Hilary or Jeb – I suppose it’s too much to ask for a fair US Presidential election where the people’s votes are counted accurately.

Hilary Clinton & Jeb Bush should both be serving life in jail without parole. One only has to watch the superb documentary CLINTONS: THEIR SECRET LIVES – to realise I kid you not.






However, as heinous as Hilary’s crimes undoubtedly are, with Jeb Bush one can make a fair case for the firing squad for this particular specimen, as well as helping rig the Florida Primary for his brother GW, thus cheating Al Gore of the Presidency, PNAC member Jeb was one of the key conspirators behind 9/11. Quite why these two are even being considered, let alone being the front-runners is symptomatic of the dire predicament mankind finds itself in.

Hilary & Jeb

Hilary & Jeb

One thing I’m certain – in a fair election these two vipers together wouldn’t receive 20% of the vote! Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for the caption.


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