How does one go about raising awareness?

Today I was asked – Have you heard of Agenda 21?

I can’t for the life of me understand why people would think I may not have heard of this. However, I thought it was worth explaining why I never mention it! This was my answer…..


How does one go about explaining the futility of mentioning Agenda 21. Of course I’ve heard of it. I rarely mention it because it’s nowhere near the best way to raise awareness – ‘right folks. I’m going to tell you about Agenda 21.’ One is far better off merely showing people what liars the media & our politicians are, who controls them & how they don’t give two shits about us. THIS is the language people understand. When is this penny going to drop? I’ve gone blue in the face telling people detail is what puts people off. They may not know that but sadly, it’s a fact of life. This is why I modify my methods in order to best serve what I’m doing. If one goes about it by mentioning Agenda 21, I guarantee, most people would never have heard of it. Look how you’ve even asked me if I have? If I haven’t then you can be sure 95% of the people out there haven’t. Therefore, it’s a shoe in many readers will be turned off, either because they erroneous conclude you’re merely a conspiracy nutter or they think you’re a clever dick that knows way more than them. Either one means you’ve failed! My method only allows people to counter by saying ‘I don’t know what I’m talking about or I’m anti-Semitic, in other words, THEY HAVE NO ARGUMENT! I’ve said it a million times – if we have to climb Mount Everest to get the job done, I’ll be damned if I’m going to utilise the East face! Hmnn….. I think I’ll use this as a post. 

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