Holocaust, the Zionist Plan of Establishing the State of Israel

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Holocaust, the Zionist Plan of Establishing the State of Israel

I started writing on FaceBook in October 2011. At that time I admit I had never questioned the Holocaust. I merely assumed what we were told had to be correct. Perhaps seeing all the film footage of so many emaciated folk on the verge of death & so many corpses strewn all over the camps at the end of the war inadvertently made this an open & shut case or I simply made the cardinal sin of not bothering to question, I’m not quite sure. However, Zionist control of mainstream media, though virtually inclusive, back then was hardly common knowledge. Nevertheless, it remained crucial, for without this monopolistic capacity to control the flow of information, two fundamentally critical factors could not have been overcome.

Firstly the public could be reminded, in every way, shape & form – films, magazines, radio & the news, forever how the Jews were the terrible victims of WW II. Such was the nature of this incessant bombardment, the unsuspecting public would quickly forget about the other 40-50 million deaths that occurred in WW II! And boy! Did they accomplish this feat with distinction? Ask yourself – how many folk today have any idea the Russians lost anywhere between 20-25 million people in WW II? See how, with unerring regularity, the response is – HOW MANY? Then ask the very same people how many Jews died? BANG – 6 MILLION! I grant you, you’d be shocked at the enormous disparity. Secondly & just as significant was their ability to suppress the work of anyone who dared question that 6 million Jews were massacred in WW II.

Just as with 9/11 & the assassination of JFK, there would NEVER be any meaningful debate on the Holocaust. This was imperative, as was the fact that no one was able to publicly voice their concerns as to why there was never any meaningful debates on these issues! And look at the common denominator in each of these three earth-shattering events – ZIONISTS! This is no outrageous fluke. I cannot over-state this – controlling the media is everything! No one could even think of attempting such skulduggery if they couldn’t guarantee the full cooperation of the entire mainstream media! Of course there were many Historians, writers & academics, who unlike me, long ago had the foresight to question the Holocaust! And that’s the key! Once you do, in no time it becomes abundantly clear there’s little or no evidence to back up the claim that 6 million Jews were murdered in Nazi concentration camps!

The Zionists knew this & so whenever anyone emerged to question the Holocaust, their reaction was immediate & brutal. It mattered not if one was of impeccable character – anyone seeking the truth was universally rounded upon with such unbridled venom, it was impossible not to feel terribly intimidated. From the word go, one is hounded into submission. As a result, instead of interest being aroused through detailed examination of your evidence, the vast majority of folk are put off at the first hurdle! Who after all wants to rub shoulders with a racist, Nazi sympathizer? To add insult to injury, such is the level of Jewish influence, not only does one’s career hit a brick wall but the ability to earn any sort of living afterwards is forever impeded. This ruthlessness, needless to say, serves to deter others from embarking on a similar course of action. The Zionists have refined this routine down to a fine art!

That’s not to say I was any less vociferous in my opposition to Israel back in October 2011. I assumed an integral reason why Israelis behaved with such belligerence was because they felt the world owed them! I simply looked no further. An understandable error of judgement perhaps but at least I’m prepared to admit it! This is precisely why freedom of speech must be sacrosanct. There can never be any restrictions on one’s ability to question! In fact, this is what so aroused my curiosity – THE  VERY FACT THE ZIONISTS WERE DOING ALL THEY COULD TO STOP PEOPLE QUESTIONING THE HOLOCAUST!……….. WHY? Surely, if their claims were an accurate reflection of history, anyone refuting them would run the risk of looking decidedly foolish! No one wants to do that. Yet several academics & Historians were prepared to come forward! This is the point – as soon as one conducts any meaningful research, it becomes obvious the Zionists have been pulling the proverbial wool over everyone’s eyes.

So what did happen? Well, the statistics are there for all to see! For instance in 1945, the last 5 months of WW II, more people died than in the previous 5 years of the war! Hitler had literally made it a fight to the death. The Russians lost a mind-boggling 100,000 men JUST TAKING BERLIN! But what of the concentration camps, which without doubt we know existed? Here, once again, one has no need to conduct any research – all that’s required is plain old common sense! Imagine the situation in early 1945! In all directions the German army was retreating. This meant that eventually all German personnel had no alternative but to leave the camps. They knew the Russians didn’t take prisoners! Therefore, you can be sure, from the beginning of 1945, the inhabitants of these camps were left to fend for themselves. They could have left the camps if they wanted – many probably did!

But where would they have gone? In the middle of nowhere, malnourished to the point of exhaustion! The problem for those who remained in the camps was there was no food! All supply lines had been cut. For months there was no possibility of any food or water ever getting through to them. This analysis perfectly ties in with all the footage we saw – people were literally down to the bone! The evidence clearly suggests starvation & disease was rife. The reason why so many dead bodies lay out in the open was because long before the camps were liberated, those alive had little strength left within them to bury the dead. Of course this exacerbated an already dire situation – it must have been a nightmarish experience! No surprise some 2 million died in the camps!

Excuse me! Did I say 2 million? Yes. That’s right! It may astonish you to know that the official Holocaust figures have been revised down from 6 to 2 million! Auschwitz fatalities have been halved after incontrovertible evidence indicated it was questionable whether any gas chambers ever existed there. Amazing how these massive modifications are never mentioned in the media or anywhere for that matter, yet the ramifications are incalculable. Forget all the Zionist propaganda that they are the ultimate victims; forget about how they’ve consistently lied through their back teeth! Well meaning folk have been incarcerated merely for questioning the Holocaust yet even though it’s now unequivocal concerns were justified, not only has no apology been offered to those wrongly jailed, the Zionists still have the effrontery to bribe & coerce politicians abroad to make it a criminal offence to question the Holocaust! Typically, they’re never made to answer for their obvious deceit.

Rocket science is not required! How many of us are cognizant of the fact that at the outbreak of WW II, it’s debatable whether 6 million Jews EVEN EXISTED IN EUROPE! Even if the 6 million figures were accurate, there’s no question Poles & Czechs suffered every bit as much as the Jews! But now we’re being told that this figure was exaggerated 3 fold! Incredible as it may seem, newspaper archives reveal something quite extraordinary – there’s far more to this 6 million figure than meets the eye! The truth is it was part of a long, convoluted Zionist plan to help establish the state of Israel! Swiping the Promised Land after all was no easy feat! World sympathy was essential. So, in the 30 years before WW II, their ownership of major newspapers would be utilized like never before. It is a fact! In this period there exists approximately 350 examples in newspapers of the suffering of 6 million Jews! For 30 years the public was slowly but surely, unwittingly brainwashed with the constant referral to the figure of 6 million Jews! Small wonder many Zionists are convinced of the ludicrous notion that they are indeed the ‘chosen ones!’ 

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