How a Prime Minister Who’s Committed War Crimes, Treason, Fraud & Worked Against the Best Interests of His Country & Its People, Can Be Re-Elected!

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How a Prime Minister Who’s Committed War Crimes, Treason, Fraud & Worked Against the Best Interests of His Country & Its People, Can Be Re-Elected!

Albert Einstein was asked how he made so many landmark discoveries. He said ‘I like to ask questions!’ My achievements are non-existent in comparison but I’ve felt no different. It’s not a question of fulfilling an urge to play devil’s advocate; I’ve always been inquisitive & above all I want the truth! When I was 10 the head of the Armenian church, a great friend of my parents was at our house. My sisters & I always had to be on our best behavior when Archbishop Toumayan was visiting. Suddenly I said “Archbishop – if God exists, where the hell are his parents?” WELL! My mother nearly died of shock; I thought what have I done? My father shook his head & then unloaded with a batch of Armenian swear words referring to my insolence. In the meantime the archbishop roared with laughter. He then told my father “NO, NO! Let him talk. It’s good to ask questions.” I’d long since arrived at the conclusion religion was not for me. However from that day my respect for Archbishop Toumayan went through the roof.  


 Question everything but attach no bias while evaluating evidence! If one follows these guidelines one tends to naturally arrive at the correct conclusions. If one piece of a puzzle doesn’t fit then one must rethink one’s entire strategy. I suppose 9/11 was the catalyst but really only in the last two & a half years on Facebook have I spent more time as a writer/activist, delving into the inns & outs. Whether I was born with analytical skills or my very inquisitiveness encouraged analytical prowess I’m not sure. What I was not aware of was just how much we weren’t being told! This is where the Internet’s been a revelation. Not only could information easily be exchanged; one could proceed to do all the research one needed so that the truth would emerge & more often than not it was an altogether different story to the one we were being told! I feel I’ve now arrived at a point where I automatically scrutinize what’s occurring – I know what questions to ask for I know when I’m being told a pack of lies. One becomes aware of the players, their capabilities, their dreams to such an extent one can virtually predict their reactions & so anticipate their moves. 

That’s why from the moment Cameron was elected leader of the Tory party I sensed outside forces had to be at work. When he became Prime Minister it was abundantly clear this man was merely a mouthpiece, a puppet controlled by a hidden tier of power transcending politics itself. Our political system is now a complete sham. Working in tandem with the media, it’s all about lies, deception & programming. Small wonder for the need of Spin Doctors! Look how the media programmed the public with this word ‘spin?’ Again, right from the jump, I felt these un-elected parasites had no place in politics for they were nothing more than masseurs for professional liars! Now little surprises me & the sad reality is the tricks being played on the British public today literally beggar belief, yet paradoxically though what’s happening is pretty much obvious, such is the level of deceit, such is the power & influence of the true string-pullers, much of the populace remain oblivious to what’s actually going on.

Sure we’ve finally arrived at a point where the British public are sick & tired of war. That took long enough! But how many of us have any idea we have a Prime Minister who cares more about Israel than his own country? We have a Chancellor George Osborne who is a crook. He recently defrauded the British public out of a cool £1.5 billion by deliberately under-pricing the shares of Royal Mail just so the most affluent could add even more to their already burgeoning coffers. Yet how many of us think he’s a mega fraudster who should be in jail? Similarly how few of us realize the man instrumental in burying the paedophile scandal that’s plagued our country for 40 years is none other than foreign secretary William Hague? Needless to say several key figures are seriously implicated in these foul crimes. No surprise the Tory Party is once again burying this monstrosity that runs deep into the upper echelons of power. The moral of the story here – if the media doesn’t press, anything goes! An issue only becomes worthy of public attention when the media says so! If they ignore all the above the many sheep there are carry on as if nothing’s happened. Why else have the Zionists who control the BBC insist that the word Palestine must never be mentioned?  


The plain simple truth is, without mainstream media being entrenched in the hands of the true power-brokers, none of this could ever happen! The very fact our elected representatives are corrupt to the core is due to the media being owned by the same people who control them! Were the media independent & so free to report the truth, we would have a world unrecognizable to the one we have today! It goes without saying mankind would be in nothing like the dire straits it’s in. Sadly our political apparatus has been so compromised, those politicians who do all that’s asked of them are blessed with an obliging media which ensures the same puppet vipers are reelected. Consequently those who do not play ball, at best fall by the wayside or at worst end up dying in suspicious circumstances, rather like Robin Cook. Once again media barons make sure no reporter acquires a sudden leap of faith & digs for the truth. Justice is the very last thing on the agenda!  

Do not be mistaken into thinking controlling the flow of information does not remain a most powerful tool. All the evidence under the Sun indicates that what I’ve just said holds water, yet I’m in little doubt a large percentage of the British public on reading this will think I’ve taken leave of my senses. The fact is each day Cameron is being sheltered, protected from any leading questions or embarrassing situations because the decision was made long ago – THEY WANT HIM BACK AS PRIME MINISTER! Why else are his opponents at every opportunity pounced on? Less than a week after Ed Miliband announced a freeze on energy prices, an absolute sure-fire vote winner, a story appeared out of nowhere stating Miliband’s father hated Britain! No one questioned the timing! Why after all weren’t we told this story when both Miliband brothers were ministers in the last Labor government? It was later ascertained Miliband’s father was merely opposed to Britain’s support for the dreadful Vietnam war. But the damage was done. Such slurs remain embedded in the minds of the uninitiated. If the truth were told, Cameron would stand a dogs chance of being reelected. Yet the harsh reality is, he’s still very much in the running & it’s all the media’s doing! 

Ed Miliband (Photo: PA)

 Cameron is a traitor! What earthly reason could he possibly have for secretly allowing the vile NSA access to all our phone calls & E-mails. Don’t we have a say? Should there not at least be a parliamentary debate? Serious questions remain as to the legality of the NSA’s activities! What we have here is a rogue organisation funded by Americans but controlled by dual national Zionists, the same people who planned & executed 9/11. There’s no war on terror. It’s total rubbish! Significantly that’s why nothing was made in the media of Cameron’s treachery – selling his own people to the NSA! All the data gathered makes it’s way to Israel, a nation with a wanton disregard for international law! Who’s to say they aren’t going to one day use this information to begin to systematically eliminate activists & truthers who are trying to expose Zionists for what they are? No country breaks more international laws; no country has had more UN resolutions tabled against it, yet Cameron sold his own people down the river for these guys! For this act alone he should be charged with Treason!

Let’s now briefly go back & examine just how David Cameron, a man who’d previously achieved very little, mysteriously become the leader of the Tory party. There were 5 candidates. David Davis originally was the even money favorite; Cameron was the rank outsider! All of a sudden the media sprang into action! Media barons en masse instructed their editors to inform the public that Cameron was greatest thing since sliced bread! Immediately I smelt a rat. Not that this required rocket science – all one had to do was ponder how in the blazes they were so convinced he was any good? This weasel had never held a ministerial position so how come, out of the blue, all the newspapers were inexplicably throwing their weight behind him? There can only be one explanation – Cameron guaranteed the Zionists far more than the other candidates! As a result the Zionist controlled media made him their go-to guy! David Davis in the meantime never even received a ministerial position. He duly resigned in order to fight on a platform designed to provoke wider public debate regarding the erosion of civil liberties in the UK. He won but most the public wouldn’t know if he was dead or alive! 

Immediately Cameron defied public opinion by continuing to keep Britain on the war-footing war criminal Tony Blair had placed us in. The problem was by the time Cameron came to power the British public was sick of foreign conflicts. A new strategy therefore had to be adopted, one that no one could ever mention – THERE WOULD NEVER BE ANY DEBATE ON FOREIGN POLICY! Since this is precisely what’s happened, all opposition party leaders must have been told ‘don’t rock the foreign policy boat!’ For the war-mongers this could never become an election issue for the plan was to have both major parties pursuing identical foreign policies………..& that’s what we’ve had ever since! The media would ride shotgun, never highlighting this blatant discrepancy, along with continuous lies over Iraq, Iran, Libya & Syria & most importantly the omission of terrible truths! To this day there’s been no talk of the horrendous civilian casualties through the use of depleted Uranium that’s ravaged Iraq! Those with a conscience found themselves hounded. Whistle-blowers were even jailed. Poor Bradley Manning received 35 years, a sentence befitting a serial killer merely for telling the truth about these awful war crimes in Iraq! Democracy has all but become a myth.  

Even though 16 out of 16 intelligence agencies stated categorically Iran was not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, without any parliamentary discussion, Cameron nevertheless chose to accept the rantings of lunatic Benjamin Netanyahu, the most dangerous man on the planet & proceeded to act against the best interests of his country by imposing sanctions on Iran. What’s incredible here is the facts stick out like a sore thumb – Iran hasn’t attacked anyone since 1798; Israel has attacked all its neighbors! Iran has no nuclear weapons; Israel has 300! Iran has broken no international laws; Israel regularly flaunts international law! Iran has no UN resolutions tabled against it; Israel has had 66! It seemed for the world whenever Israel was concerned, national interests were of secondary importance! Not one of these glaring anomalies are ever highlighted by mainstream media. Instead we’re bombarded with a barrage of lies – anything to make Iran look bad. This is all part of the programming – repeat a lie often enough – soon it becomes the truth! 

 Then there was the scandal of Britain’s Defense Secretary, Liam Fox. There was this man Adam Werrity, who few knew anything about, sticking to Fox like super-glue! When it became obvious Werrity & Fox were all but conjoined at the hip, people began asking questions like WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY? Lo & behold, Werrity had ties with Mossad! Well upon my word! Worse still, throw some Israeli arms manufacturers into the equation too & hey presto – our government had been severely compromised by Israeli spies. Their major interest was not just simply manufacturing conflicts but also ensuring our armed forces would be the ones doing the fighting! YES……. in wars only Israel desired! It gets no worse than this! Israeli pressure both in media & government led to our troops dying in Iraq, ALL ON A PACK OF LIES! Our government was being used by a foreign entity! End result – Fox resigned; Werrity suddenly went on the missing list! ………AND THAT WAS IT! NO INQUIRY, NO NOTHING! This was a scandal that made the Profumo case look like a walk in the park & the media said nothing! 


In 2009 Cameron never uttered a word about the Goldstone report which had concluded Israel committed war crimes against defenseless civilians in Gaza, even though there existed mountains of evidence which clearly showed the Israelis had indeed utilized illegal White Phosphorous bombs. This basically proved Netanyahu was a murderous tyrant! Now one could perhaps have argued Cameron didn’t want to get involved after all if it wasn’t for the Zionists he’d have never become leader of the Tory Party. Why should he care about what foreign leaders did? This flimsy notion though was about to be torn asunder. Libya was on the list of countries which the Zionist industrial military complex wanted destroyed. Even though the case for war against Gadaffi was based entirely on unsubstantiated drivel, Cameron nevertheless threw his full weight behind direct military intervention. Gadaffi was murdered; Libya was destroyed & today it remains in a state of lawlessness! The double standards here beggar belief! 

After destroying Libya, Syria was next. They were on a roll……… at least they thought so! Once again a pack of lies were concocted so that another country not seeing eye to eye with Israel would be flattened. Deliberately concealed from the public was Israel’s ambition to steal all the oil & gas recently discovered in Syria. Drilling rights had already been granted to two families – the Rothschilds & the Murdochs! This time though, the British public weren’t buying it! Neither were Americans. So a plan had to be hatched, something known as a false flag event! Since Israel borders Syria in all likelihood they provided the rebels with Chemical weapons which were duly dispatched upon innocent Syrian civilians. The media then, without any investigation, void of evidence, pointed an accusing finger at Assad! Once again Cameron staked whatever reputation he had by trumpeting these falsehoods. Now let’s make one thing absolutely clear – Cameron knew this was a False Flag; he knew Assad had nothing to do with it but he did not flinch! He, like Tony Blair, was prepared to go to war on a lie. This once again is Treason!

What’s so alarming is with Iraq a concerted media effort was made over a prolonged period so that the public could be sufficiently programmed & so suckered into the Iraq war! With Syria there was nothing like the effort! It was obvious Assad was being set up! His army was hardly the best but it was nevertheless a considerable force. He was thus able to maintain the upper hand. No way could a rag-tag bunch of rebel terrorists be victorious without outside intervention. Therefore with the so-called international community baying for his blood, it would have been beyond the boundaries of sanity for Assad to do anything that could give the US,UK, Israeli alliance the excuse it needed. Moreover, what made these claims absurd was surely, if Assad was going to gas anyone it would have been the rebels, not innocent civilians! Assad may be an autocratic ruler but he’s not a complete imbecile! Putin immediately alluded to this only for media to ignore this blatant anomaly, as they did when evidence began surfacing that the rebels were the ones behind the Chemical massacre! This effectively means Obama, Cameron & Netanyahu were the ones ultimately responsible for this atrocity! 

Naturally Cameron continued to lie through his back teeth. Fortunately the case for military intervention in Syria went to a vote in the House of Commons. Cameron’s lust for war resulted in a humiliating defeat. On such a grave matter of foreign policy, the sitting Prime Minister of the UK was told to take a running jump! In British Constitutional history such a snub is indeed a rarity. It would have been fitting for him to resign yet surprise surprise, not one journalist, not one reporter bothered or should I say dared to ask Cameron a question the press in the past would have been positively salivating over – “Er excuse me Mr. Prime Minister! Isn’t your position now untenable?” Not only did the media fail to take him to task, almost as if treating the British public with contempt, they instead offered Cameron an unchallenged platform where he was simply allowed to continue to spout the same war-mongering bile against President Assad as if nothing had happened!

In the past the Tories leaned toward fiscal responsibility whereas Labor tended to be more spendthrift. Political ideology though had all but disappeared, yet the media allowed the Tories to remind the public that only they could fix the economy. I say allowed because no one would question the snippets of economic ‘news’ that the public was regularly being drip fed. Unemployment apparently was falling! Really now? Not that politicians would ever dream of manipulating the way unemployment figures are calculated! Then we’d be told less folk were feeling the pinch! Now this is not even bent economic data! If the truth were told, the exact opposite would be far more appropriate! Most bizzarely, one such news item stated the UK was on track to rid itself of debt by 2018! Once again no independent experts were brought in to confirm or counter this rather miraculous claim! Needless to say offering any kind of alternative view was out of the question! Not that this was difficult! What expertise does it require to say the UK is £1 trillion in debt? This debt far from being whittled away was actually increasing! The public, not for the first time, was being well & truly conned!

 Anyone making such outlandish claims surely has at least some obligation to explain how in just 4 years they’re going to rid our country of all this debt? The truth is, UK debt under the Tories has virtually doubled! Once this debt reaches £1.3 trillion & it most certainly will, we’ll not be earning enough to pay the interest! Therefore while the media tells us how great the Tories are, the reality is the UK is on the edge of a financial precipice! Bad enough the public is being told complete untruths; what we’re not being told is of crucial importance! But I wonder – is it so difficult to see that at a time when the general public is having to tighten its belts, the wealthiest are amassing more than ever before? Why is it when we’re experiencing stringent cuts in public spending, there is always more money for war? Has the dumbing down process been such a resounding success that we’re now neglecting to ask the most patently obvious questions? 

Most worrying of all is Cameron’s stance on Ukraine. Make no mistake, the West created this unrest. Therefore he’s partially responsible for making Russia our enemy. Putin rightfully stood firm over Syria & so for the time being at least, scuppered the Zionist quest to oust Assad. As a result the US government which is well & truly under the Zionist thumb, went about destabilizing Ukraine by backing right-wing thugs who ousted Yanukovitch, Ukraine’s elected leader. Power was seized illegally. Undeterred the media fed us the same regurgitated garbage – it was all Russia’s fault & it’s been so ever since! We’ve now arrived at the nonsensical situation where sanctions are being imposed even though it’s disastrous for the EU. Over $500 billion a year in trade with Russia now being put in jeopardy & FOR WHAT?………. because Netanyahu wants it? Are we mad? Europe can ill-afford this but because Zionists exert so much influence in the EU too, our politicians are once again working against our best interests!

This is the good news! YES! Believe it or not, the good news! So what’s the bad news? Well just in case anyone’s forgot, Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world! Er, hello! Is anyone in the media going to say anything, like you know, these bombs make one hell of a bang? For the life of me has everyone taken leave of their senses? The Cold War was done & dusted! Russia had ceased to be the enormous threat it once may have been & now, all of a sudden, the WW III ballgame is back on the grid? What earthly reason can the West possibly have to antagonize the Russians? Who really gives a damn about Ukraine anyway? No one did before! Why should we now? Because some Zionist bankers want yet another country to fall foul of their loan shark skulduggery? What does it take for the people of Western Europe to say screw what NATO or the Zionist bankers want? Of course the Russians care because ever since 1990 NATO has been edging eastward when we promised in the name of peace that we’d be staying put! Ukraine is on Russia’s doorstep. What do we expect them to do? Wait till NATO’s knocking on the Kremlin door? 

In the meantime, as if they don’t have a care in the world, the Zionist controlled media relentlessly pound away, lying through every orifice! As far as I’m concerned if it isn’t obvious the Zionists are trying to push Russia, America & Europe into a major conflict so that while they’re locking horns, the Israelis will storm into Syria & maybe even launch a preemptive strike on Iran, then I despair with exasperation! The Zionists really do believe they have some ludicrous God given right to run roughshod over everyone! Why else would Israel have risked nuclear annihilation several times in the past? They assassinated JFK; they attacked the USS Liberty, they’ve plundered the US Treasury & worst of all they planned & executed 9/11! They did all this because these deluded people actually believe they are the ‘chosen ones’ & their destiny is to rule the world! Why else are our politicians so terrified of these maniacs? BECAUSE THEY ARE MANIACS!


 I believe the Zionist bankers who control most politicians in the West are delighted with David Cameron, so much so, even though Ed Miliband is Jewish, the media has all but endorsed Cameron. This in itself is an eye-opener! About a year ago Miliband appeared before a Jewish committee where he had to ‘clarify’ his position on Israel. Of course this summoning of a potential leader of the UK, humiliating & impertinent as it most definitely is, went largely unreported in the media. I believe this more than anything indicates the ungodly power of the Jewish lobby. Surely the only people the leader of the opposition should be reassuring are the people of this country? Why should we give a damn about Israel? They’ve never done us any favors! As far as I’m concerned judging by the media’s favorable treatment of Cameron, Miliband, in all likelihood, failed to make a good enough impression. There may not be proof but all the evidence suggests this is the case. In many ways this shows why Zionist influence has become a law unto itself. Miliband would have had to promise the Israelis even more than Cameron! Well I’ve endeavored to lay out Cameron’s track record & so I ask – IS IT POSSIBLE ANYONE COULD ACTUALLY OFFER MORE?   

Cameron’s tenure is reminiscent of Obama’s first stint – plenty of hot air, several broken promises & a plethora of lies which has resulted in the continuation of all the policies people voted against! To say we are in a mess is a chronic understatement. There can be no question our method of government is way past its sell-by-date! It’s a simple task saying money has to be taken out of politics; quite how we hope to achieve this goal is another story but this is the crux of the problem. As Professor Chomsky once said “Concentration of wealth yields concentration of political power. And concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases & accelerates the cycle.” Though corruption has always been part & parcel of our way of life, I’m of the opinion in the last 30 years the goalposts have moved dramatically due to the true power-brokers finally realizing – WHY NOT BACK BOTH SIDES? 

If only I received £1 for every time I’ve been told ‘aaahh, it’s always been like this!’ IT HAS NOT! Sure there’s always been the super wealthy because it’s far easier making money when you have money. The more one has, the easier it is to accumulate & then once you have ungodly amounts it becomes nigh on impossible to lose it all! This has nothing to do with the nature of politics! The clincher is this. The Wilson government of the late 60’s imposed a staggering 98% tax rate for the highest earners. Then Labor governments in the 70’s brought in pro union laws regarding the Closed Shop & Secondary Picketing which drastically swung the balance of power in favor of workers. At the time giant corporations were powerless to stop this. No surprise the big-wigs of industry felt something had to be done to redress the balance. The return of the Conservative party under Thatcher stopped the rot but the hierarchy then saw to it that the Labor party had to change its spots if it ever was to attain office again.

Finally the British public were fed up with the sleazy Tories so they ended up plumping for Tony Blair’s New Labor which within weeks showed it was every bit as corrupt! Labor was new alright – it was the new Tory party! Blair was merely a continuation of everything the public did not want! The proof is in the pudding – in the past 30 years there’s been literally no difference between Labor & conservative, Democrat or Republican! Under a Labor government banking regulations specifically designed to protect the public were repealed. As a result bankers went from the privileged to the mega rich! Under a Labor government arms manufacturers got all the wars they could have ever wished for! With the entire mainstream media in their pockets, the banksters & their industrial military complex always seem to have their way, along with their buddies in big business notably energy companies! Small wonder in such a short space of time almost all the wealth of the planet is now concentrated in the hands of relatively few people. There has never been such a gulf between the rich & the poor. 

It’s bad enough the media literally fabricates news but it seems for the world these people are also immune from prosecution. Politicians & media deliberately told lies which resulted in the deployment of our armed forces. These excursions on foreign soil led to the destruction of these countries, almost 2 million dead, while millions more have been rendered homeless. Extraordinarily, even though it’s now generally accepted lies were told, not one step has been taken to bring anyone to justice. Rules aren’t just bent; they’re turned upside down, as they were with the death of Britain’s chief weapons inspector to Iraq, Dr. David Kelly. For the first time ever there’s been no inquest into a suspicious death & this man was a high ranking public official. Of course had there been an inquest the chances are the true cause of death would have been established & Tony Blair would have been placed in the dock years ago. Moreover even though witness after witness has signed sworn statements to Police that certain senior politicians & judges molested them, not one has been arrested. No banker has been charged, let alone jailed for the greatest fraud in history. Oil companies have caused major environmental catastrophes yet not one director has been apprehended. I think one can safely say the Police & the judicial system are totally under their control too.

 What I find particularly galling is this blatant lack of law among the elites is occurring at a time when our civil liberties are being eroded hand over fist. In America Obama saw fit to pass the heinous NDA Act which effectively permits him to indefinitely detain anyone, WITHOUT CHARGE, WITHOUT TRIAL & WITHOUT ANY LEGAL REPRESENTATION, while the NSA is allowed to spy on anyone without a warrant! It amazes me no end how the US national anthem retains the words ‘land of the free!’ How is anyone in the world free when the people of the most powerful country in the world are at the mercy of a criminal cabal of gangsters? Elections mean nothing. There’s no democracy in the US or UK. In the last election one of Cameron’s chief election pledges was for more transparency! He didn’t just renege on this; he proceeded to do the exact reverse! Considering his party never achieved a majority vote this alone makes a mockery of our election process. Bad enough Julian Assange has been confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy merely for his urge to reveal the truth! This outrage so far has cost the UK taxpayer almost £6 million! Recently Cameron disclosed he wished to make criticizing the government within a year of an election a criminal offense! Honestly, I’m not making this up! Other countries such as Canada have made it a criminal offense to criticize Israel! 

There is no question more people than ever are waking up to the fact mainstream media is simply a propaganda outlet for the Elite. However the true power-brokers could never have anticipated how the Internet would throw a massive spanner into the works. Small wonder they’re trying to put a lid on this too! It seems the Internet in many ways has forced their hand. Before they had complete control over the flow of information. Now it seems they’re on a slippery slope for they can never admit they’re losing the war of information. This would exacerbate the situation. They have to keep the facade going to the bitter end. The problem is, as more people wake up, they’re having to tell ever greater lies, which in turn wakes more people up! A recent poll found people felt mainstream media was actually more untrustworthy than bankers! I find this hard to believe because I truly feel most people are unaware of the true extent of media lies. My greatest fear is that even though he’s been an unmitigating disaster, Cameron will be re-elected & most of the UK populace will be oblivious to the fact that they’ve been played left, right & center!

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