How can I be a terrorist sympathiser? I loathe Cameron!

In the meantime this guy gets away with blue murder. I’m sick & tired of listing all the things that an independent media would have ripped Cameron to shreds over. Infuriating enough yet when I say we could not have a more biased media, I have to suffer these fools who say ‘Zionist controlled media? What are you talking about?’


Whether the media have given Cameron a licence to say what the hell he likes or the man just simply thinks he’s God I’m not entirely sure. What I do know, even by his appalling standards, since Jeremy Corbyn has become leader of the opposition, Cameron’s accusations & insults have been outrageously over the top, so vindictive, grossly unjust & frankly embarrassing. In fact it’s even worse because what really worries me is I cannot help but feel Cameron actually believes his own lies. This is a form of madness. This is why I now believe he’s capable of committing unspeakable crimes. Mark my words – he has it in him!


Last year at the UN where he said he would do everything in his power to eradicate 9/11 Truthers, I remember thinking in a way I’m glad he’s shown his true colors but then I thought about what this vermin was saying – no one allowed to question what the government says? If you do you will be considered a potential terrorist? Now with 9/11 only blithering idiots & Zionists believe the official account. You could not have another event in history where as many lies could be told. Bad enough the official explanation is riddled with glaring discrepancies but everything that occurred that day & thereafter was the very antithesis of an investigation –

1) Crime scenes weren’t sealed off; they were deliberately destroyed.
2) 9/11 was also the greatest financial fraud in history yet forget about following the money trail that was a cow a mile long; they ignored it altogether.
3) No event in history has ever had more of the one thing investigators rely on – eye-witness accounts, yet after the first day, every last one was ignored.  

Once again what worries me here & I cannot begin to reiterate, WE SHOULD ALL BE ON OUR GUARD, is the astonishing fact that either no one has told him to cool it or he’s ignored such advice. Why do I say this? Because at the end of his conference speech his attack on Corbyn was way over acceptable limits. You simply cannot accuse an opponent of hating his own country & having sympathy with terrorists. If I was in Corbyn’s shoes I would have sued Cameron for defamation of character.

We’ve long since passed the point of acceptable behavior but with Cameron now labelling those opposed to war as ‘terrorist sympathisers & then refusing to apologise for this unbelievable slur, I don’t quite know what to think. What’s worse?

1) Having a Prime Minister display such atrocious judgement? 

2) Having a media that scandalously ignores all of this vile behaviour?

3) Or the fact most people out there remain oblivious of the dangers of a PM who could well have psychopathic tendencies.

These certainly are worrying times.  


Pure evil!

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