History they don’t teach in schools – Who the real terrorists are.

I’ve had this video for quite some time. However, I held back from posting this mainly because part 2 made no distinction between Jew & Zionist. Just because most Jews have been duped by Zionist propaganda into believing they’re victims when in fact they’ve been well & truly set up, means we should be doing all we can to highlight how Judaism has been usurped by Zionists, rather like the way Zionists have taken over Palestinian land. In Myron Fagan’s superb speech in 1967 about the Rothschild’s goal to create a World Government or NWO, he stated – if the Zionists are ever found out, you can be sure, the first thing they’ll do is wipe out the Jews in order to deflect attention away from them.


Frankly I’m amazed so many FB friends who are perfectly aware of the true history of the Rothschilds & significantly their integral role in fashioning WWI & II, choose not to make this distinction. The fact is, the Rothschild Zionists deliberately set up the Jews. They wanted Hitler to inflict untold misery upon them because the Zionists knew this was the only way they could ever hope to make Palestine their homeland. Jews had to incur world-wide sympathy. In fact, the most well kept secret is the mother of ironies – the Rothschild’s were actually annoyed with Hitler for not being anywhere near as ruthless as they hoped he would be. Hence, even though it was obvious most people in the camps died at the end of the war due to starvation & disease, a cock & bull story had to be concocted out of thin air – gas chambers & systematic mass-murder! The Holocaust!


Time for America to wake up –



Think I’m wrong? Think again. That’s the key. All you have to do is think! What did we see when the camps were liberated? Everyone was down to the bone. The emaciated survivors had long since lost the energy to bury the dead & so were simply placed in a pile. This led to the outbreak of disease & an inevitable exponential rise in the death toll. How do I know this? THE FILM FOOTAGE! I believe what my eyes see! So how did this come about? With the Russian advance & the realisation no prisoners were being taken, German personnel scarpered long before the marauding Red army got to the camps which incidentally were slap-bang in the middle of a war zone. Naturally supply lines were cut. The camps inhabitants were on their own. Those who chose to stay had no food or water. I’ve yet to see any film footage of gas chambers & most importantly, had 6 million people been killed, it’s unequivocal – THERE HAVE TO BE MASS BURIAL GROUNDS ALL OVER THE PLACE! To this day, but a few have ever been uncovered.


The harsh reality – truth is the bane of Zionism. Like a virulent carcinogenic strain it has to devour all before it. The outrageous destruction of Libya, a country that had become the No.1 African nation. Under Gaddafi, the people of Libya prospered like never before. Needless to say, there was no Rothschild’s bank charging interest on printed money. Whether Gaddafi’s aim to usher in the ‘African Dinar’ to replace the worthless dollar was the tipping point I’m not sure. The Zionist media had been slagging him off long before. Much the same followed in Syria, all of this being engineered by Israel & their Zionist puppets in the US, UK & the media. Even then, I relented because the last thing I wanted was decent people thinking there’s malice or bias in what I say. I merely want to expose evil. But now that Netanyahu & his demented cohorts in the US are hell bent on destroying Iran too & no one anywhere is saying ‘WHAT’S IRAN ACTUALLY DONE’, the time has come to take my gloves off. Here’s who the real terrorists are –

1) The attack on the King David Hotel – 1946

2) The Lavon affair – 1954

3) The attack on the USS Liberty – 1967

4) The Cave of Patriarchs massacre – 1994

5) 9/11 – 2001


I feel what’s pushed me over the edge too is Netanyahu, the dual national Zionists controlling America, Cameron, Harper, are if anything, upping the ante. In America the Police have already incorporated IDF style thuggery, slaughtering their own citizens. The NSA – what do you think this is all about? Why do you think Zionist puppets did their nut over Snowden calling him a traitor? Since little occurs in the US without being rubber-stamped by Zionists, the data gathered had to be for Israel’s benefit. Why am I so sure? Well apart from having documentary evidence coming out of my ears, since when did America spy on its allies? I’ll tell you now – Israel regularly spies on America! In fact ex CIA agent Philip Giraldi revealed there were 150 cases of Israelis caught spying, yet such is Zionist power, not one made it to court. Moreover, why has the NSA not incurred the wrath of the media? Because they’re controlled by the very same people. I’m in no doubt – this vile agency is the KGB, Mossad & Gestapo all rolled into one. When the time’s right, these people will know exactly who to eliminate.


In case you’re not convinced, add all I’ve said to the ratification of the heinous NDA Act & the fact arch Zionist Michael Chertoff, the man who had the ‘dancing Israelis’ released & sent back to Israel, who oversaw the construction of 800+ state-of-the-art Fema concentration camps up & down America. Why do all this? Almost as if everything is building up to a great crescendo – in Canada & the UK, Harper & Cameron have made it obvious – they’re spewing out bare-faced lies in order to take away the fundamental rights OF THE VERY PEOPLE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT!….. WHY? I wouldn’t want anyone doing this but make no mistake, the people who are have a track record of committing mass-murder. If you’re Canadian or British & you’re yet to realise these two leaders are traitors who work specifically for the Zionist cause, you better wake up because you could be in for a rude awakening.


I’m of the opinion the people who made this video (part 2) erred by referring to the chief protagonists as Jews & not Zionists. Considering the Ashkenazi Rothschild tribe originated from Khazaria, which is a region now known as Georgia, how could they be Jews. Jews are Semitic as are Palestinians & Iraqis. Semitic refers specifically to being of Middle East origin. This conveniently allows me the opportunity to point out a detail so astonishing I wouldn’t be surprised if many readers think I’ve taken leave of my senses. Almost 90% of Israelis & 100% of their Prime Ministers, you know, the very people who jump down throats to say you’re anti-Semitic for the purpose of deflecting wholly justifiable criticism …… are themselves non-Semites!



  • Ahmad Baktash

    Dear Michael

    Hope you are doing great

    I would like to thank you for the all humble and priceless efforts you take for exposing the truth. Your hard work in digging deeper and deeper about the evil deeds, agendas and plans of Zionism, the main current cause human suffrage in general, is appreciatable and I personally would respect all selfless efforts you take for exposing them.

    Surely, there is huge rewards for your great, unbiased, and peaceful works in maters concerning humanity in general, which are also best awakening ringing bells for the deceived masses of the world.
    I am very sure that you have respect for humanity, unrelated, to their color, race, religion, and ideologies they have, and this is what makes you more special and a great citizen of our world.

    May God be with you, help you, protect and increase your stamina and dedication for the best of humanity.

    Peace and Respect

    Your Brother
    Baktash Murad

  • Thank you so very much for the kind words Ahmad B. – much appreciated

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