How can this be – Energy prices have more than halved yet have our Electric & Gas bills? HELL NO!

Sometimes it’s a rather soul-destroying affair writing & giving your opinions. Last night I moaned about billionaires & the fact nearly all are out-&-out crooks, only to have to suffer comments (mainly in groups) that these billionaires earned ‘their’ money. You have got to be kidding me. How can people be such saps? One twat even said ‘I can’t stand all these jealous people!’ Unbelievable! 


Solar energy




Well I can’t stand energy companies & the way they’re being allowed to fleece us is criminal. I’ve been on the phone to OVO, my shitty, rip-off electric supplier bemoaning the fact energy prices have plummeted yet my bills remain the same. They say the same old bullshit – I signed up to a particular deal, when the truth is I never signed anything & when I say “so this deal I didn’t sign up for….. IS IT FOR LIFE” these scumbags just fob me off. We are being ripped off blind & virtually all the profits go to people who are so wealthy they cannot spend what they already have. It’s ridiculous & it shouldn’t be happening.


Why don't we do this!


Solar vs Oil


Yet it seems we have no recourse whatsoever & government is responsible for this. They should be protecting us from blatant profiteering. Only big business has the power to bribe senior politicians. Naturally they do & as a result the consumer is left wide open. It’s as if government is working entirely for big business. With so many idiots out there who think I’m jealous when I talk about these good-for-nothing billionaires, small wonder we are now facing the prospect of the heinous TTP being slapped upon us. When will these wallies wake up? 


Tesla the Genius!


The truth is it’s down to the media. Trouble is it’s owned by the same people who have huge stakes in energy companies. Therefore the media is now keeping Mr & Mrs Dumbo in the dark. You see most people are so bone-idle they’re not prepared to find out just how much money their electricity or gas supplier is making. 30 years ago, quarterly profits of energy companies was a regular item on the news. Ask yourself – why don’t they do that now? Answer – because they want to make sure Mr & Mrs Dumbo remain as dumb as possible. Why should they wake people up to how they’re well & truly fleecing us?




Africa providing!


But perhaps the worst aspect of the energy industry is how mankind itself has been held back just because these greedy so-in-so’s want to keep making mega-bucks. In normal circumstances, companies & products come & go but the same rules have never applied in the energy business. For years it’s been allowed to work as a cartel. This has enabled them to fix prices while their pals in the media make us believe there’s a shortage every time there’s a massive price hike. The truth is there has never been a shortage of petroleum & yet we’re paying a king’s ransom from an archaic, filthy product! Consequently huge profits have literally allowed energy companies to bribe anyone & everyone that matters so that no new technologies ever upset the apple-cart.


Solar ball


Common sense prevails!


To say it’s scandalous is a chronic understatement. Most of us have heard of Nicola Tesla. We shouldn’t be paying ANYTHING for electricity & I love some of Jacques Fresco’s work but check out this revolutionary kind of power station. Thanks to new friend Mark Iles for this – 





The Great man!


  • Roz

    My water bill for a quarter was as much as my electricity and gas combined. More than half the water bill was for sewage… Absolutely ridiculous. I only flush when necessary and wash clothes etc. twice a week… The total water is twice what it was for the same period last year…

    • Years ago when Thatcher started privatising British Leyland & British Steel I thought it was a good thing. However when they started selling off British Telecom & BP I began to smell a very large rat. Why were they selling off are best assets? THE PUBLIC OWNED THEM! Answer – so they could compensate for tax cuts. This election pledge would win the Tories another term but when the tax cuts came in ordinary people gained a bar of soap while the wealthy gained enormously. Yet we were being made to believe privatisation was good for everyone. Wrong again. Only the wealthy could buy shares because only the wealthy had the money. However the public fell for it hook, line & sinker so no surprise we are now in the diabolical situation where any asset that’s worth any money is being sold off on the cheap. We never see a penny but when banks run into trouble losing untold billions —- OUR POLITICIANS BUY THESE HUGE LOSS-MAKING PREVIOUSLY PRIVATE ENTERPRISES! I said long ago – what we need is a modern day French Revolution.

  • Lesa & Al

    Great post MIchael .. they way our zionist controlled countries are taking us for a ride on the cost of energy that should be free .. meanwhile supporting the zionist controlled bankster system .. who make money out of thin air .. beggars belief. Out here in Nova Scotia, where our energy companies have become privatized, our electricity bill has doubled in the last 5 years .. for many it’s heat or eat .. shameful people put up with this.

  • rab

    privatisation.. take something we all share and give it to one person for a ridiculously low price and then charge us all ten times that to use it.. stupidity

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