HILLARY: ‘Massive tirade’ at Matt Lauer for asking ‘Unapproved’ questions

You live & learn. Thanks to this video I now know Hillary does not allow employees to carry mobile phones. One can be excused for not second guessing such things even though the reason’s obvious – she’s a cross between a raving lunatic & a psychopath. If ever one of her rants ever hit YouTube, Americans would dump her fast. It would be all over bar the shouting!


I’m not going to say I’ve nothing but respect for Matt Lauer; kudos to him certainly for stepping up to the plate but the end of the day, every US reporter & journalist worth their salt has to know every bit as much, if not more than what I know about this truly evil woman. It’s perfectly simple – whether you love or hate Trump; whether you feel he’s merely just another candidate for the despised establishment….. doesn’t enter the equation. Hillary Clinton is the candidate for not just more war but she could well indeed be the catalyst for WW III. She really is that mad!


In the past many Americans have took umbrage to this here Limey saying what’s what over the other side of the pond. Sorry but I’m no fool. What’s more, being a Londoner doesn’t exclude me from doing my homework & saying my piece about these shambolic US elections. The manner in which the media is protecting this crazy woman is enough to make one heave but then when one considers how the elections are being rigged for a psychopath? The other day I was sent an independent poll of some 8000 eligible voters. These were the findings :-




Either the link has vanished into thin air or typically, it’s been rendered unavailable, I spent the whole afternoon desperately trying to locate it to no avail. Now it’s not that I don’t believe Trump is miles ahead. I’m convinced if the elections weren’t rigged by the curse of America – the dual national Zionists – Trump would win by a landslide. What I find hard to believe is 1 in 4 US voters are oblivious to the fact that by voting for Hillary they could well be signing their own death warrants! Then again, when one thinks about it, there really are that many with the brains of a rocking horse!
I must admit this site TRUTHKINGS certainly kick some serious ass. Check out this clip in the link below (7.57)


HILLARY: ‘Massive, Profanity Laced Tirade’ At Matt Lauer For Asking ‘Unapproved’ Questions



For those who like a bit more info here’s another link from TRUTHKINGS which features a clip of him spelling it all out.


Trump’s chilling warning to citizens sent chills down my spine




A year ago I said ‘I don’t reckon Hillary has the support of 10% of voters. I was wrong!




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