a million times more than I do but we nevertheless end up at the same destination.
          By the way FB have just banned me for another 30 days! Bastards.

          • brian mitchell

            You are very kind micheal i only know my own little corner of things but your knowledge and ability to put it across is far better. I love your work the coleman expereince when i first found it i felt so at home, much of it i knew but there was so much alse that i knew was true. thankyou

          • Not at all Brian. It’s great to see people with their minds so open. Unfortunately I’ll be backing off for the next 30 days because I can’t post on FB & as much as I hate to admit it, it makes a huge difference. These bastards have slaughtered my website post reach & it seems there’s nothing I can do about it. So to write all day for a 300 or so views is not easy. At least with FB a post can be seen be well over 10.000 people. I’ll still do the odd post though. Now to have a look at the Coleman post!

          • brian mitchell

            Its out in the open. Its gone on for some time, but UK and USA politicians are no longer allowed by israel for any big meetups, these have to be done in israel
            You were warned many times, the most noticeable being by Adolf Hitler

          • This merely proves what I’ve said for years – The US, UK, CANADA, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA & a host of other nations are OCCUPIED TERRITORIES! The Israelis control what happens in these countries & you can be sure the next step is to pass laws that will criminise any criticism of Israel. It’s like we’re lemming being led over the cliff!

          • brian mitchell

            The roman emperor to keep the people occupied and distracted said give the people bread and circuses
            Football is the modern NWO number one distraction exercise, its above TV soaps crap homosexuality or Hollywood propaganda films, this is why people like elton john robert maxwell and russian mafia bosses buy football teams, they also fill them with non british players, as they say ” brits are not good enough” its laughable that the British team contains almost all foreign players blacks etc with just 3 british players.
            Football bollox where a man in his pants kicks a ball round a field and in one match can earn as much as a working man in several months is a disgrace.
            The statue shown s part of the marxist modern art hoax, and is laughable,
            to make a block of concrete with graffiti on it and expect the public to see it as art, is a horrible sick joke

            see below

            The Parker’s Piece football memorial will be revealed next month
            There will also be the chance towatch two special games of football, pick up a commemorative newspaper and meet the artists behind the sculpture

          • Again, couldn’t agree more Brian. I will admit I love sport. In fact I know much more about several sports, music & Physics than I do about politics & the world at large. The thing is when you know the truth, if you’re not religiously inclined it can be very taxing on the brain. I need something where I can chill out otherwise I’d go mad.
            However the fact some footballers earn over £300.000 PER WEEK is simply ridiculous! In other words 10 times more than the average person earns in a year. It is indeed a sick world. But then if you consider what these bankers & CEO’s are raking in every year, soccer players are mere pawns. What a world we’d have if there were no Zionist bankers!

          • brian mitchell

            i love your logic michael, i was looking for an article on the relevent topic i found rec ently, i think it w\s taken down but i found this oldie which shook me rigid.
            The TV station Russia TV today carried the story of the UK Miners strike, no one knows what really went on

            so this article sent to me some years back when myself and BIgmac with kevin Field ran the now defunct conspiracy news

            we never published it but it will help to understand the bigger picture, please remember it is possible 8-10 years old.


            The UK miners’ strike of 1984–85 was led by the N.U.M or National Union of Mineworkers, the dispute caused major industrial action affecting the whole British coal industry.

            Some NUM members considered the strike to be unconstitutional and did not take part, they also did not want to give the government cause to bring in complete closure as threatened.

            Coal mining was nationalised by Clement Atlee in 1947, but in the 1980s following the 1979 election of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Tensions between the Thatcher government and the public unions mounted as the Thatcherites said miners pay rises were risking public inflation.

            Many millions of manufacturing jobs were lost between 1979 and 1981, heavy industry shipbuilding, cars motorcycles steel in fact every manufacturing industry was closed down, and small industries were hampered with high VAT taxes which led to huge job losses in many old family businesses countrywide.

            Thatcher’s policies changed Britain’s knickname from “The workshop of the world ” to “the sick man of Europe”

            and her personal financial advisor Sir Alan Waters, who was a school failure at maths and had worked in a shoe factory and coming from a hard left communist family, advised Thatcher to smash established industry and run the disastrous Poll tax.

            The government announced on 6 March 1984 its intention to close 20 coal mines, revealing it would close over 75 pits long term. Mass walk-outs and strikes began following this revelation in March, including the widely shown BBC film footage of the Battle of Orgreave with 5,000 miners charging 5,000 police officers.

            This has later been shown to be fake footage, 5000 miners in tea shirts and trainers charging 5000 heavily armed

            police on horseback, just did not happen other film taken in secret by a KGB officer shows miners running from the police charges and all the miners injuries, were head injuries from the back with long police truncheons,

            this mean the miners could not receive hospital treatment as the police were waiting to charge the injured miners with unlawful assembly and rioting, the Jewish controlled press put a slant on things to alienated the people from the miners, remember we still had 50 years of coal supplies underground.

            The shock was that the hard left newspaper Daily Mirror, the supposed paper of the workers would run such awful and in most cases inaccurate stories about a working union and its men, the miners was seen as a betrayal,

            the reason was under the intelligence operation Cyclops, Jewish newspaper owner Robert Maxwell was under orders from Rothschild, who along with Thatcher had agreed that the coal fired power stations would close so Rothschild could sell us his oil to make them oil powered, this would give him a stranglehold and another card to play in his long game on the international chessboard.

            While I personally did not like Arthur Scargill, when he fell out with his bodyguard Jim Parker it was boomtime

            for getting information, Russian minors really put their hands in their pockets and contributed a lot of money to help their British colleagues, but parker and defector evidence, meant Thatcher confiscated the monies.

            Rubbish appeared in the jewish press that Colonel Ghadaffi was building communist squads out of disgruntled minors, the police all had lots of lovely overtime and some that I spoke to there had sympathy for the miners, others just thought about paying off their mortgages their one task was ” to break the miners resolve”

            The back story of this puts a very different perspective on things, an unknown polish defector named Romwald Spasowski who was Deputy Justice Minister in Poland defected in 1981 using a specially adapted carriage on a train, Peter wright who wrote the book Spycatcher, was a scientist who was given the designs of a carriage,

            and he totally redesigned it to carry a body out to the west, and several defectors where brought to safety by this method.

            Spasowski risked his life to tell us that Thatcher was a mossad agent working to destroy the UK.

            this news was almost laughed at in most areas of national security.

            Lord Rothschild decides which politician will stand in jewish areas, but for some perplexing reason a Christian woman was chosen to stand in the heavily jewish area of Finchley, the reason was Thatcher was totally compromised by the Israel lobby and had 6 of the most important positions in her cabinet taken by jews, Lord Rothschild had the most important position a security advisor which meant every other single paper be it fact or proposal crossed his desk.

            The defector Frantisek August said similar about Thatcher and the jews but the British thought as he did not have direct access to these documents, his testimony was dismissed, which was a mistake I said so at the time and still say so.

            The plan for the destruction of British industry came from Rothschild who told Thatcher, not to worry as banking interests would bring Britain prosperity, he said the UK was no longer competitive in the world marketplace, and various jewish economists backed him up, when Thatcher was being turfed from office she was told she was hoodwinked and cried her eyes out on the car journey home.

            T Stokes London

          • That Allan Waters – the day Thatcher brought him in I thought – PLANT! What worried me is how could it be possible that the a totally unknown, unelected individual could have direct access to the PM of Britain? Already this makes a laughing stock of democracy. I take in all you say but what did my head in is how these bastards destroyed an industry where Britain led the world! Not only were we building the most advanced passenger planes like Concorde but the military planes, both Bomber & Fighter planes, we were at the forefront. Even when I look at pictures of the Vulcan Bomber now, it’s hard to believe they were made over 60 years ago. Then there’s the Mosquito, Spitfire, Tornado & another plane that was revolutionary – the Harrier jump jet. What does it take for people to realise for the Rothschilds technology is there to steal; countries are there to destroy!

          • Again, couldn’t agree more Brian. I will admit I love sport. In fact I know much more about several sports, music & Physics than I do about politics & the world at large. The thing is when you know the truth, if you’re not religiously inclined it can be very taxing on the brain. I need something where I can chill out otherwise I’d go mad.
            However the fact some footballers earn over £300.000 PER WEEK is simply ridiculous! In other words 10 times more than the average person earns in a year. It is indeed a sick world. But then if you consider what these bankers & CEO’s are raking in every year, soccer players are mere pawns. What a world we’d have if there were no Zionist bankers!

          • brian mitchell

            Another off line one but so important michael

            From: Caroline Farrow | CitizenGO
            Sent: 30 May 2019 07:15
            To: brother.cadfael17@outlook.com
            Subject: 2 days to stop Disney’s Homosexual Pride parade!
            The Walt Disney brand was once a byword for wholesome family-friendly entertainment.

            This weekend Disneyland Paris is holding a Gay Pride parade.

            These events are notorious for sexually explicit costumes and displays of lewd behaviour.

            Sign here now to stop the indoctrination of young children and keep Disneyland safe for families.

            Dear Granville,

            Warning: Disney parks are no longer family friendly!

            Disney is flaunting their new partnership with the “LGBTQ” community as they plan to host their very first gay pride parade this upcoming Saturday, June 1st, at Disneyland Paris. This event is an expansion from a small party they promoted in the park last year and will be the first outright parade celebrating the gay lifestyle.

            The growth of pervert pride events at Disney is not limited to its Paris location. At Universal Studios Hollywood, in Southern California, Disney is helping to organize the “Pride Is Universal” event that will also take place this Saturday. And, the expansion of “Gay Days,” which are held every August at Walt Disney World in Florida.

            Sign here: http://www.citizengo.org/en-gb/fm/170941-stop-lgbt-indoctrination-disneyland

            This is a deceptive move to push the LGBT political agenda and expose children and families to lewd behaviour.

            Similar parades around the world are notorious for exposing viewers to:

            Participants wearing only their underwear or leather bondage gear
            Topless dancers
            Lewd dancing
            People engaging in public sex acts
            Semi-nude or completely nude people
            Around 157 million people visited Disney parks in 2018. Disney is an empire built on attracting families with children. Gay pride-related events are very public with the potential to become an X-rated peep show. How many of this Saturday’s 430,000 park attendees do you think will be exposed?

            Sign here: http://www.citizengo.org/en-gb/fm/170941-stop-lgbt-indoctrination-disneyland

            I’m sure the LGBT lobby is already counting this as a victory for their dangerous agenda. This is not about promoting love or diversity but the deliberate violation of boundaries and the imposition of Queer Theory and gender ideoelogy.

            We cannot sit idle and remain voiceless while gay pride events are targeting family-friendly venues. Join this call to action to stand against Disney’s attempt to indoctrinate our children in an entertainment area that is intended for all audiences.

            We only have a short time to act on this call to action.

            Sign here: http://www.citizengo.org/en-gb/fm/170941-stop-lgbt-indoctrination-disneyland


            Caroline Farrow and the rest of the CitizenGO team

            PS It is only two days until this event takes place. Sign today!

          • I hate all this shit. What’s wrong with publicising normal decency? The public doesn’t realise what’s going on. These people participating don’t realise they’re being used to promote DIVIDE & CONQUER!

          • Adolf Hitler predicted in the last hours in the bunker, that as the world revolves in time people would know how right he was. That time is fast approaching, just watch this short vid on how popular the man is becoming once again

          • Thanks for that Brian – muvch appreciated!

  • Fredi Hazeem

    I want to marry the lady who made your web site. Great work, and great graphics. Clear are a bell. Relay my admiration and awe …

    I just found a month of your posts in my spam folder Michael. Going thru now. I thought you were taking a break during your FB blocks. I made no changes to my gmail, yet it seems you were labeled as spam … endless censorship in the works

    Again, keep up the great work.

    • Haha. she’s great ol’ Nicky. Unfortunately she’s happily married Fred. She’s the lady I wrote about recently who’s going through hell in America. She bought a horse shelter. She paid them. Then they came back & said she owes them another 10 grand+ & THEY TOOK AWAY THE SHELTER SHE’D ALREADY PAID FOR!
      Yeah I’ve been writing a bit Fredi so that when FB ban ends I’ve got a few pieces at the ready. I got another 15 days to go.

      • Oh, the horse lady. Wish I could afford to buy her a predatory legal gang of lawyers.

        I hate when the good people are attacked and eaten by the system, and the evil criminals rule it.

        I have 7 or 8 more days in FB jail, but I expect to be blocked again immediately, for some old comment they will dredge up.

        • I so wish we had the money to take these bastards apart. As far as these bans go I hope I can have the same run as last time – they let me post for a couple of weeks! I couldn’t believe it. Perhaps the word IONISERS works???

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