Hot off the press: Israel plot to ‘take down’ Tory minister

Hardly surprising most people retain a dim view of politicians. Money talks thus holding one’s hand out, illegal as it is, nevertheless has become accepted practice. It shouldn’t be but the problem is most of us have been programmed into believing there’s nothing we can do. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve heard ‘aaahh, it’s always been like this.’ It all but seems we’re oblivious of the chronic side-effects that arise by turning a blind eye. Allowing bribery to flourish opens the way for far greater crimes. Bribery’s one thing; coercion & death threats are another thing altogether.


Not that I ever liked Alan Duncan. He made a fortune in the oil industry with Royal Dutch Shell. However, he remains one of the few left in Westminster brave enough to defy the all-powerful Zionist lobbies by criticising illegal Israeli settlements. Now what’s critical here is understanding precisely what occurs when politicians offer any kind of support to the Palestinians. While the MSM imposes a blanket boycott, effectively ignoring what’s a wholly justifiable stance as if unworthy to even broadcast, paradoxically, behind closed doors, the wheels are put in motion to do whatever it takes to thwart & eventually destroy the political career of anyone who dares to speak out. How can this possibly be? Hearing all sides of a story is a fundamental principle. This however is only part of the story.


Can you imagine the uproar if every newspaper reported that Shai Masot, an officer in the IDF, was caught on video (1.31) talking about a hit list of British MP’s? What would happen if front page headlines read –



What would occur if news channels, currently lying through their back teeth about Russian involvement in US presidential elections, a story based on zero evidence, gave anything like the publicity for this story? Here we have a scandal of such gravity it’s a click away from being a declaration of war – A FOREIGN ENTITY ACTING UPON A HIT LIST OF OUR UK ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES? What’s more, while the media bombards us with bullshit & lies, it ignores a scoop with mountains of evidence. In a just court of law this would be an open & shut case of Treason. It would be nothing short of a diplomatic catastrophe for Israel & the whole Zionist movement.




What we have instead is criminality personified – a media riding shot-gun for gargantuan crooks. Their job is not only to protect these traitors, spies & murderers but to ensure they’re able to continue operating with impunity. To say being aware of the truth is positively mind-boggling is the mother of all understatements. Here, Shai Masot has been caught bang to rights yet the media & our politicians haven’t said a word! It doesn’t seem possible. Once again, I reiterate – media control opens Pandora’s box. It literally allows these people to do what they want. The consequences of non-action are incalculable.


So Please – every UK citizen should at the very least, sign & share this petition. Write letters too. We have to let them know we are outraged by this. Moreover, we cannot let this matter drop.



Petition: Call for a public inquiry into the actions of the Israeli Embassy

This excellent video (20.40) followed the one above. The guy absolutely nails it

Israeli Diplomat Caught on Camera Plotting to ‘TAKE DOWN’ UK MPs



Also how could I not post this clip (9.46) where the great Cynthia McKinney explains how US Lawmakers are forced to Support Israel. Her refusal to do so eventually cost the US Congresswoman her job. Just listen to what this wonderful lady says. Needless to say these are the kind of politicians America can ill-afford to lose…..


This is why Congress is now loaded with pro-Israeli politicians who not only place Israel’s interests first but do so regardless of whether it helps their nation! What’s occurred to Cynthia McKinney & other US officials opposed to Israel can only be described as a coup d’etat. The UK is no different. Almost every Tory MP is a member of the ‘Conservative Friends of Israel.’ Quite how such an abomination even exists is all down to the media being under Zionist control. This in itself is a scandal. Worse still, political ideology means nothing to these guys. They cover all bases. So, sprouting out of nowhere was the group LABOR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL! 80 Labor MP’s are now friends of the most evil nation on the planet! As a result, even though Jeremy Corbyn blew the opposition away, surprise, surprise – there’s nothing but infighting in the Labor party!


Why in the blazes are we supporting such evil people?




From the word go I stated all those causing untold grief to Corbyn were the 80 Labor MP’s who were ‘Friends of Israel.’ Just look at what JC has had to suffer in the last 18 months. Despite the media mounting a concerted campaign to discredit him, he slaughtered the opposition becoming the only candidate in the history of UK politics to triumph on the first ballot. So the media came out with the ludicrous argument he was unelectable. If this was the case, why were they so keen to show their bias, moreover at a time when the MSM was fast losing credibility? If Corbyn was unelectable, why be so concerned? Of course what the media never mentioned is in 1983 when Corbyn became MP for Islington North, he inherited a 5000 majority. He’s held the seat for 34 years & in the process increased his majority to well over 20,000! Now….. does this sound like someone who’s unelectable?


We seriously need a drastic change in attitude. Turning a blind eye is worse that ignorance. Americans, Brits, Canadians, French, Germans, Australians & those in a host of other countries need to realise they have been taken over by a foreign entity. I’ll say it one more time – we are actually occupied territories!


Finally this link sent to me by Karen Jones how Jews domiate Hollywood & American culture….


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