The hidden history of the incredibly evil Khazarian mafia

Thanks to Karen Barry for sending me this amazing link. It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics about the Rothschild Illuminati plan to create a New World Order. As well as some superb captions, it also contains an excellent 10 minute clip which tells how the Rothschilds managed to seize half of world’s wealth; the fact they bought Reuters, finishing off with none other than David Icke saying how it really is ……




Rothschild NWO


Illuminati NWO


For those who wish to learn more this is a post I put together in January entitled – 

All Wars are Bankers Wars – A History of the Rothschild’s

It took me ages to put it all together but if you truly wish to understand how this one family has literally fashioned history while telling us an entirely different story, here it is.


All Wars are Bankers Wars – A History of the Rothschild’s

The real Jewish homeland



The truth



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